Are You an Old Soul? (Free Test)

There are many concepts of what a soul is.  How can you tell if you’re an old soul?  For the sake of this article let’s assume that the soul is the part of you that goes beyond the physical and reality. When the physcial body dies, the soul moves on to another realm.  A spiritual or non-physical realm like heaven, afterlife, ethers, Source etc.

According to the teachings of Spiritual Master and Teacher, Dr. Mitchell Gibson (, he teaches that the soul CAN die and that the Spirit gives birth to the soul.  Dr. Gibson elucidates that the soul must take up energy practices during lifetimes to increase its life expectancy. Activities for energy work include qigong, tai chi, and sun gazing.

Saying someone is an old soul denotes that there are young souls.  Young and old are terms that suggests length of life.  A length of life further suggests that there is a birth and death.   The question then becomes, “what makes someone an old soul?”

Referencing the teachings of Dr. Gibson again, he estimates that the average life span of a soul on earth is around 50,000 years old.  I have personally been told how old my soul is and it exceeds a million years old.  This, according to Dr. Gibson, would make me an old soul.

The following quiz will assist you with determining the maturity of your soul according to my research, experience, and the teachings of a modern avatar, Dr. Mitchell Gibson.


Are You an Old Soul Test

For entertainment purposes only.  Please answer all questions as honestly as possible to ensure proper scoring.


Written by S. Ali Myers

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