9 Simple Ways to Increase Your Intuition


Everyone has a level of intuition and psychic ability.  You are reading this now, so you definitely fall under this category.  The simple fact that you are even seeking information like this shows that you are already following your Spirit Mind (higher self).  With enough focus and practice you will expand your consciousness and become more aware of that which you were previously unaware of!

Intuition is a blessing from our Creator.  Inner knowing allows us to move through life with a sense of purpose and direction.  Working with the energy of the third eye will enable you to “see” and sense things, from the small to the miraculous, that will expand your conscious awareness.  What you do from that point is up to you.  The more you are aware of the more choices you have for endless experiences.

Your third eye, also known as the brow chakra and associated with the pineal gland, is mostly responsible for intuition.  Third eye energy is developed with focus and practice.  The following tips provide simple practices that you can start today!  Pick one or more applications and have fun.  Trust yourself.  You really do have all the answers inside you.  Quiet the ego and hear what you really have to say!

9 Simple Ways to Increase Your Intution

  1. Meditation – I know this is obvious.  But, have you really committed to a meditative practice for any extended period of time?  If you have, then have you tried any other forms of meditation?  Have you meditated with crystals?  There are many ways to meditate.  Search the internet and Youtube and you can’t miss.  Also, you may want to check out our article “Easy Meditation for Third Eye Activation“.
  2. Dreams – Record your dreams every morning.  Keep a dream journal by your bed or get a dream journal app for your cell phone.  The dreamstate is a playground for intuitive impressions.  Dreaming is one of the ways that our soul can speak to us directly.  If you’re not recalling your dreams check out “Tips & Techniques for Dream Recall“.
  3. Tarot & Oracle Cards – There are many different types of tarot decks and oracle cards.  Oracle and tarot cards deal with universal archetypes.  These archetypes are a product of our collective consciousness and primordial energies.  Working with oracle and tarot cards unlocks certain levels of the subconscious mind.  This is perfect for increasing intuition.
  4. Guessing Games – Practice prediction with common objects.  You can take a playing deck of cards and guess numbers, colors and/or suits.  Shuffle a deck of cards and practice guessing whatever you choose.  It is not about getting it right or wrong, by simply practicing you begin to exercise your psychic muscles.
  5. Brainwave Entrainment – Sound does different things to the brain which in turn affects the mind.  Brainwave entrainment in the form of binaural beats, monaural beats, and isochronic tones, synchronizes the brain to a specific brainwave pattern.  The brain has different wave patterns that correspond to different states of consciousness.  Alpha and theta wave states are ideal for intuitive perceptions.
  6. Alkaline Foods – Everything you put into your mouth after digestion breaks down to an acidic or alkaline ash.  Alkaline forming foods give you energy while acidic forming foods takes away from your energetic supply.  Alkalinity attracts higher levels of electromagnetic energy.  Electromagnetic energy is the subtle energy that carries non physical information.  Simpy put, alkaline foods help to increase your overall vibration no matter how naturally psychic sensitive you are.
  7. Crystals – Working with crystals can be a fun way to experiment and experience different subtle vibrations.  To increase intuition, you want to work with crystals that correspond to the brow and crown chakras.  These crystals are typically clear, purple, indigo, or violet in color.  You can meditate with crystals and/or carry them with you in a pouch or purse.  Read “How to Use Crystals for Third Eye Chakra Opening” for more information.
  8. Sunsets & Sunrises – Taking in the Sun’s energy when it is orange or setting/rising is tremendously beneficial for the third eye.  You can do this daily for 3-5 minutes, it doesn’t take long.  Your pineal gland (third eye) is a crystal and reacts remarkably to our Sun.
  9. Supplements & Superfoods – This is similar to eating more alkaline foods while adding a more powerful punch.  Supplements rich in chlorophyll are like steroids to your intuitive faculties.  Superfoods include, cacao, chlorellaspirulina, sea moss, blue green algae and wheatgrass.  For more information see:  “Klamath Blue Green Algae Information and Benefits (Super Brain Food)

Written by S. Ali Myers

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What is Consciousness?

Molecular Thoughts

“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”–The Kybalion

The above quote is taken from the Kybalion which is commonly attributed to Djehuty, also known as Thoth, who was the deity of writing, magic, and science in Kemet (Ancient Egypt).  According to the Kybalion, everything that we see and sense in the material realm is a manifestation from the ALL, which is Mind, and in turn, is conscious and alive.  Basically, everything has a spark from the Creator and is aware because of this connection.

Modern scientists are hard-pressed to simply explain consciousness because it is mystical and spiritual in its nature.  Modern science uses a physical oriented approach to explaining reality.  Science tends to derive conclusions from experiments that are bases on materials as its foundation. The unseen always has a hand to play in that which we term material and physical.  Therefore, any postulation and theory is incomplete if not viewed and studied holistically.

Our reality falls more into the mystical and paranormal realm more than what the average human would care to admit.  Many phenomena in our world defies human intellect.  These phenomena can include things like the precise movement of the planets in our solar system, the culmination of atoms communicating and bonding to form matter, the human body’s accurate maintaining of a 98.6 degree temperature, the way sound and light travels, or even the existence of life on this planet.  In general, all the above defy human rationale and logic when viewed strictly as just physical happenstances.

What causes the above mentioned examples to respond and behave with such unwavering and automatic fortitude?  The answer is simply, consciousness.  In order for something to exist or co-exist there has to be a level of awareness, or else, it would not thrive in a world of natural patterns and chains of cause and effect.

Consciousness = Awareness

Awareness = Knowing


Consciousness = Awareness & Knowing

Nature means natural.  Who or what told fire to go out if enough water is poured on it?  Who or what told fire to grow bigger when combined with explosive substances or materials?  Why does fire react predictably in any physical experiment?  The answer is because fire is “programmed” to react in a specific manner depending upon circumstance and/or surroundings.  In such a conditions or situation, fire is aware of its environment.  Some conscious intelligence had to give the element its nature.

We too are natural but, what separates man from nature is our free will of choice.  When we are aware of more than one concept we have the ability to decide between such choices.  Our choices can be seen as unnatural or unpredictable while nature’s elements are more predictable and repeatable. All in all, awareness is the underlying foundation for all that occurs.

We are aware on different levels depending upon the situation we are facing.  The more we are aware or know about a particular person, place, or thing, the more choices we have.  If you know there is a road closed on your way to work then you can stop and get directions at a local gas station, reroute on a GPS, buy a map, follow detour signs, or take another route.  Without the awareness of a closed road, you are then limited in your options to get from point A to B.  This example is akin to the navigation of our life.  The more we are aware or conscious the better equipped we are to live our lives.

Consciousness, simply meaning awareness, can exist on two levels; consciousness through knowledge (facts and information) or consciousness through experience.

In the so-called spiritual realm there is definitely more than meets the physical eye.  Phenomena such as ghosts or spirits, angels, deities, telepathy (communicating without words), ESP (extra sensory perception) and the myriad of other seemingly non-physical happenings are conscious to some and unconscious to others – based off of knowledge and/or experience.

When we, in the West, talk about spiritual phenomena most fall into one of three main classes; those who are aware by way of cultural beliefs or education, those who have direct experiences or, those who have no clue that anything exists beyond the physical illusion.

The more you are aware of the more likely you will experience that which you have knowledge about.  The more you are aware the easier you will be able to discern.  Why do you think a court judge wants to get all evidence, witness testimony, and experts established during proceedings?  This is so the judge can review ALL information possible to make the best, most fair decision.

The truth is, consciousness is probably one of the most prized possessions that we have as souls.  Many have suggested that we are souls having a human experience.  When you experience something you become much more aware of that which you are engaged in.  Every experience leads to some measure of reasoning and overstanding.  The key is to go into each experience open and consciously “taking it in”.

Many humans, by way of various factors, go through life in a comatose state; unaware and travelling blindly.  The easiest person to control and manipulate is one who has no awareness of self and environment.  The Art of War by Sun Tzu suggests that you should not do battle on unfamiliar terrain.  Therefore, you must know where you are in order to get to where you want to go.

When you lack awareness and are ignorant to what pertains to you, you allow those with more knowledge to control you.  Salespeople everywhere are privy to this fact.  Salespeople usually qualify their target customer and find a need or want.  If a customer is lacking knowledge of a particular product or service, the salesperson can intentionally overvalue a feature or add-on items or services.  Most aggressive salespeople prey upon uninformed buyers.

You can overcome or completely avoid any and all oppressive acts from others by becoming more conscious of yourself.  There are many layers of the human mind and soul.  The following list shows different parts of the human self that would behoove you to be mindful of.

Become more mindful of your:

Utilizing this text will automatically make you conscious of your personal self.  Just by raising your consciousness you allow what was below your awareness to come to the surface.  When this happens you have the ability to learn from your experience and furthermore, to use what you have learned as a means to help overcome those life lessons that seem to repeat over and over.  The choice is really yours.

This article was designed for those who read and apply the lessons to become conscious on many levels, beginning with self.  An important metaphysical philosophy is that everything outside of self is a reflection or mirror image of your inner being.  Simply put, nothing is outside of you. When you know yourself intimately, you can better overstand that which is seemingly outside of you.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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Law of Mentalism Made Simple


mentalhealth.jpg (600×600)“The  ALL is MIND: The Universe is Mental” – The Kybalion

Most people are familiar with the axiom “as above, so below”, which is the Law of Correspondence as written in the Kybalion.  The Kybalion is a collection of 7 universal laws usually accredited to the god of wisdom in Ancient Egypt named Thoth, also called Djehuty.  The first of these laws, as stated in the Kybalion, is the Law of Mentalism.  The Universal Laws are simply the “rules” that the universe abides by.

You see, everything begins with thought.  Nothing is before thought.  In order for anything to exist it must have been conceived in the mind first.  The mind is the bridge between the soul and the human brain.  Let’s look at this on a mundane level to keep the Law of Mentalism simple and practical.

A thought, which is the product of the mind and soul, can be looked at two ways.  We have conscious thoughts and subconscious thoughts.  Conscious thoughts are thoughts and ideas that you are aware of and create rationally and intentionally.  Subconscious thoughts are thoughts that you are not aware of and are seemingly automatic.  Most routine things we do as humans such as brushing teeth, washing clothes, and driving familiar routes are things we seem to do automatically because it doesn’t take much thought or effort and therefore the actions are seem thoughtless.  When we do new or unfamiliar endeavors we must put more thought and effort into them, at first.

Without conscious and subconscious thoughts anything we do or make is not possible.  Your subconscious mind is a product of repetition.  Your conscious mind seeks to identify, label, and justify thoughts and actions.  The subconscious mind is automatic and the conscious mind is current and attentive.  They work hand and hand in the physical reality.

Every invention and natural occurrence in our world was first a thought.  The thought can be looked at as pure energy that gives rise to the physical manifestation of such energy.  That is why modern science will tell you that everything is made up of energy.  Energy, especially at the subatomic level, can not be measured with regular, everyday instruments.  Yet, it still exists.  Similarly, your mind can not be measured with instruments and tools but your brain can.  Your mind is not your brain.  The brain is what your body uses to “channel” in the mind.

Also in the Kybalion we have the Law of Polarity.  This law explains how everything has its apparent opposite.  The polarity of physical, that which you can see and quantify, is spiritual or, that which you can not see with the naked physical eyes.  The mind which is accredited with thought gives rise to everything that we see.  Our reality is the product of our collective consciousness which is the embodiment of all our thoughts thus, all is mind and the universal is mental.

Remember, everything you see and do is either conscious (aware) or subconscious (unaware).  The key is to become more aware of what you were previously unaware of.  This is how we expand our consciousness and become more enlightened.  Consciousness, simply meaning awareness, affords us more choices to make more evolved decisions.  Chance favors the prepared mind!!!!!!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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Super Bowl 47 Occult Numerology & Symbolism

Superbowl-47 occult numerology

Numerology, which is the vibrational meaning of numbers, was very much at play during Super Bowl 47 (11).  Specifically, the numbers 9 and 11.  9 metaphysically represents completion, endings, and/or destruction and 11 signifies transitions, gateways, and/or magic.

Most individuals who decode or point out the symbolism in events tend to approach it from a conspiratorial aspect but, this article is not one of those conspiracy theories.  My outlook on the abundant “coincidences” is that of the Spirit world showing us where our collective conscious is at and where it is going.

To me, the metaphysical symbolism that took place during the whole Super Bow 47, shows seemingly apparent opposites coming together (polarity).  This is an awakening akin to the kundalini where the yin (feminine/negative) and yang (masculine/positive) ascend up the chakras (energy centers) to meet in the middle at the third eye (pineal gland) in order to activate the 7th chakra (crown) to reach Christ Consciousness (enlightenment).

There were many examples of opposites mirroring each other in Super Bowl 47 such as the Harbaugh brothers who are like twins, to the half lit half dark power outage.  The other examples include Super Bowl records being set but only tied (Joe Flacco’s 11 td’s and Jacoby Jones’ 108-yard kick off return), and the power outage game time remaining of 13:22 or 4 (1+3) & 4 (2+2).  There is so much more that it would garner it’s own article!

The purpose of this writing is to enlighten those who have the eye to see the synchronistic repetition of the powerful numbers, 9 & 11, which is something I speak of often as I have noticed the magic in my own life around these digits.

Once again, this is not a conspiracy and remember that the unseen (Spirit, Creator, ancestors etc.) is always in control of the physical and Spirit speaks through signs, symbols, and synchronicities (meaningful coincidences).

9 & 11 Occult Numerology in Super Bowl 47

  • Super Bowl date 2/3/2013 (11) at 6:30 PM (9)
  • Super Bowl 47 (11) was 11 years after the first post-9/11 Super Bowl, SB 36 (9), which was coincidentally played in New Orleans, also.
  • Jack Harbaugh, the father of the “twins” Jim and John harbaugh was born 6/28/1939 which makes him an 11 life path in numerology (6+2+8+1+9+3+9=38/11).  He is also a Gemini (the twins).
  • Baltimore Ravens second championship in 11 years.  The Raven is a mystical bird of magic (11) representing good and bad omens (duality/polarity).
  • Jacoby Jones who was born 7/11/1984 (11 day and birth month and day adds up to 9) caught a 56-yard TD (11) and had a kickoff return TD of 108-yards (9) which tied the previous record.
  • Joe Flacco tied Joe Montana’s post-season record with 11 touchdown passes.
  • Only two scores of the first half by SF were FGs of 36-yards (9) and 27-yards (9).
  • Halftime score of SF 6 & Baltimore 21 equals 9 (2+1+6).
  • Ravens last score was a 38-yard FG (11) by Justin Tucker.
  • The infamous power outage occurred at 8:37 PM (EST) and 34-minutes later was restored.  34-minutes after 8:37 would make the time that the power was restored 9:11 PM (EST) or 11 (9+1+1).
  • The score prior to the unnecessary Safety was Baltimore 34, SF 29 (3+4+2+9=18/9).
  • The final score of the game was Baltimore 34, SF 31 (3+4+3+1=11).

Interesting Halftime Symbolism (Beyonce performance)

Beyonce Knowles represented the 49ers and Ravens because she was born on 9/4 which adds up to 13 (49ers does too….4+9) and she was born in the year of the Rooster(1981) in Chinese astrology.  The Rooster is a type of bird like the Raven.  Beyonce was the culmination of the two teams and she performed in the middle (halftime).  I will further illustrate the chakra and kundalini story that took place during the halftime show.

Side note: Beyonce’s name broken down is Bey once or once a Bey.  Bey denotes Moorish lineage and the Moors were adept at mysticism, metaphysics, and the like.

Beyonce was joined by Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland which is Destiny’s Child.  Michelle and Kelly are dark-skinned and they came back together with their polarity, the lighter skinned Beyonce.  Michelle performs mostly spiritual and religious music while Kelly began here solo career with sort-of “raunchy” songs.  Beyonce is the balance as she has sex-filled music and heart-centered or spirit-rising music.  This reunion was symbolic of the ida (yin/feminine), pingala (yang/masculine), and sushumna (middle the connects base with the crown chakras) channels of potential kundalini energy.

The chakra kundalini symbology was highlighted by the ever-present “twin faces” that were the set or stage of Beyonce’s performance.  The faces represented the yin and yang kundalini snakes meeting in the middle which denotes third eye activation.  This was confirmed with the outage where half the stadium was lit and the other half was dark (yin and yang both present in the superDOME….dome is synonymous with the head).

The “twin faces” on stage started out as a red color and progressed to a purplish, violet color in the end.  This is symbolic of kundalini energy rising and being crowned when Beyonce performed her hit song, “Halo”.  Halo is obvious at the crown and the Super Bowl was played at the Saints’ stadium.  The word saint comes from the word hallow or halo.  See the following pictures in sequence to how the faces changed colors ending in the crown being activated denoted by the purplish color and hair now being present.

first color of the “twin faces” (root chakra)

second color of the “twin faces” (solar plexus chakra – yellow)

next color of the “twin faces” (flickered between green and blue – heart & throat chakras)

last image of the “twin face”. activated crown chakra (violet & whitish).

In conclusion, there are many ways to breakdown and interpret symbolism and this is just my perspective.  I did a radio show prior to the Super Bowl where I explicitly spoke on the polarity that will take place along with the seemingly miraculous events that will unfold.  Here’s the link for that show on Mind Right Radio, Mind Right Spirit: Super Bowl 47 Symbolism & Decoding.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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What is Metaphysics?

what is Metaphysics

Metaphysics is a generic term that describes a wide range of philosophies and sciences.  This article will help you comprehend metaphysics and how it applies to life.  First, let us define metaphysics.

Metaphysics, in a literal definition, means that which is beyond the physical.  Metaphysics comes from the Greek words meta and physika which mean beyond and physics.  Metaphysics can also be viewed as synonyms of spirituality and the occult.  Metaphysics, spirituality, and the occult are all similar because they go beyond the physical to the unseen realms.  Spirit is the counterpart to physical and occult just means that which is hidden or unseen.

Everything in our existence manifests from the unseen realm.  Everything is a thought or is conscious before it becomes physical.  This is why we say “thoughts are things”.  Therefore, metaphysics is the study of causalities and why something is the way it is.  Metaphysics attempts to answer the questions:  why, how, when, and where?  Metaphysics can be applied to everything because everything has a purpose, origin, and function.

People usually gravitate towards metaphysics because they have a truth-seeking mind and a hunger to know the deeper meaning of realities and life.  Our physical science seeks to explain things in a material way while the newly developed branch of quantum physics or quantum mechanics investigates the causal foundation.  This is really metaphysics!  Metaphysics has been around for aeons and that is why we find monoliths, pyramids, and ancient sites that have a direct connection with the heavens and planets around the world.

Metaphysics is also a blanket term for some of the more esoteric and occult knowledge such as astrology, numerology, gematria, chakras, psychic phenomena, afterlife, alchemy and the like.  Also, if you look at common terms and ideas like gravity, photosynthesis, heat, cold, air, vibrations, etc., you notice that these ideals are beyond the physical but each interact with matter.  Once again, everything can be looked at metaphysically.

In conclusion, metaphysics is really defined by the individual.  I cannot stress enough that any idea, thing, subject, place, person, philosophy, and religion can be viewed as metaphysical or to have an energetic permeation.  We have what we see with our eyes and then we have its essence or energetic imprint.  The energetic component is metaphysics and metaphysics is everywhere!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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Year 2013: A Metaphysical Breakdown


The objective of this article is to breakdown the energy of the year 2013 using metaphysics including numerology, gematria, Chinese astrology, Tarot and occult wisdom.  According to Master Teacher Dr. Mitchell Gibson (tybro.com), numbers are one of the forces that control and manipulate this reality.  We will focus on the year 2013, its numerology and metaphysical properties, by reducing it down to a one digit number so we can see the energy that this year will produce.

When we look at the year 2013, the first thing that sticks out is the sequential numbers 1, 2, and 3.  2013 contains the first three numbers of our counting system.  One (1) denotes beginnings, two (2) involves partnerships, and three (3) is the first number of completion according to numerology.  So, 2013 all together brings a sense of beginnings, partnering, and bringing  all together into one.  In standard pythagorean numerology, 2013 reduces to the single digit 6 (2+0+1+3).

In Chinese astrology, 2013 is the year of the Water Snake.  The snake is symbolic of femininity, wisdom, spirituality, sensuality, patience, and the arts.  Combined with the element of water, this gives the energy an extra punch of heightened intuition and uncontrollable emotions, as water is known as the universal conduit of energy.  In contrast, the snake symbol can be very deceptive and secretive.  The snake will also target its prey with methodical attacks.  This means your prey (goals, objectives, wants, desires) may not come immediately but, with a solid plan you will reach your desired end result.  One thing to remember about the snake is when it is close to its prey (your goal in sight) it strikes without hesitation!

We know a snake coils up and this is the symbolic spiral shape.  This represents the understanding that everything spirals into existence.  This shows the connection from the spiritual and unseen realm into physical manifestation.  It represents raw creation and the snake adds a level of elegance and individual creativity to this equation.

Lets get back to the numbers!  Six (6) is considered a yin or feminine number.  Six is probably the most service-oriented energy of numerology.  With 6 also being one of the creative numbers, it likes to use its subtle energy to make things appealing to the eye and spirit.  It is the proverbial mothering energy and can be overbearing at times.  Remember when your mom stayed on your behind about cleaning your room or eating your veggies?  The number 6, in a passive-aggressive manner, is all about getting things done but on its own terms!

In Gematria (Kabbalistic numerology) the number 6 is considered the first perfect number and symbolizes universal forces like light, heat, and electromagnetism.  Tiferet is the sixth sefira in the Kabbalistic tree of life and it represents beauty, balance, miracles, and spirituality.  It symbolizes the union of two worlds coming together like two interlocking pyramids or, as in the saying, “as above so below”.

When we look at the number six card in the Tarot, which is the Lovers, we see a union between man and woman.  This also denotes harmony after free will of choice.  We are free to choose our partner(s) which inevitably results in a union or a coming together of sorts.  To perpetuate this union we must compromise, communicate, and fulfill each others needs.  Power of choice is critical for two sides, that are seemingly opposite, to come together in a harmonious manner.  There is also an angel in between the Lovers on the Tarot card which represents a divinely blessed union.

The number 6 corresponds with the 6th chakra which is the ajna or third eye spiritual center.  The energy of the third eye is all about spiritual perception, mysticism, psychic abilities, and higher functions of the mind.  The third eye is part of your higher self while contained in the body along with the throat and crown chakras.  These energies are devoid of an ego-centered mindset.  We begin to see our connection to the Source and all of her/his creations when we are in the energy of the higher self.

In review, the year 2013 will be an extremely spiritual one.  We will witness people gravitating towards spiritual and metaphysical practices such as meditation, healing arts, psychic readings, tantra, and yoga just to name a few.  There will also be a strong sense of service to humanity which will bring about new teachers and examples of how to live on a more elevated and spiritually grounded basis.  We will have the opportunity to see our music, film, television, and media project material that is heavily rooted in wisdom and spiritual and occult information.  This means more media dealing with topics like: spirituality, aliens/ETs, magick, psychic phenomena, the paranormal (ghosts, spirits, faeries, elementals, etc.).  Many hidden or occult dealings will come to light in 2013!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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Tips & Techniques for Dream Recall

tips for recalling dreams

Do you need help with remembering your dreams?  Well, you are not alone.  Many people are being guided to work with their dreams more in these days and times.  Many of our greatest early civilizations knew the importance of the dream state and made it their business to document and act on the messages that were portrayed during their nighttime visions.

Your Spirit Mind is at a metaphysical amusement park during dream time.  With your physical, logical mind at rest, it is a perfect opportunity for your Higher Mind (Spirit) to get messages to you!  The information that comes through in your dreams will assist you with your health, life’s purpose and direction, mundane decisions, and give clues for growth of the mind, body, and soul.

Dream recall, as with any other metaphysical and spiritual practice, requires just that, practice!  Probably the most important aspect of undergoing any ritualistic procedure is the mindset of the practitioner.  Do you believe that you can do it?  If the answer is yes, then you have already achieved the desired outcome!

After you consciously decide to work on dream recall and, believe you can do it, there are an array of tools and practices you can work with and do to guide you through!  As with everything, one size does not fit all.  I will highlight some of the ones that I feel are beneficial on a general basis for most individuals.  Work with one or a few of the techniques and tools recommended and see how it works for you…

11 Tips & Techniques for Dream Recall

  1. Program yourself before going to bed by saying affirmations.  As your laying in bed drifting into LaLa Land, repeat phrases such as: “I recall my dreams with ease”; “Remembering my dreams is easy to me”; “I always recall a dream when I wake up”.
  2. Keep a dream journal.  Your Spirit Mind prioritizes things that you focus on and do repeatedly or ritualistically.  Maintain a notebook or journal and write whatever comes to your mind when you first awaken even if it’s not a dream.  Capture your emotional state, feelings, hunches, people, places, things, ideas-and put it on paper.
  3. Sleep with minimal or NO electronics around you.  Electronics run off of extra low frequencies (ELF) and disrupt the rhythms of your electromagnetic fields.  ELF waves decrease the vibration of your subtle bodies (energy).
  4. Decrease alarm clock usage.  Allow yourself to come back into your physical body smoothly.  When you are awakened prior to entering your body it causes a shock to your system.  Upon awakening, relax in bed and allow your dream thoughts to rise t0 your conscious mind then write them down.
  5. Go to bed on an empty stomach.  When you have foods in your system at bedtime, your body has to work on processing and digesting the foods down.  This energy can be reserved for dream work and recall if there is nothing in your system.
  6. Share your dreams with friends, family, and focus groups.  Once again, your Spirit Mind takes notice of what you focus on and do regularly.  For you to share your nighttime visions means that it is of significance to you.  By Law of Attraction you will receive more of the same (dream recall).
  7. Use Monoatomic (Etherium) Gold and/or blue green algae. Monoatomic Gold heightens the energy of the Spirit Mind.  Everything is energy and  Monoatomic Gold enhances the energy of higher mind faculties.  Blue green algae is rich in chlorophyll and specifically enhances pineal gland functions (melatonin and DMT secretion).
  8. Avoid drinking alcohol and taking drugs or medications.  Toxic substances disrupt natural secretion of critical hormones for healthy sleep and rest.  There are natural herbs that can replace most drugs.
  9. Work with crystals.  Sleeping with crystals like amethyst, clear quartz, blue calcite and others can increase dream recall.  Intuitively choose crystals that work with the throat, third eye (brow), and crown chakras.  Also, check out our Meta-Dream Bags that are a mixture of crystals and herbs charged with Etherspace (etheric) energy.
  10. Repeat “I recall my dreams easily” throughout the day.  Repetition, repetition, and more repetition!  This is how you program the Spirit Mind.  Repeat the given phrase or a similar one and say it to yourself all day long.
  11. Read books about dreams before going to bed.  What you were doing before you went to sleep plays a huge part on your psyche and quality of dream work.  This is also why it is important to focus on positive thoughts as much as possible and definitely before falling asleep.  Reading books and listening to lectures and seminars about dreams places an emphasis on what you will work out in the dream state.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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List of Ways to Decalcify the Pineal Gland


This how-to list will give you a reference point for exercises and ways to help with pineal gland decalcification.  Your pineal gland, also referred to as the 3rd eye, is a small endocrine gland in the geometric center part of your brain.  It is home to the ajna (brow) chakra and its energy is of psychic and spiritual phenomena.

Your pineal gland produces a number of chemicals and hormones that cause happiness and serenity, euphoria, restfulness, civilized behavior, balanced emotions, and psychical phenomena just to name a few.  These are natural states of being, however, due to lack of proper nutrition, environmental issues, left-brained thinking, and various chemicals; most people have developed a calcified pineal gland.

The Creator has given humans a chance to reverse or decrease ALL “ailments” and dysfunctions.  There are various supplements, food and drink, exercise, and other practices one can implement into their lifestyle to reverse pineal gland decalcification.  Once you begin to consciously work with the energy of the third eye chakra you will begin to see reality for what it is as opposed to what you have been programmed to beLIEve.

The following list is in no particular order.  See what resonates or feels right to you and begin there.  And remember, practicing patience and being consistent is key for any spiritual and metaphysical work.

List of Ways to Decalcify the Pineal Gland

  1. Eliminate or reduce meat intake.  Meats, especially heavier ones like beef and pork, are very acidic.  An acidic ph balance is not conducive for a healthy, decalcified pineal gland.
  2. Drink alkaline or distilled water.  Alkaline water is electrifying and distilled water removes heavy toxins and metals out of the human body.
  3. Avoid fluoride.  Fluoride is toxic to the human system.  Use non-fluoride toothpaste.  Most tap water in the US is fluoridated so drink alkaline or distilled water.
  4. Practice Sungazing.  Taking in the Sun’s energy when it is orange or setting/rising is tremendously beneficial for the pineal gland and decalcification.  You can do this daily for 3-5 minutes, it doesn’t take long.  Your pineal is a crystal and reacts remarkably to our Sun.
  5. Eat more greens & vegetables.  The more alkaline foods you get into your system the more you are feeding the pineal gland and other crucial parts of your being.  Foods that have been charged with sunlight are electrifying and pineal decalcifying!  More Information: Alkaline Foods to Help Decalcify the Pineal Gland
  6. Avoid mercury.  Mercury is extremely toxic.  Most vaccines and tooth fillings are mercury-based.  However, nowadays, most dentist are using non-mercury based fillings.  If you have mercury fillings in your teeth, a holistic dentist can remove them.
  7. Maintain positive thoughts and actions.  This may seem a little elementary or not “deep enough” but,  there is great power in your state of mind.  Thoughts can also be toxic.
  8. Take Blue Green Algae and other chlorophyll rich “superfoods”.  This is similar to eating more veggies but adding a more powerful punch.  Other superfoods include chlorella, spirulina, sea moss, and wheatgrass.  More Information: Klamath Blue Green Algae Information and Benefits (Super Brain Food)
  9. Use herbs.  Herbs like mugwort, wood betony, alfalfa, parsley, and gotu kola have wonderful healing properties.  You can make a tea or grind it and sprinkle on a salad, or it can be smoked as part of a ritual.
  10. Use the fluorescent, coiled-like light bulbs.  The standard, cheap light bulbs are very inconsistent with the natural light spectrum.  Your pineal gland is light-sensitive.   It’s also important to sleep in complete darkness, if  possible.
  11. Place a crystal on your brow chakra daily.  Meditating with a crystal is energetically beneficial for pineal decalcification.  Some of the favorites are amethyst, clear quartz, sodalite, and lapis lazuli.  More Information: How to Use Crystals & Gemstones for Third Eye Chakra Opening

Written by S. Ali Myers

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Third Eye Images and Symbols Around the World


The pineal gland, commonly known as the third eye, is associated with the 6th and 7th chakra.  There are images and symbolism found all around the world depicting this highly mystical and mysterious part of our human brain.  Here you will find a collection of third eye and related images because as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Please check back often as this photo album evolves!

UPDATED on 1/3/14

If you are the owner of one or more of the images below and do not want us to post it here, please contact us and we will remove it promptly.

3rd Eye (Pineal Gland) Images Around the World

Caduceus (medical symbol)

medical symbol representing the chakras and kundalini with the snakes (yin/yang) meeting at the third eye

7 major chakras (kundalini depiction)

7 major chakras (medical caduceus is modeled after)

US one-dollar bill

“Eye of Providence” or “All seeing eye of God” on the back of the US one-dollar bill


Courtyard of the Pinecone (Vatican City)

sarcophagus (Courtyard of the Pinecone)

glyph-type symbols below the animal (Courtyard of the Pinecone)


Crop circle across from Serpent Mound (Ohio)

7 chakra representation found in the field across from the Serpent Mound in Ohio


Information Awareness Office logo

Established after the Patriot Act and 9/11.


State of Colorado seal

Staff of Osiris (Egypt)

Sennedjem’s tomb (Egypt)

Look towards the roof, between the two eyes. Represents the gate of heaven.

Alexander Column in Russia

“All seeing Eye” near the top

Auge der Vorsehung

Cambodia Shiva in Angkor Wat

Declaration of Human Rights

look near the top


Masonic Grand Lodge in Utah

Pontormo-Cena in Emmaus

CBS Logo

Toyota Logo

Alkaline Foods to Help Decalcify the Pineal Gland

alkaline foods to help decalcify pineal gland

Most people, especially in America, are consuming a diet that is detrimental to our spiritual growth.  With the influx of low vibratory foods (ie. fast food, sodas, microwave dinners, sugars etc.), we are contracting more diseases and evolving slower spiritually than we have to.

There are two types of foods: acid-forming or alkaline-forming. The differences between the two are like night and day. Or, diseased and not diseased.  Or, a healthy pineal gland versus a overly calcified pineal gland.

Your body is designed for your blood pH balance to be between 7.35-7.45. Too much acid in the blood causes imbalance and eventually, diseases and further calcification of the pineal gland. Whenever you eat something that is incomplete (not wholesome) and acidic, your body has to pull the nutrients out of your body’s minerals to try to neutralize the acidity.

A high level of spiritual growth through pineal gland decalcification can be gained by eating more alkaline foods.  Look at it as alkaline charges you up while acid drains your power.  The following list will provide you with a number of food options that will help you charge up your third eye and re-gain your innate spiritual power!

Once you begin to consume more alkaline foods you will start to increase your intuition, “psychic” powers, dreams, calmness, peace of mind, happiness, creativity, and overall energy!

Note: Green supplements are a wonderful addition to any diet to get more chlorophyll and alkalinity.  Be sure to check out our Superfoods in our online store

About the List

The foods listed below are all alkaline-forming. There is a difference between acid-forming and alkaline-forming. A citrus fruit like an orange is acidic but when your body assimilates it, it leaves an alkaline ash. Therefore, the orange is an alkaline-forming fruit.

This list is a combination of all the research and experiences I’ve had. There may be other foods that are not listed but that just means it slipped my eye. The important thing is that we make a conscious effort to consume as much alkaline-forming foods as possible.

Please share this list with everyone you know!

Alkaline-Forming Vegetables (All fresh, not processed or canned)

Barley Grass
Brussels Sprouts
Collard Greens
Green Beans
Lima Beans
Mustard Greens
Sweet Potatoes
Swiss Chard
Wheat Grass

Alkaline-Forming Fruits (all fresh, not processed or canned)

Honeydew Melon
Kiwi Fruit
Olives (green)
Tomato (small)

Alkaline Forming Nuts, Seeds & Grains

Cumin Seeds
Fennel Seeds
Flax Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Sesame Seeds

Alkaline Forming Spices & Seasonings

Chili Pepper
Sea Salt
Soy Sauce

Other Alkaline Forming Foods

Blue Green Algae


Olive Oil

Worst Acid Forming Foods (These “foods” should be limited or avoided)

There are many acid-forming foods (mainly all the unnatural, man-made “foods”) but these are the worst of the worst.

Artificial Sweeteners
Dairy Products (cheese, ice cream, milk shakes, yogurt etc)
Flour (white)
Juice (sugar-filled)
Meats (including fish, chicken, turkey etc)
Salt (use Sea Salt)

Recommended Products: Klamath Blue Green Algae

Written by S. Ali Myers

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Using Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones for Third Eye Activation

binaural monaural beats isochronic tones

With the splurge of so-called advancements during the “technology age” we now have products that can do a plethora of things with the mind.  Brainwave entrainment or brainwave synchronization is any practice that causes brainwave frequencies to fall under a certain state (beta, alpha, theta, delta).  What once took many days, months, or years of practicing meditation or deep relaxation, can now be expedited with the advent of this amazing technology.

(Click picture to see our selection of brainwave entrainment MP3s)

Three of the most popular forms of brainwave entrainment are the binaural & monaural beats and isochronic tones.  Click here to read more about brainwave entrainment and binaural, monaurals, and isochronic tones.

How do you use binaural beats, monaural beats, and isochronic tones to help open your third eye?

Simple!  The more you “go within” and slow down your active, rational mind, the more you give light to your third eye (pineal gland).  Your third eye is activated when your mind is still and focused on something of a higher spiritual plane.  There are many roads to this destination but it’s vital to tune out mundane and secular stimuli in order to achieve success!

Our pineal gland is most active when we are out of our body, commonly known as dreaming.  This is when you are projecting what is within your subconscious and superconscious mind, or higher self (Spirit Mind).  When we consciously simulate sleep brainwaves we actively participate in a waking dream of infinite possibilities and realities!

This is what brainwave entrainment does:  it gets you closer to accessing your “Christ Mind” or divine consciousness.  Whether you are drawn to binaurals, monaurals, or isochronic tones you will be able to activate your third eye and begin to strengthen its power to your highest capability.

Though you are only required to wear headphones or earbuds with binaural beats due to its dual frequency creating a variance picked up by the brain, I recommend using headphones for monaural beats and isochronic tones.

Third Eye Activation technique for binaural/monaural beats and isochronic tones

  1. Simply get in a relaxed position with your tone playing directly into your ear with headphones or earbuds.  You may listen to monaural beats and isochronic tones without headphones
  2. Now focus your breathing into and out of your 3rd eye chakra which is located in the middle of your forehead about 1/2 inch above your brow.  When you inhale feel the air going into your 3rd eye chakra, make it pulsate.  During exhales release the pressure.  You may feel tingles and temperature changes in this area.
  3. Repeat step 2 for 15-60 minutes.

You may do this technique anytime but, I suggest doing it before you get out of bed in the morning or prior to going to sleep for the night.  I also recommend that you do this in a dark place.  This technique can be a daily, weekly, or monthly practice.  The more times you do it, the more light your third eye will gain.

After regular practice of brainwave entrainment meditation you will begin to increase intuition, creativity, spirit communication, dream recall, relaxation, serenity, abundance, happiness, “psychic” abilities and much more!

Happy travels!

Check out our selection of POWERFUL & AFFORDABLE isochronic tones, monaural and binaural beats in our MEDITATION MP3s section

Written by S. Ali Myers

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