7 Tips to Begin Meditating

Meditation is a practice of pondering or “going within”.  As our planet shifts into a higher vibration, many souls are being guided to begin a meditaton practice.  The intention of this article is to assist beginners with valuable tips to successfully start meditating.

During my own meditative practice, I have experienced everything from seeing multi-dimensional faces and beings to receiving insights and answers that greatly helped me on my path.  My experiences are not uncommon but, it did take focus and practice.  With the right mindset and discipline you will be able to have experiences that, for lack of better words, are simply magical!

7 Tips to Begin Meditating

  1. Meditation is a practice.  A practice is something that you have to do over and over and over.  Look at meditation as an experience as opposed to a destination.  People who play an instrument or sport know the importance of practice.  Remember, practice makes perfect and it starts with discipline.
  2. Be comfortable.  There is no right or wrong way to position the body during meditation.  You may choose to sit in a lotus position or lay down.  It is important to be comfortable.  The goal is to not worry about your body as this will serve as a distraction for going deep within yourself.  This includes wearing little to no clothing.  Also, keep your back as straight as possible.
  3. Focus, focus, focus!  The mind must be focused when meditating.  Do your best to focus on a concept or question.  For example, if you want answers about your life’s purpose then you want to hold that concept in your mind.  This is challenging because the ego will want to think of something else but with practice you will be able to hold on to ANY idea or thought.
  4. Take deep breaths.  Breathing is essential, not only for living but, for reaching higher states of consciousness.  The deeper and more controlled the breath, the deeper you can go into yourself.  When we are asleep, our breathing gets relaxed and slower.  Doing these breaths while awake will help you control your mind better and calm your being.
  5. Play soothing sounds.  Playing music and sounds in the background or in headphones is an optimal way to get in the zone.  Brainwave entrainment technology in the form of binaural beats and isochronic tones are ideal for meditation.  You may also play nature sounds or relaxing music.  Check out our selection of Meditation MP3s.
  6. Be easy on yourself.  Let go of any ideas that you’ve heard or read from other people.  As long as you are advancing in your practice, you are growing and becoming more adept.  You want to relax and embrace the experience.  This concept is difficult in a result-oriented society but you will get results by not focusing on it.  Focus on relaxing and simplicity at first.
  7. Have a meditation space or room.  Do your best to meditate in the same place each time.  You can meditate at an altar, room, or location that is comfortable, quiet, and preferrably dark.  A practice and location will help train the subconscious mind to associate the environment with meditation.  It’s akin to going to school (place) to learn or gym (place) to workout.


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Written by S. Ali Myers

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