2014 Year of the Wood Horse in Chinese Astrology

In 2014 we enter the year of the Wood Horse in Chinese Astrology.  The Chinese Zodiac follows the lunar cycle so the new year begins in the new moon on January 30, 2014.

Each year is also associated with an element and 2014 gives us wood along with the horse.  The other elements in Chinese Astrology are fire, water, earth, and metal.

The Wood Horse year of 2014 will not bring us a dull moment.  If anything, you can expect a whole lotta something going on!  You see, the horse likes adventure.  The horse is one of the ultimate animal expressions of the word freedom.

A horse is the type of animal whose respect has to be earned.  It’s fair play on their part because they honor “stand-up” types, but respect and fairness are two different things.  This year is not about talking a good game as much as showing and proving.

Horse type personalities are very frank and direct in speech.  There is no time to beat around the bush with this energy type.  Flowery soliloquies do not impress the horse.  With the straight-forward and intelligent mentality of the horse, they like to get to the point!

Blessed with the rare combination of general common sense and heightened intuition the horse is not a fool by any means.  Though they have the tendency to fly off the handle or act impulsively, with their natural knack of just “getting it” they are able to learn from their mistakes.

One thing that cannot be mistaken is the sheer strength and vitality the horse possesses.  Though not as physically strong as the Ox, the horse is no slouch when it comes to labor and physical activities.  This will translate into people feeling the energy to put their hands in the dirt from farming to building structures.

Do not be surprised to see many vocal demonstrations in the Horse Year.  This can be verbal cries about government wrongdoings to an extreme outspoken approach about any subject.  Combine passion and a need to be center-of-attention, the hose is not afraid to let you know exactly what’s on its mind.

The Year of the Horse will be filled with gossip, idle conversation, spiritual debates, mastermind think tanks, group meetings, and anything else that involves speaking and people.  The horse is naturally sociable and this leads to a natural networking skill.

You may find many celebrities in the news for something they have said.  This Year of the Horse energy can also make so-called stars speak up about things they normally would not say in public.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the humble humanitarianism of the horse.  Some people give and help to fulfill their personal ego but, the horse feels like being of service and giving is the right thing to do.

Expect to see huge demonstrations of charity from celebrities and government to religious institutions and common folk.

In conclusion, the 2014 Year of the Horse will not be humdrum.  The energy will be ideal for allowing yourself to be free physically and spiritually.  The horse teaches us to trust our instincts and intuition.

The horse is about action and not over thinking and procrastinating.  It sees a goal or objective and attacks it until completion.  The Year of the Horse will be fast and steady and will not wait on you to over analyze.

For a full description on the Chinese Zodiac including dates, signs, and personality characteristics check out Chinese Animal Characteristics & Chart.

Famous & Infamous Horses

Adam Sandler, Denzel Washington, Walter Payton, Janet Jackson, Halle Barry, Troy Aikman, Kobe Bryant, Spike Lee, Barbara Streisand, Cindy Crawford, Ella Fitzgerald, Harrison Ford, Jimi Hendrix, Usher Raymond, Jerry Jones, Warren Buffet, Royce Gracie, Gordon Ramsay, Gene Hackman, Rita Hayworth, Paul McCartney, Raquel Welch, Thomas Edison, Clint Eastwood, Papoose

Best Compatible Signs to the Horse

Sheep, Dog and Tiger

Least Compatible Signs to the Horse

Rat and Ox


Written by S. Ali Myers

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