Easy to Understand Chakras and Descriptions

This article will give you a good clear understanding of the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow or third eye, and crown chakras and what a chakra is.

Chakras: Your Energy Centers

Chakra is a name that comes from the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “turning”.  They can be considered the wheels of life.  Since we are energy, we have energy centers or hubs that control the flow of energy throughout our body.  Everything you do requires some form of energy.  Some activities require a higher output of energy than others.  This is the basic premise of chakras and how it best relates to you as an energy being – how one exerts their energy and what it affects.  This energy we possess is sometimes referred to as subtle energy.

According to the Hindu chakra system, we have seven major chakras or energy hubs in our physical body.  From the base of our spine to the the top of our head, these wheels of energy are present and in motion.  A disruption of energy flow from any chakra can potentially cause dis-ease and/or discomfort, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

You may be asking how can you disrupt the flow of chakra energy.  You can not allow each chakra to flow freely by not abiding by the lessons that each chakra holds.  Each one of these centers are the point in which our energy is derived from on this physical plane of existence – what we call the human experience on earth.  Why?  Because…Everything you do uses energy!

The chakras teach us about every level of our human experience.  From the mundane to the inspirational, and from the primitive to the godly.  The lessons of the chakras personifies every facet of our existence.  It can best describe how we as energy bodies exert our energy.

Each chakra is “connected” with an endocrine gland and various organs and body structures.  Everything in your physical body and its expressions (thinking, talking, loving etc.) require some form of energy.  Take the old saying “they died from a broken heart”.  Was their heart brutally dissected and slivered?  The meaning behind that saying is that the person died from some profound lost of love (disruption of energy flow) by someone that they themselves loved immensely.

There are many informative books that discuss the chakras in great detail.  I recommend reading one that resonates or “speaks to you”.  But, for the purpose of demonstrating how you are more than just a physical body, I will briefly illustrate some of the lessons encoded within each chakra.  Mastering the principles and teachings from the chakras’ lessons, enables your energy to flow freely which allows you to have greater power!  Refer to figure 2 for the physical location of each chakra energy point.

Note: There are more than just one energy systems known to the public besides the Hindus.  Some other energy systems established by various cultures and civilizations include: African, Kemetic (Ancient Egypt), Tibetan, Mayan, Cherokee, Incan, Tantric, and Upanishads.

Root Chakra Lessons

This is your base chakra.  The root chakra is the lowest energy center in the body.  Like your feet do with your physical body, the root chakra energy lesson is about being grounded.  The roots of a plant or tree is within the ground.  This energy is your connection to the earth.  You have a body so it’s important that you secure your foundation.

When you look at the root chakra symbol, you will notice four petals.  Four represents stability and structure.  Think of a square.  It is stable no matter how you turn it.  It stays the same and is completely balanced.  The lesson of the root chakra teaches that a foundation is vital for this physical reality.

When this energy is flowing freely you feel safe in your home and protected.  The prostate, one of the glands associated with the root chakra, means “protector” or “guardian”.  This energy holds the beliefs you were taught by your family.  Most of your early knowledge and learning is rooted in this chakra.  Superstitions and familial religious beliefs also resonate within this energy.

We all incarnate into this world with a family or people around us.  This is the foundation of our initial existence on this physical plane.  The structure that is there to give you something to “build” upon.  The base chakra is your lowest self and its energy is all about physical survival.  This energy is vital for your human experience because without a foundation, your body would crumble.

Sacral Chakra Lessons

The sacral chakra is about creative energy and the energy in forming relationships.  Our primary need for existence involves forming relationships and pro-creating.  This is a primitive need to further our specie.  We are social creatures and after our initial bonds with our family, we seek out other relationships.  Relationships can include friends, business partners, and just random associates.

This chakra gives rise to the sizzling words “sexual energy”.  If someone is oversexed, they may have an abundant of sacral energy flowing through them. This, in turn, may stimulate the  need for creation or “baby making”.  One of the most pleasurable experiences physically that we discover early on in life is the joy of sex.  It is not an accident that the sacral chakra is about your energy for desires and pleasure, including the attraction of money.

Sacral chakra energy is vital to you for forming your own identity, but still grounded by your root chakra or familial beliefs and values.  This is why most of your earliest non-family related relationships were somehow tied in with your family structure.  This could be friends from your church or school, kids around your neighborhood or friends of the family.  No matter how old you are, your relationships are closely related to your beliefs and usually always are “close to home”.

Solar Plexus Chakra Lessons

The sun is yellow and provides solar energy so the solar plexus chakra relates to your personal power.  Personal power can come in the form of high self-esteem, a sense of identity, self-respect and strength and will.  You are probably familiar with the words “willpower”.  Power is energy so willpower is the energy it takes to keep going.

Being that the solar plexus chakra is related to the stomach, it also deals with the processing or digestion of information.  This could give rise to “gut feelings”.  Gut feelings usually derive from your assessment of a situation and you just get a feeling in your gut be it good or bad.  How many times have you heard someone say, “I should have gone with my gut”?

Your emotional energy is in your solar plexus area.  Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt?  What about having “knots in your stomach” because you were so nervous or anxious?  The emotion of fear has been known to make people sick to their stomach.  Fear, probably the worst emotion you can have, is a lower chakra energy.

Heart Chakra Lessons

Love and hate our some of the strongest energies you can put out and receive. Both our two ends of the same frequency.  One can make you fill all warm and fuzzy inside while the other can drive you away from that feeling of bliss.

The heart chakra is flowing with energy when you love yourself, nature and others without conditions and restrictions.  The opposite of this love for self and others is resentment, jealousy, betrayal, and hatred.  No one can cause you to love or hate them, this feeling is self-generated.  Love is natural but society, family, media and such teach us to hate or dislike.  Usually when someone has hate for self or others, it’s a result of external forces planting seeds in their heads.

Unconditional love and forgiveness is vital for your heart energy.  Jealousy, rage and anger are detrimental to this great energy.  A lot can be made out of ones actions from a result of self-love and love for his or her fellow energy beings.  The heart chakra lies in the center of the seven energy points and serves as the “gateway” to our higher self.

Throat Chakra Lessons

Self-expression and communication are the energies that govern the throat chakra.  Freedom to express yourself without regret is important for this energy center.  The phrase “lump in the throat” best exemplifies this energy.  This chakra is the reason why your voice is not in alignment with your thoughts if you are not speaking from your heart and being honest with yourself and others.

When you speak, you are using words to express what is on the inside.  This is a critical aspect of communication in an auditory society.  You can express yourself in many ways so this is not just limited to voice.  You can “let your voice be heard” by casting a vote, signing a petition, picketing, marching or other forms of expressing yourself.

Have you ever heard the expression “words cut deep”?  There is a power of choice in words.  The throat chakra deals with this power of choice.  You choose on many levels so your throat chakra energy is involved in many areas of your life where chooses are being made.

The throat chakra also deals with you following your dreams.  You living out your purpose and expressing who you are is related to this energy.  This allows you to create on a higher level as oppose to the more “grounded” creation of the sacral chakra.  Creation from the throat chakra energy is you creating on a scale that expresses what you feel on the inside.

Brow or Third Eye Chakra Lessons

The lessons of the sixth chakra can be difficult to master but once you do, you will never view the world the same again.  This energy deals with deciphering between all the taught traditions, beliefs, customs and coming up with your own truth.  Society and the so-called “powers that be” do not teach you how to open up this chakra.  In fact, the “matrix” does everything in can to keep you trapped in an illusion.

The reason this chakra is one of the more challenging lessons is because sometimes it’s easier to live in an illusion than to face the truth and make your moves accordingly.  For example, have you ever known someone who was with a mate that was cheating on them?  Everyone knew about it but the one who was being cheated on. He or she may have had a “gut feeling” that their partner is not being faithful but rather live in an illusion that all is fine as oppose to facing reality and possibly separating from that person.

In addition to the main lesson of discerning between truth and illusion, the brow chakra deals with your intellect, capacity to learn, objective reasoning, perceptiveness, wisdom and mind power.  Mind power is another example of the energy-meaning words associated with these chakras.

Objective reasoning is when you can access something without bias.  Think of how a judge should be in their court of law.  When listening to the plantiff and defendant, a judge should not let prejudices, preconceived notions and hearsay dictate to their judgment.  Flow of this brow chakra energy involves finding the ultimate truth after due diligence.  This requires you to “take yourself out” of the picture and assess it from a god-like view.

Crown Chakra Lessons

This is your highest self.  Your true nature is an energetic spiritual being with a soul that is eternal.  The crown chakra is your connection to the Source of all that is whether you call this omnipresent energy The All of Everything, God, Krishna, The Universe, Nature or whatever limiting word you want to use to describe something indescribable.

The crown chakra is your point of intuition.  This is more than a “gut feeling” because this is not based off your observations and assessments.  This intuition comes from a divine source or a source that is not related to the physical.  Our true nature is spirit.  Spirit is the personification and energy of the soul.  The soul is what survives for eternity and the spirit is its expression.

We are all connected by the energy of the crown chakra.  Our energies are connected with each other, nature, and the Source of All.  The longer you are with someone and the stronger energetic connection you have, the more you will know what they are thinking, about to do and feel.  Think about the connection a mother has with her young.  There’s no mistaken that a mother has what is known as “mother’s intuition”.  We all came from a mother, resided in her solar plexus area, and was birthed through her sacred canal or sacral chakra area (unless you were a Cesarian birth).  This energy is a bond that is so strong and it can not be broken by being apart physically.

Your psychic awareness lies in the crown chakra.  Psychic abilities are not physical so it is of spiritual nature.  Psychic includes “seeing into the future” and predicting events in such but psychic awareness means just knowing something that is beyond the your five senses.  With the emergence of scientific information and access to occult and esoteric knowledge by way of the internet and books, we now have a better understanding of our spiritual nature.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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