Numerology Meanings: Number 7 (Seven)

The purpose of the Numerology Meanings series is to provide an in-depth interpretation of numbers using metaphysics and occult sciences including numerology, astrology, tarot, chakras and more.

The Numerology Meanings series will focus on the holistic (complete) and occult (hidden) vibration of the numbers not just life path numbers or surface level descriptions.  These number definitions can apply to people, places, and things.

Numerology Meanings: Number 7 (Seven)

The number 7 is symbolic for meditation, god/higher self, thinking, and spirituality.  Seven is a very symbolic number of spiritual or non-physical realities.  It seeks to go beyond this earthly illusion.

The higher vibration of the number 7 makes it one of the most psychic and intuitive single digit numbers. This is possible because seven “feels” that which can’t be explained with the five physical senses (touch, taste, smell, feel, hear).  Seven doesn’t rely on the illusion of the material world because it overstands that everything derives from Spirit or energy.

In order to perceive beyond 3-D, seven tends to be more comfortable alone. When alone, 7 has the ability to go deep within the mind.  Seven is associated with meditation because meditation means to ponder or think.  This is an innate ability of 7; to think without any external stimuli.

In the book of Revelations in the Bible there are many accounts of the number 7. Seven churches, stars, horns, seals, angels, trumpets, and spirits just to name a few.  Revelation means to reveal something and this is the quality of the number 7.  It wants to have things revealed to it. It is most comfortable when it can question and get answers.

The 7, similar to the 4, loves to ask questions.  Seven knows that the right questions yield an answer.  When seven gets an answer it likes to meditate on it, play with it, and fantasize and visualize how it plays a role in the greater scheme of reality.  Questions and answers, to the Seven, are a pandora’s box of possibilities that go beyond human logic.

Since 7 questions everything, it can be somewhat judgemental and critical of people, places, and things.  This can cause a cloudy perception if too much logic is involved with 7’s anlaysis.


intuitive, psychic, meditation, mental, masculine, critical, spiritual, higher self, god, the mind, days of the week, chakras, mystical, investigate, thinking, detached


In Numerology, the number 7 is associated with Ketu (South node of the Moon). The western association is with Neptune or the Moon.

Ketu is a headless “dragon” it seeks to detach from that which is physical on ALL levels.  Ketu is an energy of liberation.


Numerology associates each letter with a number so each number represents letters. The letters that correspond with the number 7, in the Pythagorean system, are g, p, and y.

In the Chaldean system, the number 7 is associated with o and z.  Chaldean numerology predates the western form and does not assign any letters to the number 9 as they felt that 9 was sacred.


The Tarot is a type of divination that uses archetypal energy to give insight into any area of life.  The deck is divided into two sections, the Minor and Major Arcanas.  The Tarot’s Major Arcana cards are all assigned a number.

The Chariot card is #7 in the Tarot. This card represents victory, the self, and willpower.  The occult or hidden symbolism of the Chariot is the balance between the yin and yang or masculine and feminine represented by the black and white sphinxes.


chakra is an energy hub that dispenses energy to different parts of your body. Chakras also hold memories that correspond to the emotional vibration it represents.

The crown chakra (sahasrara) is the seventh energy center in the chakra system. The emotions and energies that the crown chakra represent are higher consciousness, connection to Spirit, and detachment from the physical illusion.

Each chakra has a 7 year cycle when we are mostly concentrating on the lessons that each chakra teaches. The cycle for the crown chakra is from 35 to 42 years old. This is the time when we reflect on the previous years and seek a greater connection to Source.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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