Numerology Meanings: Number 5 (Five)

The purpose of the Numerology Meanings series is to provide an in-depth interpretation of numbers using metaphysics and occult sciences including numerology, astrology, tarot, chakras and more.

The Numerology Meanings series will focus on the holistic (complete) and occult (hidden) vibration of the numbers not just life path numbers or surface level descriptions.  These number definitions can apply to people, places, and things.

Numerology Meanings: Number 5 (Five)

The number 5 represents freedom and adventure to the fullest!  Five is a very dynamic number because it is complex in nature and undergoes much action. Action and five go hand-in-hand!

Look at how the number 5 is drawn or written, it has different directions and angles. Unlike the number 1 which is basically one line, the number 5 seems to be constructed with different lines and directions.  With the shape of the 5 it automatically makes it very active and able to go in many different areas.

Action is the number five’s middle name.  Because it sits directly in the middle of the 9 numbers (1-9), five can equally go in any direction.  Five is where yin (feminine/negative) and yang (masculine/positive) meet in the center.  Five seems to be able to channel both the masculine and feminine principles adding extreme adaptability.

5 has a very charismatic energy about it as well.  Five is infused with know-how because it’s the number of the complete primordial elements of fire, water, earth, air, and ether.  Five, at the highest possibility and manifestation, knows what element to infuse in any situation or undertaking.

The number five is a take charge vibration.  It leads the path like the number one but on another level. Since the 5 has the experience of the first four numbers (1-4), it leads with a more dynamic personality and approach.

With all of five’s charisma and adventure comes seemingly unavoidable drama.  Sometimes an energy can be a little too much.  Excess of energy, if not properly used, can cause damage, confusion, and chaos.  With the high vibration of the number 5, this energy is dramatic and chaotic as it is dynamic and adventurous.


adventure, freedom, leadership, dynamic, energetic, travel, masculinity, action, charisma, drama, conflict, mental, entrepreneurship, impatient, hasty


In Numerology, the number 5 is associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury governs the astrological signs Gemini and Virgo.

Gemini is an air sign that deals with communication, versatility, and expression.  Virgo is an earth sign and deals with paying attention to details and intelligence.


Numerology associates each letter with a number so each number represents letters. The letters that correspond with the number 5, in the Pythagorean system, are e, n, and w.

In the Chaldean system, the number 5 is associated with e, h, n, and x.  Chaldean numerology predates the western form and does not assign any letters to the number 9 as they felt that 9 was sacred.


The Tarot is a type of divination that uses archetypal energy to give insight into any area of life.  The deck is divided into two sections, the Minor and Major Arcanas.  The Tarot’s Major Arcana cards are all assigned a number.

The Hierophant card is #5 in the Tarot. This card represents knowledge, power, and experience.  The Hierophant comes across as someone who has had much experience in life and is able to judge or assist others from an unemotional standpoint.

The Hierophant is also known as the Pope card. A Pope should be balanced as much as possible.  The five is right in the middle of the number system and can be very balanced by nature.


chakra is an energy hub that dispenses energy to different parts of your body. Chakras also hold memories that correspond to the emotional vibration it represents.

The throat chakra (vishuddha) is the fourth energy center in the chakra system.  The emotions and energies that the throat chakra represents are self-expression, choices, and communication.

Each chakra has a 7 year cycle when we are mostly concentrating on the lessons that each chakra teaches.  The cycle for the throat chakra is from 21 to 27 years old.  This is the time when we begin expressing ourselves freely through career and really starting to uncover our life’s purpose.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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