7 Things to Expect on Any Spiritual Path

Congratulations!  You are awake in this reality.  You have decided to grow spiritually.  You are making enlightenment your number one priority. Now, what?  What can you expect on your path now that you are consciously walking it?  This article will outline some things that most people experience on the path of enlightenment and spiritual growth.

To make the choice to grow spiritually is one of the greatest things any human can do.  There are many paths to the Creator or Source.  We are blessed with a number of disciplines and practices on this planet. When one awakens you will be lead to a study and practice.  This article is not about telling you what to do but, more of what to expect from yourself and others.

The goal is to minimize any roadblocks and difficulties and to go deeper within yourself at all cost. The deeper you go within the more you will discover about yourself.  This is your true self. Your true self overstands that the Ego or Physical Mind is an illusion and the main culprit for steering one away from seeking Light. Trust in your Higher Self to guide you in the direction of steady growth.

7 Things to Expect on Any Spiritual Path

  1. Judgement from others.  People usually judge and critique you from how you use to be.  Until you fully embrace what you are doing, expect judgement and doubt from others.
  2. Loss of material things.  The definition of spiritual is opposite of physical. Therefore, growing spiritually means to lose material things. You can gain back the losses and more once you learn this lesson.
  3. Lack of trust.  When awakening spiritually you realize you were lied to about a myriad of things.  This usually causes doubt and lack of trust of others.  This is also a temporary emotion and mindset.
  4. Loss of friends and/or family.  Raising your vibration means that non-complimentary vibrations will not be around you.  Many times you will grow apart from old friends and even close family members.  The Universe always fills this void with more conducive energies (people).
  5. Desire to read or watch alternative information.  Another common thing you may experience is to listen to and read information that pertains to metaphysics and spirituality.  This is because your Soul is waking up to remembering things it forgot.
  6. Being drawn to nature.  Nature is natural.  You may be attracted to parks, oceans, rivers, stars, planets, crystals, trees, animals or any other natural resource.  It is natural to be in tune with nature.
  7. Different types of dreams.  The dreamstate is the intersection between the physical and spiritual realities.  When you awaken on a spiritual path you will be given different information from your soul.  It will tell you higher things because you are traveling a higher road.
Regardless of where you are on your path, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The spiritual path may be more difficult than living an ordinary life but it is infinitely more awarding.  Walk in faith and strength.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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