7 Habits of Spiritually Mature People

In every story of success and triumph you will find a person who made proper choices to ensure achievement. Successful people make enlightened choices. Successful people have something in common…Healthy habits.

On your spiritual journey to evolve, and raise your vibration, you too can learn from any successful person.  Every person serves as a teacher.  With so many people in the earth school you have many teachers.  This article will serve as a guide to show what spiritually mature people do to maintain a high level of conscious awareness.

7 Habits of Spiritually Mature People

  1. Regular meditation – Spiritually mature people know that it’s important to quiet the mind and go into the darkness of self in order to gain light.  They see meditation as a way out and as a way in.  A means to move out of the ego-filled field of physical reality and into the infinite possibilities of the mind.
  2. Mindful eating habits – Overstanding that you are what you eat, spiritually mature people are mindful of what they put into their temple (body).  They know that what they consume should have some life force to it so they tend to be attracted to fruits, vegetables, superfoods, herbs and supplements.
  3. Positive thinking – Thoughts are things and spiritually mature people know this to be true.  When your vibration is high you automatically keep healthier thoughts.
  4. Unconditional love – The Biblical Jesus was an example of love without condition.  Spiritually mature people live this principle as they see it as being god-like and christ-like.  They also know that God is love and we must emulate this idea to become one with the Creator.
  5. Living with a sense of purpose – Spiritually mature folks know that everyone has a purpose or purposes.  They recognize that they have a voice and express their ideas by any means necessary.  It is not uncommon to find spiritually mature people teaching or helping people in a myriad of ways.
  6. Charity and giving – Giving from the heart is a high expression of love and spiritual maturity.  When you give without expecting anything in return it shows a high character person.  Spiritually mature people are known for giving away resources and information to anyone they can help.
  7. Constant study of self – Spiritually mature people know that they must know self in order to master self.  People constantly evolve so we are always changing.  Within this change we must evaluate ourselves. Spiritually mature people know this and live it.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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