5 Things Enlightened People Do Everyday

enlightenmentIt is a natural mechanism within the human species to seek growth and self-development.  We all want to be better people.  We also, for the most part, agree that most people have a soul.  According to the teachings of Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson (tybro.com) and many other esoteric schools of thought, the goal of the soul is to become enlightened.  This is one of the reasons why we incarnate over and over; to evolve.  In this article, we provide 5 things that enlightened or spiritually evolved people do on a daily basis.

First, let’s define ‘enlightenment’.  Within the word enlightenment is the word “light”.  Enlightenment can literally be seen as the ability to take in light.  Various disciplines, practices, and occult knowledge aid in the journey to enlightenment as there are many paths to grow spiritually.  Essentially, enlightenment is a state of transcendence that goes beyond physicality.  It is a consciousness  which resonates more closely with our Creator as it sees less separation.  It neutralizes the Law of Polarity and sees One or All.

The following list of things enlightened people do are to serve as an example. These examples, however, can help aid you in setting goals for your life.  The more you strive to consciously live your life implementing the provided insights, the more you will grow and evolve.

5 Things Enlightened People Do Everyday

  1. Find ways to grow.  An enlightened person is constantly doing things to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  The enlightened knows that there are two things that are guaranteed in this life and that is growth and decay.  As long as one is focused on growing then the Universe can place people and things on the path to help evolve.
  2. Take self-accountability.  Enlightenment is a state where you tend not to blame others for your misfortunes and setbacks. When one completely takes responsibility for their failures, it allows you to be the one to “fix” the problems; not waiting on others to solve your puzzles.
  3. Ease suffering.  According to Buddhism and other schools of thought, Earth is a place of suffering.  We have diseases, poverty, war, violence, etc. on this planet.  An enlightened individual finds ways to make life less painful.  Enlightened people know that suffering is an illusion and one does not have to choose to make life hurtful and/or filled with sorrow.
  4. Helping others.  The more Light you take in, the more Light you can give.  Those who are enlightened love to share light in the form of wisdom, kind words, and actions toward others. To help someone help themselves is one of the greatest acts one can do.  Look at the stories of Jesus, Buddha and other great leaders, real or not, they helped others grow.  The enlightened embodies the idea of “each one, teach one”.
  5. Practice what is preached.  There is usually no inconsistencies between what enlightened people do and say.  One of the signs of a great teacher is one who does exactly what they recommend to others.  This is a level of enlightenment because it’s easier to tell other people what they need to do as opposed to doing what you should be doing.  The enlightened recognizes that self growth is paramount and a byproduct of this evolution is sharing what worked or works for them with others.

It is my will that the insights outlined in this list will provide inspiration for those wanting to evolve to their Highest Self.  Remember, enlightenment and self-development are processes that require commitment for steady growth. Focus your mind on evolving and your mind will  make it a priority to grow then, the Universe will place you in position to do as such.

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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