Metaphysics of Media Mind Control

As of today, November 25, 2014, the media has once again tapped into the energy of the people with the not guilty verdict of the officer accused of killing a young “black” male in Ferguson, Missouri.  Around this time, we also are seeing a giant in the comedy genres name being dragged through the dirt in Bill Cosby.  The media is a very clever system and this article will give you some metaphysical insight into media mind control.

The word media is short for medium.  A medium is someone who CHANNELS information from a non-local entity or intelligence.  There is no conincidence that you watch television (tell-lie-vision) on a channel for information and entertainment or entrainment.  What do all these channels provide?  Emotional stimulation in the form of information.

You can watch a comedy show to laugh.  There’s a reason why dramas make you sad or heavy-hearted.  Wanna be scared or freightened then, watch a horror flick.  How about the news? News stations report “what’s going on” but it usually invokes fear and anxiety.  Once again, these channels cause an emotional reaction which in turn causes your mind or thoughts to view reality through an emotional lens.

Emotions are a big part of magic.  Magic in a higher form of light needs the emotion of happiness, joy, compassion, and love.  Magic in a lower form of dark requires lower emotions of fear, anger, anxiety, and hate.  The media are masters at dictating emotions and causing predictable reactions from viewers. The question is, what is this magic being used for?  Who’s benefiting from this magic?  Who’s in control, the magician or, the ones being hypnotized?

Television and media in itself is not a bad thing per se.  But, with many people already at a low emotional level, it’s common sense that most people will be attracted to seeing their vibration played out on television.  Simply put, like attracts like.  This is why many people when they become conscious or enlightened limit the amount of TV they watch unless it’s something that makes them feel good.

In conclusion, everyone has a choice to view television or not and definitely have the power of choice.  Decide what shows are appropriate for your personal growth.  If you find that television and media upsets you or angers you, you may want to just click the off button.

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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