Aromatherapy Made Easy

Aromatherapy is an Ancient practice using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. As holistic medicine has become more widespread in the West, aromatherapy has gained increasing popularity.  One does not have to spend hundreds of dollars at a spa or aromatherapy session to indulge in the great myriad of benefits of the practice.  The purpose of this article is to provide some easy aromatherapy you can do at home or anywhere!

Since aromatherapy is more popular, there are many ways you can nourish your mind and spirit without a pricey spa session.  Candles, incense, bath & body oils, soaps, body splashes, bath salts, body scrubs, and more are now infused with essential oils and these items can provide the therapy one seeks.  Nature provides us with wonderful fragrances that are very therapeutic. Most people are unaware but many medicines, including prescription drugs, contain essential oils. They are not advertised as a part of the product, however, since most would not pay money for things that can be found for free in nature.  For instance, many sleep aids contain lavender essential oils as lavender is a known relaxer and assists with sleep.

Essential oils are added to foods for flavor, bath and body products for scent, and medicines for their healing properties.  Using these oils will enhance your everyday lives in more ways than one.  Many oils have multiple properties, for instance, lavender can be used for sleep, minor cuts and scrapes, burns, as an acne treatment, and the list goes on and on.  Products such as incense, candles, and burning oils can change your mood and the energy of your living space. Bath & body oils and soaps can provide an aromatherapy bath that is sure to refresh your body and mind with each use.  Wonderful for the skin in many ways, those who use essential oil infused bath and body products, have a healthy, natural glow that other products can not provide.

Listed here are a couple of Essential Oils and their healing properties:

Lavender – calms, relaxes, relieves tension, aids in sleep, soothes headaches/migraines, acne treatment, insect bites, helps burns and wounds

Sandalwood – improves memory/concentration, relieves stress, calms, induces more positive thoughts, helps with colds/coughs, soothes irritated skin as well as tones and tightens, aids in digestion, helps heal insect bites, wounds

Eucalyptus – relieves stress, soothes muscle/joint aches, helps with congestion/cough, cooling to body/mind, increases blood flow, reduces fever, insect bites, itchy skin, and inflammation

Vanilla – relieves anxiety/stress, helps with nausea, relaxes, antioxidant, stimulates the nervous system, mental clarity

Practicing aromatherapy is as easy as using any type of Essential oil infused products like incense, candles, soaps, bath & body oils, etc…..all of which will help to rejuvenate and heal your body and mind!

Written by SunSeRa

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