8 Keys For Easy Manifesting


This year, 2015, is a Universal 8 Year in Numerology.  One of the keywords or attributes of the number 8 is the power behind manifestations.  Many people are becoming more interested in manifesting, magick, and occult or esoteric studies as we get deeper into our shift in global consciousness.  Are you one who is looking to embrace your Divine power and manifesting spiritual and physical things in your life?  If so, this article will help.  The intention of this article is to provide simple tips to help you manifest whatever you will more easily.

It is no longer a secret that we attract and manifest what we are.  The movie, The Secret, exposed many people to the Law of Attraction.  Simply put, The Law of Attraction, is an automatic mechanism in the Universe that has one attract and become what they conceive in the Mind.  This thought that we can control our lives to some extent has awakened many to improve themselves through various empowerment practices.  Regardless of whatever you practice or study, there are certain things anyone can do to assist in changing their reality.

The following tips are in no particular order.  Try out whatever resonates with you and enjoy!

8 Keys For Easy Manifesting

  1. Think big, start small – All great empires were not built in one day.  A skyscraper is built layer by layer.  This same ideology applies to manifesting; the ability to add on to what was previous laid out.  This is how we build in our Minds and physical reality.
  2. Mindset – Do you have the mindset of lack or abundance?  Do you see the Universe as having plenty resources for all or do you see scarcity?  Manifesting has much to do with your mindset.  Our mindsets dictate how we see ourselves and the world around us.  The key mindset for manifesting is knowing that you are deserving of your desires, needs, and wants.
  3. Visualization – The clearer you can see something in your mind, the easier it can appear in the physical reality.  The first Universal Law is the Law of Mentalism.  The Law of Mentalism states the “ALL is Mind and Mind is ALL”.  The Universe is mental.  The first word in visualization is VISUALIZE.  Visuals are images that form out of imagination or nation of image.
  4. Actions / doing – Bruce Lee once said “knowing is not enough, we must apply; willing is not enough, we must do”.  No great invention would have been made if the inventor did not physically produce something.  This applies to manifesting anything.  You must put action with thoughts, or else, thoughts remain unseen.
  5. Eliminate negative words and phrases – We speak things into existence.  Words like can’t, lack, won’t, poor, & don’t have, are all examples of words many use on a regular basis.  Any word or phrase that is not empowering becomes another excuse for why we can’t have what we want in life.
  6. Ritual / practice – A ritual is a practice and a practice is a ritual.  Practice means to do something repeatedly.  There are many magickal practices and systems to help with manifesting.  Some examples are daily visualization, Enochian magic, altar work and candle magick.
  7. Gratitude – The Universe responds beautifully to gratitude.  The act of gratitude creates a funnel of energy that spins into existence more of what you are thankful for.  You can start out by being thankful for the opportunity to manifest what you desire, want, and need.  Or, just thankful that whatever you want even exists!
  8. Follow the signs – We are all guided on a daily basis.  This reality has a built-in mechanism that produces signs that point us in the direction for our greatest good.  The key is to recognize that you are receiving guidance.  This recognition makes it so that you can get more signs to follow.

It is your birthright to create the reality you want to live.  With enough dedication and focus, you can begin to manifest your heart’s desires.  It is my will that these tips serve your highest good.  One love to ALL!

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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6 Tips to Make Your Magick Work


As we pointed out in “What is Magick and How it Works”, magick is simply making something manifest or disappear.  Magick deals with altering reality from one state to another.  The intention of this article is to provide tips that will take your magick work to another level.

Besides my personal experiences, most of what I know about the magical arts is attributed to Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson (tybro.com).  Master Gibson has introduced many spiritual technologies to the world in the form of ritualistic practices and tools.  I recommend that you visit his site for some powerful tools that you are not going to be able to find anywhere on the internet.

By following the teachings of Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson, I recommend that you keep your intentions and focus on the Light.  Magick in the West has been given a negative spin because of Hollywood and social conditioning.  Anything in this world can be cloaked in darkness, greed, and egotistical power.  Magick is no exception.  The intention to keep things as pure as possible is something that must be consciously focused upon.

As always, choose and use whatever resonates with you from our list.  These tips will help you elevate your magick game to another level.  Enjoy!

6 Tips to Make Your Magick Work

  1. Consistency – Do you expect your teeth to be clean if you brush once a month?  Most magick takes practice.  The definition of ritual is practice!
  2. Higher emotions – Your emotional state is something that can be a catalyst for your magick.  Invoke higher emotions life love, joy, and happiness.
  3. Clear focus – Mental clarity is another important factor for making magick work.  The first Universal Law is the Law of Mentalism.  How are you manifesting what you want if your mind is all over the place?
  4. Belief/faith – High levels of belief and faith lead to KNOWING.  I recommend that whatever practice you undertake that you start with some sort of faith believing it will work.
  5. Have fun – Children do magic everyday.  Why?  Because they have fun!  You’d be surprised what you can do and manifest in your life when you come from a place of fun.
  6. Altar work – Having and working with an altar is one of the easiest and most powerful things anyone can do.  An altar gives you a bridge to the Spirit World.  (Check out our altar products, classes and services)

These tips, as simple as they may seem, can elevate your magick to another level.  Try it out and see for yourself.  Remember, everything works when YOU work it.

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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Metaphysics of Media Mind Control

metaphysics of media mind control

As of today, November 25, 2014, the media has once again tapped into the energy of the people with the not guilty verdict of the officer accused of killing a young “black” male in Ferguson, Missouri.  Around this time, we also are seeing a giant in the comedy genres name being dragged through the dirt in Bill Cosby.  The media is a very clever system and this article will give you some metaphysical insight into media mind control.

The word media is short for medium.  A medium is someone who CHANNELS information from a non-local entity or intelligence.  There is no conincidence that you watch television (tell-lie-vision) on a channel for information and entertainment or entrainment.  What do all these channels provide?  Emotional stimulation in the form of information.

You can watch a comedy show to laugh.  There’s a reason why dramas make you sad or heavy-hearted.  Wanna be scared or freightened then, watch a horror flick.  How about the news? News stations report “what’s going on” but it usually invokes fear and anxiety.  Once again, these channels cause an emotional reaction which in turn causes your mind or thoughts to view reality through an emotional lens.

Emotions are a big part of magic.  Magic in a higher form of light needs the emotion of happiness, joy, compassion, and love.  Magic in a lower form of dark requires lower emotions of fear, anger, anxiety, and hate.  The media are masters at dictating emotions and causing predictable reactions from viewers. The question is, what is this magic being used for?  Who’s benefiting from this magic?  Who’s in control, the magician or, the ones being hypnotized?

Television and media in itself is not a bad thing per se.  But, with many people already at a low emotional level, it’s common sense that most people will be attracted to seeing their vibration played out on television.  Simply put, like attracts like.  This is why many people when they become conscious or enlightened limit the amount of TV they watch unless it’s something that makes them feel good.

In conclusion, everyone has a choice to view television or not and definitely have the power of choice.  Decide what shows are appropriate for your personal growth.  If you find that television and media upsets you or angers you, you may want to just click the off button.

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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What is Magick and How it Works


Many people are attracted to magick when they “awaken” and discover their true spiritual power.  There are many books and systems that claim anyone can perform magick. However, very few people actually see results from their magickal practice.  This is because there is still a lack of education and real development of the mechanical aspects of manifesting in this reality.  The purpose of this article is to simply explain what magick is and how it works.

Magick is simply making something manifest or disappear.  An example of this can be found when we look at a stage magician.  He or she will pull a rabbit out of a hat from seemingly nowhere.  They will also make it disappear.  Or they will make it seem like they are cutting a person in half.  Magick in itself is a manipulation of matter by controlling the spiritual forces that surround us all.

Have you ever prepared a meal or baked cookies?  This is actually magick.  You begin with different food items and ingredients.  When you combine these items and cook them it results in a prepared meal.  Some of the items, by themselves, may not be edible but when combined under the right circumstances can become something that anyone can enjoy.  This is the same process for doing magickal rituals; combining various items for the purpose of manifesting or abolishment.

Another simple example is writing.  A blank piece of paper and a writing utensil are items to manifest a written piece of some sort.  The paper and writing tool, by themselves, are parts of an unmanifested message.  But, when you write on the paper it becomes something that can be conveyed to anyone.  The completed writing is a physical representation from what came out of your mind. The unseen thoughts become visual within the practice of writing.  This is a simple way to see how something unseen or invisible becoming seen or visible.

Magick on a higher level is not unlike the mundane examples previously mentioned.  The first time you cooked may have not been your best meal.  You also had to learn to write simple words and letters before you were able to create paragraphs and stories.  The catalyst for growth was know-how and practice. Doing magick is the same.  It requires knowledge and practice.

The art of making magick work for you is, information and practice.  There are many systems available but, no system is greater than your belief in what you’re doing.  The key is to find something that makes sense to you so you can go from a believer to a knower.  The next step is to practice, practice, practice.  The simplest definiton of ritual is practice.  Rituals require practice like your body requires bathing.  To shower once a month will not make you a physically clean person.  To do a magickal ritual once does not make you a high level manifestor.

To conclude, the secret to making magick work is a practice of visualization or ritual.  The more you believe in what you are doing the quicker your results will be.  Belief and knowing are a result of continuous practice and application.  This is not simply reading about magick and listening to others speak about it.  This is you doing something everyday or on a regular basis. Eventually, you will see results from your practice and ritual.

Check out our selection of Rituals

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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Introduction to the Universal Laws


Creating your own reality can be simple, if you know and apply the Universal Laws as provided by the Kybalion.  This book is considered the “Essence” of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth/Tehuti), and is known as the Hermetic philosophies and principles.  Once one begins to not just know but, apply these ‘Universal Laws’ in life, you will then have the ingredients needed to create your own realities.  The purpose of this article is to provide an introduction of the Universal Laws.

The Universe has a list of laws that govern ALL in this galaxy.  Applying these laws, enables you to better understand how the Universe really works and allows for this knowledge to be used as an advantage.  The ‘Universal Laws’, as outlined in the Kybalion, are as follows:

1.) Law of Mentalism
2.) Law of Correspondence
3.) Law of Vibration
4.) Law of Polarity
5.) Law of Rhythm
6.) Law of Gender
7.) Law of Cause and Effect

One of the biggest secrets of life is that YOU hold the power.  This concept is under wraps in our society and we are programmed to believe that power is outside of us or in the hands of others. You, and only you,  are the Savior, the Master, the Hero, a Creator, a GODDESS/GOD etc.  You hold the power to change your reality and your life.  Our culture and society conditions us, since birth, to feel disempowered.  This is shown by many who play the blame game in life.  Blaming another person, place, or thing for their overall conditions, emotions, thoughts and actions shows the many levels of disempowerment. Many blame the so called “powers that be” for the myriad of issues and problems in today’s world.  In reality, and according to the Universal Laws, the ‘powers that be’ are really us, the people, each individual, for we are the ones who actually created the reality that we currently live in.

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Some will spend their whole lifetime traveling the globe in search of the secrets of the universe, not realizing that the secrets of the Universe reside within each one of us.  Let’s use the Law of Correspondence to take a deeper, metaphysical look at this concept.  The first law is simply defined as ‘As Above, so below’ or ‘As within, so without.’  Even more simply, this means that our internal landscape mirrors our external experiences.  This law is known as the Law of Mentalism, so whatever one thinks one will become.  Our outer reality is nothing more than a reflection and depiction of our inner reality, or thoughts.  This is true on all levels from mental and spiritual to the physical.

This is an extremely powerful concept as many are looking for positive change in the world right now but, according to the law, before you can bring positive change in the world you must bring positive change within self.  Of course, this postivity begins with thought.  The law also provides that those who feel as if they are lacking something within themselves will project this ‘lack’ into their reality.  For example, many are looking for a so called Messiah, Savior, or Master outside of themselves through different religions and/or groups.  The law provides that individuals with this mindset should really work on and nurture their own conscious self-mastery in order to find what it is that you seek.  So, if you are searching for love, peace, happiness, etc., in the world, it means that you have not truly found these things within yourself.

One of the biggest illusions in the world is that we are separate from one another and nature. But, in acutality, we are more connected on all aspects and levels than can be imagined.  A great place for one to start on the journey of self mastery is to study the Chakras.  An overstanding of the Chakras can bring about the knowledge needed to know and begin your mastery of self. Awareness of the Chakras and the Universal Laws is the starting point on your sojourn to becoming the Master of your Universe!

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Written by Juice Myers

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Is the Occult Evil?


The word occult for most people can be a scary and demonic word. Many feel that any association with the occult is considered devilish or ungodly.  But does this make sense from a pure definition standpoint? Is the word occult evil?  Simply put, no.

I always recommend to look up the etymology of any word that you may not be familiar with.  Etymonline.com is a free online resource to find out the etymology of any word.  Let’s take a look at the etymology of the word occult.

1530s, “secret, not divulged,” from Middle French occulte and directly from Latin occultus “hidden, concealed, secret,” past participle of occulere “cover over, conceal,” from ob”over” (see ob-) + a verb related to celare “to hide,” from PIE root *kel- “to hide” (see cell). Meaning “not apprehended by the mind, beyond the range of understanding” is from 1540s. The association with the supernatural sciences (magic, alchemy, astrology, etc.) dates from 1630s. Source

To summarize and simplify, the word occult just means that which is hidden or secret.  This in its pure form is neither positive and good nor negative and evil. It all depends on who or what is being hidden or not visible to the masses.

We can say a lot of things in our world are occult;  hidden or even supernatural. God, gravity, death, energy, memories, breath, atomic molecules, angels, ghosts, and electromagnetism are all either unseen or seem to defy common human rationale of how they exist.

Metaphysicians, occultists, and new agers all are defining and putting a face to what many perceive as unseen or mysterious.  Ancient civilizations across the globe have left paintings, texts, hieroglyphics, sculptures, statues, and the like explaining the true nature of reality.  Most people today are only familiar with the Bible.  Even the Bible itself can be considered an occult book.

Occult, metaphysics, and spirituality are all essentially the same thing!  Occult means hidden. Metaphysics is that which is beyond the physical.  Spirituality is the opposite of physicality or that which you can see with the naked eye.  Again, all these words deal with the supernatural and unseen aspects of reality.

As with most things in our world we can use something for the betterment or detriment for ones self or humanity.  This does not mean the practice or idea itself is evil, per se, it just means that the person using it has wicked intentions. This is the same with anything.  You can use a knife to slice veggies or people, a car to drive someone somewhere or run them over, a mask to hide your skin from cold weather or cover your identity to rob someone.  It all depends on intent.

To conclude, the word occult is not evil.  We say that God created all things and S/He is good.  If this is true, all beings have a spark of the Creator and are not bad at the core but have the choice to shine its light or darkness.  The choice is always ours because we have freewill by birthright.


Written by S. Ali Myers

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The Cross & Crucifixion of Jesus Symbolic Meaning


Every geometric shape has an occult or metaphysical meaning.  We say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  If this is so then a symbol is worth a thousand pictures….or more!

The cross which is commonly associated with Christianity is a symbol that has its roots way before Christianity was established.  There are also many variations of the cross.  This article will focus on the occult symbolic meaning of the cross that we mainly associate with Christianity.

Some variations of the cross are: Latin cross, St. Andrew’s cross, St. Peter’s cross, the ankh, chi-ro cross, Coptic cross, Celtic cross, Greek cross, Maltese cross, Budded cross, Russian orthodox cross, Julian cross, The Papal cross, The Cross of Lorraine, Camargue cross, Anchor cross, Brighid’s cross, and Baptismal cross.

When we look at the standard Christian cross, we see that it has four main parts.  Top, bottom, left, right extensions that cross in a center point.  This cross forms four quadrants.  Essentially the cross is four lines that make four angles (or two lines that form four angles).

The number four is an obvious numerology connection with the cross.  The number four symbolizes earth, stability, foundation, squares, and conflicts (as in squares in astrology).  The number four is all about structure and order.

What gives us structure and order on earth is the poetic dance that the four main elements do to make order out of chaos.  The four main elements are earth, water, fire, and air.  The four extensions on the cross are faced in a particular direction.  North, south, west, and east.

Each element is associated with a corresponding direction.  North is earth, south is fire, west is water, and east is air.  Direction and elements play a big role in human reality and the number four illustrates this point beautifully.

The cross further symbolizes foundation and earthly existence with an angle of completion by having four 90 degree angles.  From the center point where the limbs intersect the cross it forms four 90 degree angles.  Visually the cross resembles an addition sign in mathematics.

Four 90 degree angles equals 360 degrees, simply take 90 and multiply it by 4 which is the number of angles.  This gives you 360.  360 is the complete radius of a circle and symbolizes a cycle, rotation, complete orbit, and 360 degrees of knowledge. This 360 degrees also applies to the square.

360 is a very powerful number.  6 is double the value of 3 (3×2).  36 is divisible by 3 and 6 (36/3=12 and 36/6=6) and the highest single digit number 9 goes into 36 exactly 4 times.

In the number 360, we have a 3, 6, and 0.  These numbers add up to a 9 (3+6+0).  The number 3 in numerology represents completion, creativity, and expression.  6 is a vibration of balance, service, and beauty.  0 represents the void, chaos, and darkness.  9 is the number of completion, humanitarianism, and creativity.

The cross overall symbolizes mastery over the earthly realm.  Its apparent tie to the physical realm by way of the number 4’s influence, gets transcended by the powerful vibrations of the 360 in its angles.

The story of Jesus being crucified on the cross depicts him with a total of 3 nails nailed in his two hands and feet.  His speculative age was 33 at the time of the crucifixion.  33 is a Master Number in numerology.  Here we have the numbers 3 and 6 (3+3) popping up again.

The crucifixion on an occult symbolic level represents the character Jesus sacrificing his humanity by dying on a four-pointed shape (cross) with three nails.  Even here, we have another powerful number.  The number 7 (4+3). The number 7 represents spirituality, god, and the crown chakra.

After Jesus’ sacrifice of his humanity and earthly existence, he resurrected on the 3rd day! Coincidentally, (probably not) the number 3 pops up again.  The resurrection represents a rebirth or an awakening.  We would term this as enlightenment.  Enlightenment is the awakening to a high level of spiritual truths (light).

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. – John 14:12 KJV

Jesus says that we can do all that he did but greater.  His story is one of inspiration for us to strive towards.  We all have divinity within us that seeks to express itself.  We incarnate on earth and other planets in order to gain more light by going through darkness of ignorance and forgetfulness.

Regardless if we believe the story of Jesus Christ to be real or fictional, we can all gain insight of what to do on our path to enlightenment.  A wise person utilizes every resource available to expand consciousness.  Embrace all the examples our ancestors provide.  Our ancestors are us!


Written by S. Ali Myers

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Company Names, Logos & Deities: Occult Symbolism

Ma'at is the Egyptian Goddess of balance and justice.

Spirits, gods, goddesses and the like have played a major role in cultures for years.  Most people would assume that acknowledgement of deities is something that only our ancestors recognized and venerated.  This is far from the truth.

With the advent of monotheistic religions, the practice of worshiping gods was abolished. However, the traditions of worship of these gods and deities were still being practiced.  The practice just went underground.  There is evidence of deity reverence all throughout the globe. This knowledge is available for anyone to see especially those who have the means of travel.

Corporations and governments have long known that there is energy in associating products and services with particular gods and goddesses.  To the layman these names and symbols are not recognizable or maybe insignificant. The study of metaphysics and the occult gives one an eye for seeing things that most people are oblivious to.  You are reading this so you are more than likely one of the chosen few!

The purpose of this article is to present some companies who infuse deified energy into their brand’s name or logo.  This article is not intended to spark conspiracy theories of any sort.  My intention is to illustrate that there is power in working with divine forces and anyone with an altar and spiritual practice can connect to the god realm.

 Venus products – Venus

Venus is the Roman Goddess of Love


Apollo Theater(s) – Apollo

Apollo is the Greek God of Music


Oldsmobile Aurora automobile – Aurora

Aurora is the Roman Goddess of Dawn


Trident Gum – Poseidon

Poseidon is a Greek Olympian who carried a Trident


Olympus Cameras – Twelve Olympians

The Olympians are the major deities in the Greek pantheon.


Mars candy – Mars

Mars is the Roman God of War


Saturn automobile – Saturn

Saturn is the Roman God of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation.


Mercury automobile – Mercury

Mercury is the Roman God of Communication.


Nike – Nike

Nike is a Greek Goddess associated with victory.


Harley-Davidson, Bentley, and Chrysler – Ma’at

Ma’at is the Egyptian Goddess of balance and justice.


Written by S. Ali Myers

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Divination 101: What is Divination & Types of Divination


What is Divination?

Divination simply means “to foresee; or predict”.  Throughout the annals of history there have been many shamans, prophets, seers, priests and the likes that have used some form of divination to connect the Spirit World to humanity for guidance and inspiration.

The word divination is from the word divinare which means to “be inspired by a god”.  The gods and higher beings have instructed humans on how to connect with the Divine for eons.  This is why every culture and civilization has at least one form of divination.

You can attribute signs, synchronicites, sequence of events, or omens to various incorporeal beings or you can say it’s a product of your subconscious mind or the collective unconscious; regardless of the source, divination is very practical for assisting one with decision-making and preparation.

Truly, all we need is a heightened level of intuition to make our soul-journ easier and more fulfilling.  Any system or tool is only an extension of that which we have within our true Self.  Our true Self is a divine being that is light years ahead of our human brain and intellect.  Divination will help you increase your own psychic awareness and intuition.

This article is intended to introduce metaphysics students to divination and outline some common forms of predictive sciences that anyone can use.  Though there are many forms of divination, we are concentrating on those that can be used for spiritual self development.

Types & Methods of Divination

Altars – Altars are a gateway or portal from our earthly dimension to the spirit and divine worlds.  You can have an ancestral altar or altars dedicated to specific deities, angels, ascended masters and other higher beings.  Altars allows us a chance to speak to Spirit directly.

Astrology – Many people know their sun sign (eg. Leo, Taurus, Capricorn etc.).  But, Astrology is more in depth than what the newspaper horoscope may portray.  There are also different types of astrology including Chinese, Indian, Western, Sri Lankan, and more.  Astrology helps us to know ourselves better and sense the energies of future events.

Automatic writing – Automatic writing is exactly what the name entails.  Everyone has experienced times when they were writing and it seems as if you are not consciously doing it.  Rather you contribute this to Spirit coming through or your subconscious mind at work, automatic writing is an effective way to channel higher information.

Dream interpretation – The dreamstate is a medium between our world and other dimensional realities.  We are constantly downloaded information while we are asleep.  Write down whatever impressions you receive upon waking up.  Practice dream recall and decoding the symbolic language of dreams.

Gematria – Gematria is a Jewish system assigning numeric values to words and phrases.  Names, places, and things can be broken down to a number.  This number will give you the energy of the corresponding word or phrase.  By knowing the energy of words and phrases, you can see how it truly is and/or how it will affect you.

Hypnotism – Hypnosis is a practice of quieting the conscious mind so the subconscious mind can speak.  There have been many reports of people seeing their past lives, future lives, and solutions to problems during a hypnotherapy session.  Hypnosis is very effective for shedding light on lifelong issues that usually have an influence from previous incarnations.

I Ching – I Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese form of divination.

Ifa – Ifa is a divination system found in Nigeria’s Yoruba tradition.

Literomancy – Literomancy is a form of fortune-telling based on written works of art.  One can decode any written material to conclude a message from the text.

Numerology – There are 2 main forms of numerology, the Chaldean and Pythagorean systems.  Numerology is the science of breaking down words to usually a single digit.  Each single digit number has an archetypal energy that can be associated with the word being used.  Also, Numerology reduces a compound digit number to a single digit.  The exception is repeating digit numbers like 11, 55, 99.

Oracle cards – Oracle cards are a way of gathering archetypal energies for any question one may have.  There are different types of oracle cards from angelic messages to life purpose.  All center around providing clarity for an array of situations.

Palmistry –  Palmistry, or hand reading, is a way to read the book of your soul.  There is much information in every area of the hand incuding the shape, lines and marks, finger length and so on.  An experienced palm reader can tell you about past, present, and even future events of your life. Additionally, this includes dermatoglyphics or fingerprint reading.

Scrying – Commonly associated with crystal balls, scrying can use a bowl of water, a lake, a picture or anything else that one can stare at.  The act of staring at an object, especially one with spiritual ties, allows one to have visions and insight into pretty much anything.  The visions one has while scrying have been attributed to gods, demons, spirits, subconscious mind and hosts of other entities depending upon culture and spiritual beliefs.

Tarot cards – The tarot is similar to oracle cards except the tarot has a set form of symbols.  The deck is divided into two parts: major and minor arcana.  The major arcana are a powerfully specific archetypal energy while the minor arcana are an emotionally specific sub-energy of the major. The tarot is more of a character-type archetype that has a character and situation for every part in the movie of your life.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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What is Consciousness?

Molecular Thoughts

“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”–The Kybalion

The above quote is taken from the Kybalion which is commonly attributed to Djehuty, also known as Thoth, who was the deity of writing, magic, and science in Kemet (Ancient Egypt).  According to the Kybalion, everything that we see and sense in the material realm is a manifestation from the ALL, which is Mind, and in turn, is conscious and alive.  Basically, everything has a spark from the Creator and is aware because of this connection.

Modern scientists are hard-pressed to simply explain consciousness because it is mystical and spiritual in its nature.  Modern science uses a physical oriented approach to explaining reality.  Science tends to derive conclusions from experiments that are bases on materials as its foundation. The unseen always has a hand to play in that which we term material and physical.  Therefore, any postulation and theory is incomplete if not viewed and studied holistically.

Our reality falls more into the mystical and paranormal realm more than what the average human would care to admit.  Many phenomena in our world defies human intellect.  These phenomena can include things like the precise movement of the planets in our solar system, the culmination of atoms communicating and bonding to form matter, the human body’s accurate maintaining of a 98.6 degree temperature, the way sound and light travels, or even the existence of life on this planet.  In general, all the above defy human rationale and logic when viewed strictly as just physical happenstances.

What causes the above mentioned examples to respond and behave with such unwavering and automatic fortitude?  The answer is simply, consciousness.  In order for something to exist or co-exist there has to be a level of awareness, or else, it would not thrive in a world of natural patterns and chains of cause and effect.

Consciousness = Awareness

Awareness = Knowing


Consciousness = Awareness & Knowing

Nature means natural.  Who or what told fire to go out if enough water is poured on it?  Who or what told fire to grow bigger when combined with explosive substances or materials?  Why does fire react predictably in any physical experiment?  The answer is because fire is “programmed” to react in a specific manner depending upon circumstance and/or surroundings.  In such a conditions or situation, fire is aware of its environment.  Some conscious intelligence had to give the element its nature.

We too are natural but, what separates man from nature is our free will of choice.  When we are aware of more than one concept we have the ability to decide between such choices.  Our choices can be seen as unnatural or unpredictable while nature’s elements are more predictable and repeatable. All in all, awareness is the underlying foundation for all that occurs.

We are aware on different levels depending upon the situation we are facing.  The more we are aware or know about a particular person, place, or thing, the more choices we have.  If you know there is a road closed on your way to work then you can stop and get directions at a local gas station, reroute on a GPS, buy a map, follow detour signs, or take another route.  Without the awareness of a closed road, you are then limited in your options to get from point A to B.  This example is akin to the navigation of our life.  The more we are aware or conscious the better equipped we are to live our lives.

Consciousness, simply meaning awareness, can exist on two levels; consciousness through knowledge (facts and information) or consciousness through experience.

In the so-called spiritual realm there is definitely more than meets the physical eye.  Phenomena such as ghosts or spirits, angels, deities, telepathy (communicating without words), ESP (extra sensory perception) and the myriad of other seemingly non-physical happenings are conscious to some and unconscious to others – based off of knowledge and/or experience.

When we, in the West, talk about spiritual phenomena most fall into one of three main classes; those who are aware by way of cultural beliefs or education, those who have direct experiences or, those who have no clue that anything exists beyond the physical illusion.

The more you are aware of the more likely you will experience that which you have knowledge about.  The more you are aware the easier you will be able to discern.  Why do you think a court judge wants to get all evidence, witness testimony, and experts established during proceedings?  This is so the judge can review ALL information possible to make the best, most fair decision.

The truth is, consciousness is probably one of the most prized possessions that we have as souls.  Many have suggested that we are souls having a human experience.  When you experience something you become much more aware of that which you are engaged in.  Every experience leads to some measure of reasoning and overstanding.  The key is to go into each experience open and consciously “taking it in”.

Many humans, by way of various factors, go through life in a comatose state; unaware and travelling blindly.  The easiest person to control and manipulate is one who has no awareness of self and environment.  The Art of War by Sun Tzu suggests that you should not do battle on unfamiliar terrain.  Therefore, you must know where you are in order to get to where you want to go.

When you lack awareness and are ignorant to what pertains to you, you allow those with more knowledge to control you.  Salespeople everywhere are privy to this fact.  Salespeople usually qualify their target customer and find a need or want.  If a customer is lacking knowledge of a particular product or service, the salesperson can intentionally overvalue a feature or add-on items or services.  Most aggressive salespeople prey upon uninformed buyers.

You can overcome or completely avoid any and all oppressive acts from others by becoming more conscious of yourself.  There are many layers of the human mind and soul.  The following list shows different parts of the human self that would behoove you to be mindful of.

Become more mindful of your:

Utilizing this text will automatically make you conscious of your personal self.  Just by raising your consciousness you allow what was below your awareness to come to the surface.  When this happens you have the ability to learn from your experience and furthermore, to use what you have learned as a means to help overcome those life lessons that seem to repeat over and over.  The choice is really yours.

This article was designed for those who read and apply the lessons to become conscious on many levels, beginning with self.  An important metaphysical philosophy is that everything outside of self is a reflection or mirror image of your inner being.  Simply put, nothing is outside of you. When you know yourself intimately, you can better overstand that which is seemingly outside of you.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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Super Bowl 47 Occult Numerology & Symbolism

Superbowl-47 occult numerology

Numerology, which is the vibrational meaning of numbers, was very much at play during Super Bowl 47 (11).  Specifically, the numbers 9 and 11.  9 metaphysically represents completion, endings, and/or destruction and 11 signifies transitions, gateways, and/or magic.

Most individuals who decode or point out the symbolism in events tend to approach it from a conspiratorial aspect but, this article is not one of those conspiracy theories.  My outlook on the abundant “coincidences” is that of the Spirit world showing us where our collective conscious is at and where it is going.

To me, the metaphysical symbolism that took place during the whole Super Bow 47, shows seemingly apparent opposites coming together (polarity).  This is an awakening akin to the kundalini where the yin (feminine/negative) and yang (masculine/positive) ascend up the chakras (energy centers) to meet in the middle at the third eye (pineal gland) in order to activate the 7th chakra (crown) to reach Christ Consciousness (enlightenment).

There were many examples of opposites mirroring each other in Super Bowl 47 such as the Harbaugh brothers who are like twins, to the half lit half dark power outage.  The other examples include Super Bowl records being set but only tied (Joe Flacco’s 11 td’s and Jacoby Jones’ 108-yard kick off return), and the power outage game time remaining of 13:22 or 4 (1+3) & 4 (2+2).  There is so much more that it would garner it’s own article!

The purpose of this writing is to enlighten those who have the eye to see the synchronistic repetition of the powerful numbers, 9 & 11, which is something I speak of often as I have noticed the magic in my own life around these digits.

Once again, this is not a conspiracy and remember that the unseen (Spirit, Creator, ancestors etc.) is always in control of the physical and Spirit speaks through signs, symbols, and synchronicities (meaningful coincidences).

9 & 11 Occult Numerology in Super Bowl 47

  • Super Bowl date 2/3/2013 (11) at 6:30 PM (9)
  • Super Bowl 47 (11) was 11 years after the first post-9/11 Super Bowl, SB 36 (9), which was coincidentally played in New Orleans, also.
  • Jack Harbaugh, the father of the “twins” Jim and John harbaugh was born 6/28/1939 which makes him an 11 life path in numerology (6+2+8+1+9+3+9=38/11).  He is also a Gemini (the twins).
  • Baltimore Ravens second championship in 11 years.  The Raven is a mystical bird of magic (11) representing good and bad omens (duality/polarity).
  • Jacoby Jones who was born 7/11/1984 (11 day and birth month and day adds up to 9) caught a 56-yard TD (11) and had a kickoff return TD of 108-yards (9) which tied the previous record.
  • Joe Flacco tied Joe Montana’s post-season record with 11 touchdown passes.
  • Only two scores of the first half by SF were FGs of 36-yards (9) and 27-yards (9).
  • Halftime score of SF 6 & Baltimore 21 equals 9 (2+1+6).
  • Ravens last score was a 38-yard FG (11) by Justin Tucker.
  • The infamous power outage occurred at 8:37 PM (EST) and 34-minutes later was restored.  34-minutes after 8:37 would make the time that the power was restored 9:11 PM (EST) or 11 (9+1+1).
  • The score prior to the unnecessary Safety was Baltimore 34, SF 29 (3+4+2+9=18/9).
  • The final score of the game was Baltimore 34, SF 31 (3+4+3+1=11).

Interesting Halftime Symbolism (Beyonce performance)

Beyonce Knowles represented the 49ers and Ravens because she was born on 9/4 which adds up to 13 (49ers does too….4+9) and she was born in the year of the Rooster(1981) in Chinese astrology.  The Rooster is a type of bird like the Raven.  Beyonce was the culmination of the two teams and she performed in the middle (halftime).  I will further illustrate the chakra and kundalini story that took place during the halftime show.

Side note: Beyonce’s name broken down is Bey once or once a Bey.  Bey denotes Moorish lineage and the Moors were adept at mysticism, metaphysics, and the like.

Beyonce was joined by Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland which is Destiny’s Child.  Michelle and Kelly are dark-skinned and they came back together with their polarity, the lighter skinned Beyonce.  Michelle performs mostly spiritual and religious music while Kelly began here solo career with sort-of “raunchy” songs.  Beyonce is the balance as she has sex-filled music and heart-centered or spirit-rising music.  This reunion was symbolic of the ida (yin/feminine), pingala (yang/masculine), and sushumna (middle the connects base with the crown chakras) channels of potential kundalini energy.

The chakra kundalini symbology was highlighted by the ever-present “twin faces” that were the set or stage of Beyonce’s performance.  The faces represented the yin and yang kundalini snakes meeting in the middle which denotes third eye activation.  This was confirmed with the outage where half the stadium was lit and the other half was dark (yin and yang both present in the superDOME….dome is synonymous with the head).

The “twin faces” on stage started out as a red color and progressed to a purplish, violet color in the end.  This is symbolic of kundalini energy rising and being crowned when Beyonce performed her hit song, “Halo”.  Halo is obvious at the crown and the Super Bowl was played at the Saints’ stadium.  The word saint comes from the word hallow or halo.  See the following pictures in sequence to how the faces changed colors ending in the crown being activated denoted by the purplish color and hair now being present.

first color of the “twin faces” (root chakra)

second color of the “twin faces” (solar plexus chakra – yellow)

next color of the “twin faces” (flickered between green and blue – heart & throat chakras)

last image of the “twin face”. activated crown chakra (violet & whitish).

In conclusion, there are many ways to breakdown and interpret symbolism and this is just my perspective.  I did a radio show prior to the Super Bowl where I explicitly spoke on the polarity that will take place along with the seemingly miraculous events that will unfold.  Here’s the link for that show on Mind Right Radio, Mind Right Spirit: Super Bowl 47 Symbolism & Decoding.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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