Occult Symbolism of Derrick Rose Injury

Derrick Rose is the starting point guard for the Chicago Bulls.  Derrick is the youngest player to win the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award.  Derrick had a season-ending ACL injury while playing the Philadelphia 76ers on April 28, 2012.

I received an interesting transmission or download while watching Sportscenter when one of the too-many-played clips of Derrick Rose’s injury came on.  The download began when I noticed the time left in the game when the injury happened was 1:10 (and the reporter verbally said it).  What sticks out?  The number 11.  This is when the Spirit Mind “floodgates” opened!

There are forces that manipulate this physical reality.  We (humans) receive signs, symbols, and messages to give us a glimpse of what’s to come.  Major or important events are opportune times when the whole world is watching for these unseen forces to “get a message across”, so to speak.  I believe this is one of those “messages”.

In a nutshell, the Derrick Rose injury signifies a critical point we have come to as humanity.  I believe the unseen forces are warning and preparing us for what is to come.  And what is to come?  The end of physical nature as we know it.  The Derrick Rose injury is a sign that the physical and material realm is breaking down and we are entering a new reality.

Let’s look at some of the interesting symbolism around the Derrick Rose injury.

Injured with 1:10 left in the 4th period

  • Reading literally, 11 & 0, 11 represents transition or the thinning veil between the seen and unseen, or the physical and spiritual forces.  0 (zero) represents the void or God force.
  • It was in the 4th period.  The number 4 is symbolic with structure and order (square).  With the Rose injury happening in the 4th or last period, the 4 can also be looked at as the end or completion.
  • 4 also represents the material plane.  The square (4 sides & 4 angles) is the best shape to depict duality (material realm).  The 4 physical elements are earth, air, fire, and water.
  • This all can be viewed as the transitioning to a spiritual age or period and leaving the physical realm of reality.

Score was 99-87 with the Bulls winning when the injury occurred

  • The Bulls’ score 99 in numerology breaks down to 9 (9+9=18 then 1+8=9)
  • 9 denotes ending or completion.

Derrick Rose wears the number 1

  • The root chakra is our 1st physical chakra.  This is why it’s called the root chakra.

The color RED

  • Derrick ROSE.  Roses are commonly red.
  • Chicago Bulls’ main color is red.
  • The Bulls’ opponent that evening was the Philadelphia 76ers which also has red in their team colors.  In fact, they were wearing red jerseys.
  • Red is the color for the root chakra.  This is the chakra for stability, foundation, and physicality.
  • Yet another sign showing the ending of physicality and structure.

Derrick’s injury was with his left ACL

  • ACL in numerology is 7.  7 denotes meditation, god, and going within.  His injury is symbolic for breaking down physically and going within spiritually.
  • It was his left ACL.  The right side of the brain controls the left side.  This is your subconscious, receptive, feminine side.  Another example of internalizing (god, higher self, spirit mind) as opposed to the exterior (man, intellect, fleshy desires).

Derrick is a dragon in Chinese Astrology

  • The dragon in the book of Revelation, according to myself and Edgar Cayce, represents man’s beastly nature.  This is opposite of our divine nature (one with Creator).
  • Man’s beastly ways are breaking down (injury symbolism).

The 4’s in Derrick’s born day

  • Derrick was born on October 4, 1988.
  • Born on 4 day
  • Life path 4 (10/4/1988…1+0+4+1+9+8+8=31 then 3+1=4)
  • 88 divided by 4 is 22 then 2+2=4

Chicago’s mascot the bull symbolism

  • Bulls represents stability, strength, and physical power (root chakra).
  • Taurus is Latin for bull.
  • Tauruses are stubborn and is an Earth sign (grounded).
  • Taurus corresponds with the root chakra.
  • The superstar of the Bulls goes down (injury).  Another example of physical and earthly manners declining.

It is my intention that this post gives you some insight into decoding signs and symbols in the “real” world.  Remember, this is just one way to look at this injury as it pertains to us.

There were a couple interesting synchronisitic events that happened after I received this download to confirm that the transmission was spiritual.  The unseen forces have a way of appeasing our rational or physical mind when it comes to spiritual happenings!  For example,

  1. After I received the download by recognizing the time left in the game (1:10) I was thinking about the signs and symbols.  I looked up to the television and two players had their backs turned towards the camera.  Their numbers were 11 and 9.  One from each team.  People, who numbers speak to, have particular numbers that scream at us and let us know that we are on the right track…..amongst other things.
  2. The next day, Sunday, I was on the porch looking up the symbolism of the rose when a red bird flew within my peripheral.  The bird landed on some roses and then flew away.




Written by S. Ali Myers

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