Introduction to the Universal Laws

Creating your own reality can be simple, if you know and apply the Universal Laws as provided by the Kybalion.  This book is considered the “Essence” of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth/Tehuti), and is known as the Hermetic philosophies and principles.  Once one begins to not just know but, apply these ‘Universal Laws’ in life, you will then have the ingredients needed to create your own realities.  The purpose of this article is to provide an introduction of the Universal Laws.

The Universe has a list of laws that govern ALL in this galaxy.  Applying these laws, enables you to better understand how the Universe really works and allows for this knowledge to be used as an advantage.  The ‘Universal Laws’, as outlined in the Kybalion, are as follows:

1.) Law of Mentalism
2.) Law of Correspondence
3.) Law of Vibration
4.) Law of Polarity
5.) Law of Rhythm
6.) Law of Gender
7.) Law of Cause and Effect

One of the biggest secrets of life is that YOU hold the power.  This concept is under wraps in our society and we are programmed to believe that power is outside of us or in the hands of others. You, and only you,  are the Savior, the Master, the Hero, a Creator, a GODDESS/GOD etc.  You hold the power to change your reality and your life.  Our culture and society conditions us, since birth, to feel disempowered.  This is shown by many who play the blame game in life.  Blaming another person, place, or thing for their overall conditions, emotions, thoughts and actions shows the many levels of disempowerment. Many blame the so called “powers that be” for the myriad of issues and problems in today’s world.  In reality, and according to the Universal Laws, the ‘powers that be’ are really us, the people, each individual, for we are the ones who actually created the reality that we currently live in.

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Some will spend their whole lifetime traveling the globe in search of the secrets of the universe, not realizing that the secrets of the Universe reside within each one of us.  Let’s use the Law of Correspondence to take a deeper, metaphysical look at this concept.  The first law is simply defined as ‘As Above, so below’ or ‘As within, so without.’  Even more simply, this means that our internal landscape mirrors our external experiences.  This law is known as the Law of Mentalism, so whatever one thinks one will become.  Our outer reality is nothing more than a reflection and depiction of our inner reality, or thoughts.  This is true on all levels from mental and spiritual to the physical.

This is an extremely powerful concept as many are looking for positive change in the world right now but, according to the law, before you can bring positive change in the world you must bring positive change within self.  Of course, this postivity begins with thought.  The law also provides that those who feel as if they are lacking something within themselves will project this ‘lack’ into their reality.  For example, many are looking for a so called Messiah, Savior, or Master outside of themselves through different religions and/or groups.  The law provides that individuals with this mindset should really work on and nurture their own conscious self-mastery in order to find what it is that you seek.  So, if you are searching for love, peace, happiness, etc., in the world, it means that you have not truly found these things within yourself.

One of the biggest illusions in the world is that we are separate from one another and nature. But, in acutality, we are more connected on all aspects and levels than can be imagined.  A great place for one to start on the journey of self mastery is to study the Chakras.  An overstanding of the Chakras can bring about the knowledge needed to know and begin your mastery of self. Awareness of the Chakras and the Universal Laws is the starting point on your sojourn to becoming the Master of your Universe!

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Written by Juice Myers

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