How to use Numbers in Numerology

Are you seeing repeating numbers or the same number all the time?  Do you have an attraction to numbers? Does it feel like numbers have something to tell you?  Do you like numerology?  This article will assist you in working with numbers for confirmations and guidance.

So, what is numerology? Numerology is a science of recognizing the energy and vibration of any number or word. Everything can be reduced to a single digit. The number will set a certain frequency or vibration of that particular person, place, or thing.

The following tips will give you enough insight to begin or continue your relationship with numbers.  The most important tip I can offer you is to trust your intuition or Spirit Mind.  There is a difference between overanalyzing or receiving the message without filter.  Focus on receiving and being open for guidance.

Number Meanings (keywords)

0 – void, nothing, source, all possibilities, chaos

1 – masculine, leader, loner, beginnings, start, Sun, unity, agression, man, original

2 – feminine, receptive, Moon, intuition, sensitive, complimentary, woman, business

3 – masculine, communication, child, Jupiter, expansion, motivation, creativity

4 – feminine, structure, information, teaching, earth, Rahu, Uranus, form, business

5 – masculine, freedom, action, Mercury, air, independence, adventure, intelligence

6 – feminine, healing, service, Venus, nurturing, consulting, helping

7 – masculine, meditation, mind, questions & answers, Ketu, Neptune, psychic, solitude

8 – feminine, money, power, karma, Saturn, big business, strength

9 – masculine, humanitarian, charity, advice, Mars, physical, endings, completion

Master Numbers

11 – magic, illumination, message, portal

22 – master builder, big business, manifest

33 – master teacher, healer, motivator

Tips on How to use Numbers

  • Study the metaphysical or underlying meanings of your favorite number(s).  Do you have a favorite number in sports or lucky numbers?  See what it means to you.  There is a reason why you were/are attracted to the number.  Study it and see how it can help you now.
  • What are you thinking or doing when you see a number that catches your attention?  Did a repeating number like 11:11 stick out to you on the clock, license plate, address, phone number etc.?  See a favorite number in a “coincidental” place?  Monitor what you are thinking or doing when a number catches your attention.  Study the meaning and see yourself in the story.
  • Study your numerology blueprint/chart.  Numerology is probably best used to find out your gifts, lessons, and life’s purpose.  Everyone that is born has a name and birthday.  This information can be used to find out more about yourself.  If you are really interested in knowing more about Numerology buy some books, attend seminars or workshops, or schedule a reading with a professional.  Check out: Your Full Numerology Chart
  • Practice number magick!  When you have general knowledge of what a number means you can use it in magick or rituals.  For instance, if you are doing candle magick for love and romance you may want to form the ritual around the number 2 (partnership/significant other).  Check out our Magick classes
  • Know people before you “know” them.  In a quick and simple way you can energetically assess people with only their birthdate.  The birthdate provides 3 numbers within it.  The life path (full birthdate added up and reduced to a single digit or master number), gift number (day they were born on…1-31 added and reduced to single digit or master number), and attitude number (month + day … mm/dd … added and reduced to single digit or master number).

Written by S. Ali Myers

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