5 Reasons Why Your Third Eye May Not Be Working

The third eye, also known as the ajna or brow chakra, is responsible for your spiritual vision, sixth sense, and discerning truth from illusion. Obviously, we touch on a lot of metaphysical and occult information here and as our website is entitled 3rdeyeactivation.com, we get many questions about 3rd eye blocks. This article will help you recognize some things that may be hindering your 3rd eye energy.

Our 3rd eye is multi-dimensional and multi-functional.  We limit the energy of the 3rd eye chakra.  From dreams to visions and recognizing signs and synchronicities or any type of ‘clair’ (clear hearing, tasting, seeing, smelling, knowing…); the third eye has a major role in providing.

5 Reasons Why Your Third Eye May Not Be Working

  1. High expectations.  Do you expect to see the god Tehuti come into your kitchen and start helping you cook?  Think your deceased grandmother is going to wake you up out of your sleep?  Yes, you may experience many spiritual phenomena but many times we expect too much.  We all have different spiritual gifts and opening the 3rd eye more will increase your particular spiritual gifts and talents.
  2. Not meditating enough.  If prayer is us speaking to the Divine or Spirit World then meditation is when they can speak to us.  Remember, we all come into this world with a highly functioning 3rd eye and after being on earth, for many of us this becomes closed and atrophied. Meditation helps us tune out all the distractions and forces us to look inward.  The internal and unseen is what you are attempting to pick up when you open your third eye.
  3. Too much acidic-forming foods.  Food, when digested, leaves an alkaline or acidic ash.  Alkaline is charging (think energy; battery) and acid is draining. The third eye, being connected to the pineal gland, is affected by diet and lifestyle.  When you eat more of an alkaline-based diet your organs and glands operate at a more optimal level.  Alkaline foods are natural and most acidic foods are manufactured or man-made. Check out our article “Alkaline Foods to Help Decalcify the Pineal Gland” for more information.
  4. Thoughts.  It is important to monitor your thoughts closely on any spiritual path.  In regards to why your thoughts may block you from working with your third eye more, the thoughts you have may be of fear, impatience, lack of confidence, distractions etc.  One tip for spiritual growth is making progress, spiritually, and enlightenment a top priority. When this becomes your priority you automatically create situations that will lead to growth.  This includes people, places, and things.
  5. Trying too hard.  You get what you’re supposed to get when you get it. Basically, you get what you are.  There’s a difference between working diligently and putting in too much effort.  Have you ever heard the saying “don’t be so concerned with the destination, just enjoy the ride”? This wisdom is applicable when it deals with opening the third eye. Practice enjoying your practices and techniques.  Any spiritual routine is work but it doesn’t have to be a job.

In addition to this article, be sure to check out some great information about the 3rd eye (pineal gland) on our website.  There are MANY things you can do to help activate and open your third eye more.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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