8 Keys For Easy Manifesting

This year, 2015, is a Universal 8 Year in Numerology.  One of the keywords or attributes of the number 8 is the power behind manifestations.  Many people are becoming more interested in manifesting, magick, and occult or esoteric studies as we get deeper into our shift in global consciousness.  Are you one who is looking to embrace your Divine power and manifesting spiritual and physical things in your life?  If so, this article will help.  The intention of this article is to provide simple tips to help you manifest whatever you will more easily.

It is no longer a secret that we attract and manifest what we are.  The movie, The Secret, exposed many people to the Law of Attraction.  Simply put, The Law of Attraction, is an automatic mechanism in the Universe that has one attract and become what they conceive in the Mind.  This thought that we can control our lives to some extent has awakened many to improve themselves through various empowerment practices.  Regardless of whatever you practice or study, there are certain things anyone can do to assist in changing their reality.

The following tips are in no particular order.  Try out whatever resonates with you and enjoy!

8 Keys For Easy Manifesting

  1. Think big, start small – All great empires were not built in one day.  A skyscraper is built layer by layer.  This same ideology applies to manifesting; the ability to add on to what was previous laid out.  This is how we build in our Minds and physical reality.
  2. Mindset – Do you have the mindset of lack or abundance?  Do you see the Universe as having plenty resources for all or do you see scarcity?  Manifesting has much to do with your mindset.  Our mindsets dictate how we see ourselves and the world around us.  The key mindset for manifesting is knowing that you are deserving of your desires, needs, and wants.
  3. Visualization – The clearer you can see something in your mind, the easier it can appear in the physical reality.  The first Universal Law is the Law of Mentalism.  The Law of Mentalism states the “ALL is Mind and Mind is ALL”.  The Universe is mental.  The first word in visualization is VISUALIZE.  Visuals are images that form out of imagination or nation of image.
  4. Actions / doing – Bruce Lee once said “knowing is not enough, we must apply; willing is not enough, we must do”.  No great invention would have been made if the inventor did not physically produce something.  This applies to manifesting anything.  You must put action with thoughts, or else, thoughts remain unseen.
  5. Eliminate negative words and phrases – We speak things into existence.  Words like can’t, lack, won’t, poor, & don’t have, are all examples of words many use on a regular basis.  Any word or phrase that is not empowering becomes another excuse for why we can’t have what we want in life.
  6. Ritual / practice – A ritual is a practice and a practice is a ritual.  Practice means to do something repeatedly.  There are many magickal practices and systems to help with manifesting.  Some examples are daily visualization, Enochian magic, altar work and candle magick.
  7. Gratitude – The Universe responds beautifully to gratitude.  The act of gratitude creates a funnel of energy that spins into existence more of what you are thankful for.  You can start out by being thankful for the opportunity to manifest what you desire, want, and need.  Or, just thankful that whatever you want even exists!
  8. Follow the signs – We are all guided on a daily basis.  This reality has a built-in mechanism that produces signs that point us in the direction for our greatest good.  The key is to recognize that you are receiving guidance.  This recognition makes it so that you can get more signs to follow.

It is your birthright to create the reality you want to live.  With enough dedication and focus, you can begin to manifest your heart’s desires.  It is my will that these tips serve your highest good.  One love to ALL!

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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