Seeing 11:11 on a Spiritual Path

There are many individuals, on a conscious or spiritual path, who have experienced seeing the number sequence 11:11 on different occasions and in a multitude of ways.  This number sequence has been seen on clocks, in addresses, license plates, bank statements, etc. It is also typical to see a series of numbers that will add up to 11. For many, who see this pattern, it is more than just a coincedence.

Those who have studied numerology, are aware the number 11 is considered a master number and a very spiritual number.  Eleven is a bridge or connection between our conscious and unconscious realms or the spiritual and physical realms.  When one observes the number 11, one will notice the space in between the ones, which is considered a portal.  To those individuals on a spiritual path, observing the number 11, in patterns or sequences, can be the sign or confirmation of spiritual awakening.  There can be many different theories of what the true meaning or significance of seeing the numbers 11:11 entails.  The purpose of this article is to offer an enlightened perspective on the repeating numbers phenomenon so many are currently experiencing.

The universe communicates with us in a myriad of ways and numbers are a Universal language and considered an aspect of the Creator or Source. Whenever one observes repeating numbers or sequences, be sure to be conscious of the thought that is in your mind at that moment.  Simply stop what you may be doing and recognize the moment, thoughts, and the significance to you. There is a window opening up in your life when you have recurring experiences of seeing the numbers 11:11 so pay attention to your thoughts and also to your surroundings.

In moments the time, or numbers 11:11 are noticed, one should make a wish and know it will come true.  As previously discussed, a connection between the spiritual and physical worlds comes through this portal, so basically anything can be manifested from the spiritual into the physical and the number 11 resonates with this energetic connection.  It should be accepted as a confirmation from the universe!

Observing the 11:11 number sequence is basically the universe speaking to you. Numbers are a way for the spirit world to communicate with us.  The meaning, or significance, of this pattern will rely solely on the individual.   Be sure to go with your intuitions or gut feelings.  For those who are experiencing the 11:11 phenomenon, be happy and proud of yourself for its a sign from your soul, or higher self.  The universe, or whatever one chooses to label the Source, is confirming that everything is in alignment with your thoughts and paths and that YOU are exactly where YOU need to be in life, in the moment, and time.

Written by Juice Myers

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