22 Signs of Ascension

If words and phrases like enlightenment, third eye opening, chakras, meditation, conscious, spirituality, and Spirit, grab your attention, then you may be on the path of ascension!  If you are feeling an inner peace in these days and times then you may be on the path of ascension!  If you are reading this article, you guessed it, you may be on the path to ascension!

Ascension literally means to ascend or rise.  When it pertains to your true self, your soul, ascension relates to you gaining more light, hence the word, enLIGHTenment.  You gain more light by having spiritual experiences and the attainment of wisdom.  As with all journeys and travels, there is more than one path to ascension and enlightenment.

This list should be used as an example and is not limited to all the phenomena that many people are experiencing.  My intention is to outline some of my personal experiences that have been shared with many others.  You are not alone and as more and more people begin to awaken it contributes to the masses.  We are all ONE!

Remember, there is no right or wrong.  There is an inner knowing that comes with ascension and enlightenment.  The more beliefs you convert to knowing, the more light you gain.  Some of the items on this list you will have experienced and if you haven’t, chances are you will or you wouldn’t be reading these words right now…

22 Signs of Ascension and Enlightenment

  1. Starting to question everything
  2. Increased desire to meditate and go within self
  3. Changing eating habits; less meat and more greens
  4. More positive thoughts; optimistic; knowing everything is okay
  5. Change in sleeping pattern; less sleep; more sleep
  6. Feelings of being called to help others in some way, shape, or form
  7. Experiencing more synchronicities; meaningful coincidences
  8. Wanting to read and research more
  9. Knowing things without a rational reason; downloads; claircognizant
  10. Watching less mundane television and listening to less popular music
  11. Teaching or being taught during the dreamstate; feelings of learning higher knowledge while dreaming
  12. Picking up on “vibes” from people, places, and things
  13. Sensing or seeing spirits around you (angels, spirit guides, ancestors, “ghosts”, fairies etc.)
  14. People asking you spiritual or non-mundane questions
  15. Feeling like you’re living with a purpose; knowing what you came to Earth to do
  16. Greater connection with nature; respectful to the planet, plants, and earth
  17. Loving yourself and others; heart chakra open
  18. Less in common with old friends and family members
  19. More sensitive to negative energy
  20. Increased creativity
  21. The need to express yourself (writing, teaching, art work, music etc.)
  22. Making wiser choices; learning from “mistakes”

Written by S. Ali Myers

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