5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Altar

An altar is a spiritual and sacred gateway to connect with the gods and ancestors. It has been one of, if not the most, important practices I adopted on my spiritual path. There are countless benefits and reasons why I adamantly suggest having altars in your living space.  This article outlines some important reasons why having altars are beneficial.

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The following list includes benefits that I have personally seen in my life and others.  As always, the best judge is yourself.  Start working with altars and observe your reality.  Has your life changed for the better?  Do you feel more energized?  Are you at peace?  These are some questions you can answer to determine how effective working with altars helps to expand your consciousness and evolve spiritually.

This list applies to gods, goddesses, ancestors or any other beings or energies you want to align with.  The information laid out is general for altars in their entirety.  It is not specific to one form.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Altar

  1. Greater connections – An altar is a gateway to connect with different energies (ancestors, deities, angels etc.).  Once you set up an altar and practice offerings and prayers, you form a greater relationship with that which you are already connected to.  The practice of working with the altar amplifies the relationships to make them more personal as opposed to indirect and unintentional.  
  2. Better quality of life – There are literally gods and goddesses for every situation and issue in life.  Our ancestors, for the most part, love us and want to help us in our lives.  An altar allows us to experience a greater life because we are connecting with the very energy that manipulates life.  Aligning yourself to gods that “specialize” in a particular area will increase the chance for you to be successful and happy in that which you participate in.
  3. Honoring the ancestors and deities – Since the altar is a gateway to connect with different energies, through prayers, burning ancestor money and offerings you are paying respects and honoring divine and familial beings. Ritual work can be looked at as giving your child or loved one a birthday party. A birthday party usually involves honoring and celebrating someone’s presence.  This is the way altars work when we work with them.
  4. Rising above human thought – Most humans are concerned primarily with that which is physical.  In general, most people think about money, people, and things.  An altar reminds us that there are spiritual aspects of ourselves in the form of gods and goddesses.  An altar reminds us that we are greater than what our society teaches us.  The more you connect with the higher beings, the more you will rise above human limitations.
  5. Being active on your spiritual path; a practice – An altar allows us to practice spirituality as opposed to reading and talking about spiritual, metaphysical, and occult things.  Having a practice, something that you actually do, will generate more things to talk about than you have tongue to speak.

In closing, remember, there are literally countless reasons why altar work can benefit you. Hopefully, the examples above will inspire you to put in work.  Have fun and invoke the energy of love, giving, and compassion.  Peace.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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