6 Tips to Make Your Magick Work

As we pointed out in “What is Magick and How it Works”, magick is simply making something manifest or disappear.  Magick deals with altering reality from one state to another.  The intention of this article is to provide tips that will take your magick work to another level.

Besides my personal experiences, most of what I know about the magical arts is attributed to Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson (tybro.com).  Master Gibson has introduced many spiritual technologies to the world in the form of ritualistic practices and tools.  I recommend that you visit his site for some powerful tools that you are not going to be able to find anywhere on the internet.

By following the teachings of Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson, I recommend that you keep your intentions and focus on the Light.  Magick in the West has been given a negative spin because of Hollywood and social conditioning.  Anything in this world can be cloaked in darkness, greed, and egotistical power.  Magick is no exception.  The intention to keep things as pure as possible is something that must be consciously focused upon.

As always, choose and use whatever resonates with you from our list.  These tips will help you elevate your magick game to another level.  Enjoy!

6 Tips to Make Your Magick Work

  1. Consistency – Do you expect your teeth to be clean if you brush once a month?  Most magick takes practice.  The definition of ritual is practice!
  2. Higher emotions – Your emotional state is something that can be a catalyst for your magick.  Invoke higher emotions life love, joy, and happiness.
  3. Clear focus – Mental clarity is another important factor for making magick work.  The first Universal Law is the Law of Mentalism.  How are you manifesting what you want if your mind is all over the place?
  4. Belief/faith – High levels of belief and faith lead to KNOWING.  I recommend that whatever practice you undertake that you start with some sort of faith believing it will work.
  5. Have fun – Children do magic everyday.  Why?  Because they have fun!  You’d be surprised what you can do and manifest in your life when you come from a place of fun.
  6. Altar work – Having and working with an altar is one of the easiest and most powerful things anyone can do.  An altar gives you a bridge to the Spirit World.  (Check out our altar products, classes and services)

These tips, as simple as they may seem, can elevate your magick to another level.  Try it out and see for yourself.  Remember, everything works when YOU work it.

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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