Chinese Zodiac Signs Correspondence in Western Astrology

Chinese Astrology was my first love in the cosmological sciences.  Later on I discovered Western Astrology and Jyotish.  As a student of all astrology systems I have linked the signs between the two major systems and provide this article as a quick reference guide for anyone to use.

There are similarities between the animal signs in Chinese Astrology and Western or Jyotish (Vedic/Hindu Astrology) zodiac signs.  This correspondence is not clear-cut but one can definitely ascertain the equivalent counterparts.

The following list of Chinese Zodiac signs and their western counterparts are my interpretations based on years of astrological research and practices.

See Chinese Astrology Animal Characteristics & Chart to find out what your Chinese Zodiac sign is.

1. Rat — Aries

Both are leaders and very head strong.  Both are yang/masculine.

2. Ox — Taurus

Both seek security and have a green thumb.  Both are yin/feminine.

3. Tiger — Aquarius

Both are versatile and can not be pinned down or labelled.  Both are yang/masculine.

4. Rabbit — Virgo

Both are very neat in appearance and health-conscious.  Both are yin/feminine.

5. Dragon — Leo

Both have over-the-top personalities and are born leaders.  Both are yang/masculine.

6. Snake — Pisces

Both are psychic sensitive and sensual.  Both are yin/feminine.

7. Horse — Sagittarius

Both are outspoken and multi-talented.  Both are yang/masculine.

8. Sheep — Cancer

Both are nurturing and home/family oriented.  Both are yin/feminine.

9. Monkey — Gemini

Both are very expressive, creative, and vocal.  Both are yang/masculine.

10. Rooster — Capricorn

Both are business and career oriented and good with finances.  Both are yin/feminine.

11. Dog — Libra

Both are all about fairness and balancing wrongdoings.  Both are yang/masculine.

12. Pig — Scorpio

Both are sensual and somewhat indulgent.  Both are yin/feminine.


Written by S. Ali Myers

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