99 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

In order to ascend, evolve and become enlightened, one must raise their vibration.  Luckily for us, there are literally 1000’s of things you can do to raise your vibration.  This article will provide you with 99 ways to raise your vibration that will in turn improve your quality of life and spiritual experience.

In the Kybalion, which names and describes the 7 Universal Laws, according to Thoth/Djehuty/Hermes, the Law of Vibration is after the Law of Mentalism and Correspondence.  Everything is mental/conscious and what you think causes a correspondence in your external world.  This correspondence creates a vibration and resonance between yourself and that particular thing.  Literally, thoughts are things — this is the Law of Attraction.

The more quality thoughts, deeds, and actions that you have and do, the higher you vibrate.  The higher you vibrate, the more you will resonate and attract into your life that which will benefit you greatly.  This benefit can be physical like good health, mental like peace of mind, and/or spiritual like enlightenment.

Everything in the universe vibrates including humans.  One goal is to increase our vibration.  Raising your vibration increases your frequency and this frequency resonates with corresponding people, places, things, and thoughts.  Consciously practicing items on this list of 99 Ways to Raise Your Vibration will improve your quality of life internally (mental/spiritual) and externally (physical/environment).

How to use this list of ways to raise your vibration

This list mostly includes simple things that anyone can do from a physical, spiritual, and/or mental standpoint.  I recommend that you pick one item and work with it for a day or however long until you feel a positive effect.  You can literally pick one item per day and have 99 days of work to do!

Be sure to Google items that you are not familiar with.  You will be able to find videos, other articles, and books/ebooks on pretty much everything that is listed.  Some items are linked to articles that you can find here on 3rdEyeActivation.com.


99 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

  1. take a walk in nature
  2. practice Feng Shui
  3. visit an earth mound
  4. learn an ancient language like Hebrew
  5. experience or do something new
  6. positive affirmations
  7. yoga
  8. meditation
  9. juice fast
  10. avoid mundane television and radio
  11. Tai-chi
  12. Qigong
  13. sit in nature
  14. watch sunrise
  15. watch sunset
  16. take a spiritual bath
  17. sit and take deep abdominal breaths
  18. positive thinking
  19. read inspirational quotes
  20. read a book
  21. watch spiritual movies
  22. watch a self-development documentary
  23. do some EFT (emotional freedom technique)
  24. chant mantras
  25. prayer
  26. play with children
  27. play with animals
  28. write a list of what you’re grateful for
  29. draw a picture
  30. paint a picture or finger paint
  31. have a spiritual group discussion
  32. weightlift
  33. ride a bike
  34. punch a punching bag or shadowbox
  35. jump rope
  36. read a poem
  37. write a poem
  38. sit in a dark room with a candle lit
  39. keep a dream journal
  40. make up a card game
  41. listen to positive music
  42. stretch
  43. say I love you to someone
  44. feed a person in need
  45. set up an altar
  46. attend a fun workshop
  47. go to a spiritual or self-development seminar
  48. join a meetup group (meetup.com)
  49. work with crystals and gemstones
  50. practice candle magic
  51. learn about an archangel
  52. play putt-putt
  53. do a crossword puzzle
  54. complete a word search puzzle
  55. complete a maze
  56. get a massage
  57. acupuncture
  58. get a past life regression
  59. get a makeover
  60. practice forgiveness
  61. drink alkaline water
  62. hug someone
  63. learn and practice a mudra
  64. plant a tree
  65. start gardening
  66. walk barefoot or jump up and down on the grass
  67. go swimming
  68. have sex
  69. practice tantra lovemaking
  70. face one of your fears
  71. refrain from using curse words (potty mouth)
  72. don’t yell; speak respectfully
  73. start a blog
  74. don’t argue with anyone
  75. dance
  76. do some jumping jacks
  77. travel
  78. go hike in the mountains
  79. adopt a tree
  80. adopt a pet
  81. stare at a crop circle picture
  82. listen to binaural beats (brainwave entrainment)
  83. smile in the mirror for a few minutes
  84. drink a green smoothie
  85. read about your life path in numerology
  86. go to a comedy show
  87. go to the circus
  88. talk to a tree or plant
  89. pay someone a compliment
  90. pick up litter or trash in your environment
  91. volunteer at a spiritual center
  92. become a big sister or brother
  93. wear a medallion or amulet
  94. light incenses in your home or work
  95. learn the frequency of 0-9 (numerology)
  96. take herbs
  97. avoid or reduce alcohol and tobacco
  98. practice visualization
  99. practice honesty

Written by S. Ali Myers

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