Ritual Testimonials

Easy Prosperity Ritual

“Hi Ali, today makes two weeks since I started with the ritual, it has given a new dimension to my meditation and both my business have seen growth on a daily basis, many thanks and much love from Spain.” – Phill Nuttall

“Several things have happened.The first day I have reached double daily bonus which was an additional $50 in my pocket. The second day I reached regular bonus which was $25 extra. The third day I have received a random check for ~ $45 (gas allowance) which is unusual. The fourth day I have received 5 $85 tickets for the Panthers hockey game. My production over the next week was up over 50% comparing with the previous year and my commission check was over $2800 for that week. I had the opportunity to help out people……………. Great job for putting this together ! Thank you again!” – Bogdan Marginean 

“I can say that I have seen some results. Several months ago I requested a modification on my mortgage. The process had become stagnant and I had moved on.  Last week I received a FEDEX package with the finalized documents and the modification was for $1000.00 MORE a month than I requested!! The beautiful thing is that I am making twice as much now as I was when I made the request.  I found $20.00 in a pair of jeans I picked up from the cleaners.  Lastly, my babysitter gave me back half of my weekly fee last week because she said she felt guided to bless me since I help so many people.  I am incredibly grateful.” – Shermona

“Since starting the ritual I have received a job that pays every week. My parents have been much more helpful around money. Also my visualization skills have improved. I have a very clear image of my future apartment and my life in Florida. Appreciate the chance to have participated!” – Apollo Michaels

“I completed the two week ritual last week. It was a wonderful experience. I came up with several business ideas. I also noticed that several of my close connections had similar ideas of how we can collaborate on the same business venture although I did not discuss it with them nor did they know I was doing a ritual. ………….. I know that the direction I have given my currency is currently being created. I feel a lot of high vibration as it relates to currency. ……….. Thanks again for allowing me to participate.” – Anonymous

“I am participating in the meditation visualization (Easy Prosperity Ritual) and since I started I’ve been getting anywhere from 5 to 7 hours overtime at my job. Before the meditation I was barely getting 30 hours a week. Thank you.” – Dawn McNeal