9 Questions on How to Find Your Life Purpose

Everyone on earth has a purpose. Those who know their purpose have some fulfillment in life while others, that do not know, feel lost and confused.  We all know that we are here for a reason on a subconscious or unconscious level. This article will assist you with finding your purpose and then you can take the next steps in living it out!

So, what is a life purpose?  Obviously, it is the purpose of your life or what you came here to do.  This is your dharma, or order of the Universe as it relates to you.  Your gifts and talents will lead you to your purpose and the lessons and challenges you face will teach you.  The best alcohol counselor is one who was an addict themselves.  By having an alcohol problem the person can help others because they identify with them.

We have many sciences and resources to discover our life’s purpose.  Divination sciences such as astrology (Chinese, Western, Jyotish or Vedic), numerology, oracle cards, I Ching and resources like “psychics”, akashic record readings, life purpose readings and more assist people with finding out what they came here for.  These tools are great but, not necessary.  You can find out your life purpose on your own but this requires complete honesty with one’s self.

The Universe operates on the law of cause and effect.  When you ask a question you will always get an answer.  One of the keys is to ask the right questions as it pertains to YOU.  The Universe wants you to live a life of purpose and when you wake up to this reality you will notice how everything that you have is what you need and everything lines up to assist you with your mission.

Our list of questions to find out your life purpose was specifically designed to make you THINK! Make sure to be as honest as possible when you answer the questions.  There are no right, wrong, good, or bad answers.  Even “bad” can be made productive like one that hacks computers compared to one that fixes hacked computers.  Be the fixer and start living the life you came here live!

9 Questions to Discover Your Life Purpose

  1. What do you like to do even if you weren’t paid to do it?  Examples: fishing, golfing, play video games, reading, research, listen to music
  2. What are you natural talents and gifts?  Examples: writing, helping people, sports, selling/pursuasion, dancing, singing/rapping, planning
  3. What physical things make you happy?  Examples: money, houses, people, books, statues, paintings, animals
  4. What person(s) has made the biggest impact on your life?  This could be a family member, friend, celebrity, teacher, or anyone else.
  5. What qualities, gifts and personality traits do the people or person in question 4 have?  This will show you a mirror (Law of Attraction) of what is in you and give you some more gifts and talents.
  6. What was your favorite subject in school?  I always loved math.  I now use numerology alot in my work!
  7. What are you interested in?  What intrigues you?  Examples: politics, paranormal subjects, ancient mysteries, astrology, numerology, inventions
  8. What have been the biggest challenges in your life?  Most times our challenges and lessons lead us to our purpose.  Examples: alcohol, drugs, eating, abusive relationships, unhappy childhood, poverty, racism
  9. What are your favorite jobs, careers, or occupations in the world?  Examples: teacher, preacher, truck driver, server, scientist, cook, writer
Now that you have some things to work with, put it all together.  Make a story of the answers that you made.  This story will give you direction in your life because life is a movie and you just re-wrote your script!!


Written by S. Ali Myers

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