Simple Aromatherapy Bath

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Aromatherapy is an Ancient practice using essential oils extracted from plants and stems. Essential oils are Nature’s medicines.  These oils have been used in Spiritual/Religious ceremonies, for healing sicknesses and chronic disease, for mental clarity and focus, and for beauty.  An aromatherapy bath differs from a Spiritual bath.

An Aromatherapy bath uses essential oils or essential oil infused products like bath salts, oils, and soaps with specific healing properties and benefits for the mind and body.  Aromatherapy baths are suited for healing, meditation, relaxation, change moods, romance, stress relief, to invigorate, and motivate. The list can go on and on.  Essential oils are used for healing; physically, mentally, Spiritually.  You can receive this healing with a simple bath or shower. The purpose of this article is to provide helpful information and tips to indulge and heal yourself in an Aromatherapy bath.

To nourish yourself in a simple aromatherapy bath do one of the following:  Add a few drops of Natural Essential Oils to bath water and allow aromas to fill the space or, use Natural Essential Oil infused products (bath oils, salts, soaps, etc.) and add or use in bath/shower……that simple! While in the bath or shower it is important to breathe deeply and relax.

Be sure to choose an oil with properties to benefit your health and Spirit in an enjoyable scent. There are many oils and many benefits to each one.  It would take days to list all the oils and their healing properties.  Below are some well known oils with a myriad of benefits for aromatherapy healing.

5 Common Oils & Benefits:

Lavender – helps with sleep, elevates mood, relieves anxiety and tension, soothes muscle aches/pains, relieves headaches, menstrul cramps, acne, dry skin and insect bites….also a deodorizer, this essential oil is very gentle and is a great alternative to chemically induced perfumes and colognes.

Vanilla – helps relax brain and nerves, antidepressant and mood lifter, stress reliever, aids in sleep, enhances sex drive/desire, reduces fever, soothes inflammation in organ systems, lowers blood pressure.

Lemongrass – helps boost self esteem, confidence, mental strength, used as an antidepressent & sedative, also an antibacterial, fights infections in digestive organs, respiratory, and wounds, clears skin infections, deodorizes, reduces fevers and provides joint support.

Eucalyptus – helps relieve stress, good for sore muscles/aches, stimulates body with cooling effects, rejuvinates the Spirit, relieves congestion and respiratory problems such as asthma/bronchitis, fever reducer, increases blood flow to brain resulting in better mental activity, antibacterial, treats skin infections, also a deodorizer.

Grapefruit – helps boost immune system and stimulates brain, aids in relief of depression & stress, treats stiffness & cramps in muscles, reduces blood pressure, good for oily skin and acne, rich in antioxidants, used in small amounts is energizing and large amounts is calming.

It is important to remember that essential oils can be harsh when applied directly to skin.  For best results it is better to use an oil diluted in a carrier or base as found in soaps and oils.  You can also use essential oil infused candles and incense while soaking as an enhancement to your aromatherapy and follow up your cleansing with a body oil or body splash to enjoy the benefits all day long!

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Written by SunSeRa

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Aromatherapy Made Easy

aromatherapy made easy

Aromatherapy is an Ancient practice using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. As holistic medicine has become more widespread in the West, aromatherapy has gained increasing popularity.  One does not have to spend hundreds of dollars at a spa or aromatherapy session to indulge in the great myriad of benefits of the practice.  The purpose of this article is to provide some easy aromatherapy you can do at home or anywhere!

Since aromatherapy is more popular, there are many ways you can nourish your mind and spirit without a pricey spa session.  Candles, incense, bath & body oils, soaps, body splashes, bath salts, body scrubs, and more are now infused with essential oils and these items can provide the therapy one seeks.  Nature provides us with wonderful fragrances that are very therapeutic. Most people are unaware but many medicines, including prescription drugs, contain essential oils. They are not advertised as a part of the product, however, since most would not pay money for things that can be found for free in nature.  For instance, many sleep aids contain lavender essential oils as lavender is a known relaxer and assists with sleep.

Essential oils are added to foods for flavor, bath and body products for scent, and medicines for their healing properties.  Using these oils will enhance your everyday lives in more ways than one.  Many oils have multiple properties, for instance, lavender can be used for sleep, minor cuts and scrapes, burns, as an acne treatment, and the list goes on and on.  Products such as incense, candles, and burning oils can change your mood and the energy of your living space. Bath & body oils and soaps can provide an aromatherapy bath that is sure to refresh your body and mind with each use.  Wonderful for the skin in many ways, those who use essential oil infused bath and body products, have a healthy, natural glow that other products can not provide.

Listed here are a couple of Essential Oils and their healing properties:

Lavender – calms, relaxes, relieves tension, aids in sleep, soothes headaches/migraines, acne treatment, insect bites, helps burns and wounds

Sandalwood – improves memory/concentration, relieves stress, calms, induces more positive thoughts, helps with colds/coughs, soothes irritated skin as well as tones and tightens, aids in digestion, helps heal insect bites, wounds

Eucalyptus – relieves stress, soothes muscle/joint aches, helps with congestion/cough, cooling to body/mind, increases blood flow, reduces fever, insect bites, itchy skin, and inflammation

Vanilla – relieves anxiety/stress, helps with nausea, relaxes, antioxidant, stimulates the nervous system, mental clarity

Practicing aromatherapy is as easy as using any type of Essential oil infused products like incense, candles, soaps, bath & body oils, etc…..all of which will help to rejuvenate and heal your body and mind!

Written by SunSeRa

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Simple Spiritual Bath


Spiritual baths are an age old practice dating back to Ancient times and wide-ranging across virtually all cultures.  Used in various religions and spiritual teachings as a means to “cleanse” or purify the non-physical bodies and mind, these baths vary from specific purpose to ingredients.  There are many different types of spiritual baths and reasons to engage in the practice.  Many people practice spiritual bathing for its use in rituals and/or aura cleansing. Spiritual baths are known to aid in the removal of negativity from one’s personal energetic field or aura.

Spiritual bathing, as a means to ‘clear’ one’s aura, has become increasingly popular in Western society over the last decade  in ‘holistic’ healing practices.  A trip to a spa or retreat is not necessary to enjoy the benefits of spritiual bathing and it does not have to be a complicated process.  Finding a spiritual bath that resonates with your being can be an overwhelming process due to the varying information found during research.  As with most things, simple is the way to go!  The purpose of this article is to provide an easy, straightforward approach to spiritual bathing.

Spiritual baths help to cleanse the aura from the ‘dirt’ of everyday life that consciously, or unconsciously, seeps into our energetic being.  Engaging in this practice, on a regular basis, is beneficial in helping to maintain a “clear” aura, free from as much negative energies as possible. We pick up these energies all day long as we go about our daily lives.  There is no wonder why we feel the build-up of these outside energies at the end of the day.  For this reason, many find it difficult to unwind and release the stress or negative energies that surround our being.  Spiritual bathing removes the grime that sticks into the aura and helps to relieve the negativity and stress it causes.  Feeling less bogged down from the counteractive forces previously in the aura, positivity, free and light feelings, and clearer thinking are ususally the result of the cleanse.

Because these baths are spiritual in nature, they differ from regular baths and there are some guidelines one can follow to ensure the most beneficial experience.  With all things spiritual, a positive mind set with proper intention and focus is a must!  Be sure to induce this state of mind prior to the bath with breathing(a few slow deep breaths), meditation, nature sounds, music, etc.

Listed below are a couple of items you will need and 7 simple steps to spiritual bathing.

Ingredients:  (use as much of any one of the following as desired)

  • Sea Salt
  • Epsom Salt
  • Baking Soda
  • candle (optional)
  • incense (optional)
  • white or light colored towel (optional)
Steps & Tips:
Clean your body and the tub/shower prior to the bath (spiritual baths should be free from soap, shampoos, bath oils, etc.)
  1. Run desired amount of water and add salt/soda 
  2. Candles and/or Incense (optional)
  3. Place the intention for the bath and focus on the result desired (you can do this by praying, stating the reason/what you want to accomplish….”to remove negativity from the aura”, etc.)
  4. Clear your mind, focus on the intention and enter the bath
  5. Keep this mindset as you relax…….(here you can sit up, lay back, submerge, etc.)
  6. After at least 15 minutes and no more than 30, exit the bath (it is best to air dry, or you can use white/light colored towel)
  7. Enjoy the light, refreshed feeling and clear Aura
Our auras are a light show of our individual personalities, emotions, and tell a lot about us. Spiritual bathing can become a daily practice or ritual to ensure your aura is as clean as your physical body and is just as easy!

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Written by SunSeRa

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