7 Tips to Make Your Ancestor Altar More Powerful

An ancestral altar is a portal to send energy (offerings) and communication (prayers) to the spirit world.  We all have a bloodline so we have ancestors in the ethers, heavens, or spirit world. These ancestors usually need our help. The altar allows us to assist our loved ones in a safe and productive manner. The intention of this article is to provide tips that will take your altar game to another level.

Putting up an ancestor altar is very easy. Be sure to check out our step-by-step article “Altars for Ancestors: How to Set up and Give Offerings” for easy-to-follow instructions if you do not have an altar set up.  Once you have an altar constructed these tips will help you power it up!

Tips to Make Your Ancestor Altar More Powerful

  1. Daily offerings; consistency – Getting in the habit of giving an offering daily is a ritual that pays off beautifully.  Imagine if you had a friend that gave you something everyday.  Would that friend be a good acquaintance?  This is what you become when you acknowledge your ancestors daily.  They know who is taking care of them so they, in turn, will take care of you.
  2. Offer meat as often as possible – Meat is condensed energy.  This energy can be used by the ancestors in their realm.  It doesn’t matter if you or your loved ones are/were vegetarians.  Remember, they are getting the energy of the offering not eating the physical food.  The energy of meat is strong enough to satisfy the needs of our ancestors.
  3. Burn ancestor money (Joss paper)Ancestor money is a concept that was introduced in the West to many people via Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson (tybro.com). According to Dr. Gibson, our ancestors still have needs in the spirit world.  They also leave debt that trickles down to their living bloodline. Burning ancestor money dissolves their debts, helps them get what they need and want, and provides extra energy for them to assist the living.  See: “How to Burn Ancestor Money on Your Altar
  4. Place altar in most respectful location in your home – Everyone’s living condition is different.  It’s critical that within your home that you find the most respectful place to set up your altar.  This will usually be a living or family room, hallway, spare room, or other dedicated spots.  A key is to maintain a positive vibe around the altar devoid of cursing, drinking, smoking and other secular activities.
  5. Light a candle before you give offerings and burn ancestor money – A candle acts as a doorbell at your altar.  It’s like letting the ancestors know that you are about to give them something.
  6. Show much gratitude – Gratitude is a big thing when dealing with people and our ancestors.  I suggest that we thank the ancestors for what we want and need as opposed to asking.  For example, “thank you for blessing me with more money” instead of asking for more money. Gratitude shows that you appreciate what they can do.  Asking usually comes from a place of lack and desperation.  It’s a mindset thing!
  7. Have mindset of giving instead of receiving – Many people want things and there is nothing right or wrong with that.  The first responsibility of an altar is to take care of the ancestors.  They will take care of you more as a result of your giving.  Do your best to not expect things.  I recommend just being open.  You expect a paycheck from your job after working 40+ hours.  Your ancestor altar is not a job; it’s a practice to take care of your loved ones.
These tips for working with the ancestral altar will step your game up to another level.  Ancestor altars are not a place of worship but more of a partnership between you and those who love you. A properly set up altar and practice will help you connect with the ancestors more than when they were “living” for most of us.  Have fun and enjoy your newly cultivated relationships.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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