Brief Monthly Forecast for 2015 Using Numerology

With the year 2015 fastly approaching, let’s take a look at what can be expected based on the numbers.  Here’s a brief monthly forecast for 2015 using Numerology.  Enjoy!

January….year 2015 begins with a number 9 universal month vibration. The focus here is to finalize activities from 2014 during the month. Number 9 inspires and raises consciousness or awareness.

February….this month’s vibration is the number 10 or Wheel of Fortune!  10 reduced is the number 1 which focuses on some real new beginnings for the year.  Be confident and clear about life but, do not boast about accomplishments or the wheel may turn into the wheel of bad fortune.

March….here, a master number appears, it is the 11, which brings the energies of increased awareness and the need to do something of greater value in the world. The focus for this month is known as “The Passage”, a time to step into a higher realm of knowing.   The year 2015 adds up to an 8 which is shown as two circles, adding the month (3) and you get 11 which is two lines.

April….has the number 3 universal month vibration.  With this, we can find that life can be sporadic, quick, and hurried.  Spend money wisely or get caught with debt in May 2015. April is a very emotional month highlighted with drama.

May ….is a month to remain grounded and not be jaded by the fiscal affairs of big government or corporations. May is a tough month to work through without a plan.  A lot of stress in the physical heart pertains to a need for a release of low thinking.  The vibration is 4 and 20:20 vision is needed, no hindsight. Foresight is needed here!

June….number 5 is the monthly vibration.  Change is in the air mentally and emotionally.  Be prepared for the changes.  Fortune is evident with the number 23 or the high “5”.  In the 5 sense reality is manipulated.


July….a lot of 2’s exist in this month adding up to the number 6.  Be kind to each other and help one another along.  Children need real guidance here as many are confused in this month. Sensitivities are rather strong for women. Intuition is high and a sense of rhythm is needed. Harmony is the word.  Food prices are in the news along with community co-ops, farming, and banks. Be sure to live within your means.

August….double 8’s with the karmic number 16 here means you need to be in your higher mind. Since January, law enforcement has increased, however, do not be intimidated.  Heavy karma for everyone is felt for the entire month. Sensitive people should retreat from the urban areas for the month.  7 is the number!  Astrologists and numerologists should pay close attention to the number 16.  We can transcend all of the energetic vibrations here!

September….is a number 8 universal month vibration which is heavy and strong. Execute your personal plans and goals during this month.  Individuals of the number 8 will feel this power more than others.  Be mindful of the power grid system in the U.S.  Now, money is a big issue for all.  Wearing black will draw a lot of attention.

October….there is a difference with this month and January due to October having a higher frequency.  After the first 9 months of the year, you have been initiated into the number 8 whether you realize this or not.  If you are feeling heavy in the heart and mind then, there is something more to be known.  Here, you may want to work on changing your Karma.

November….the 11th month is akin to the 11th hour, which brings a second opportunity to raise your consciousness on the universal scale.  In doing so, you may reap the rewards of Fortune in a heavy Karmic Year!  The number 1 universal month vibration brings forward positive changes that may not be seen immediately.

December….”At Last,” as Etta James would say, the final month of 2015, watch the hidden agendas by those in supposed positions of power. Watch your words in this month as they carry heavily on the frequency of thought.

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Written by Lovell Rowser

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