A Spiritual Consultation with S. Ali Myers is a combination of life coaching, intuition, astrology, tarot & oracle reading.  Basically, we find answers and direction in any area of your life!

Ali is naturally intuitive (claircognizant) and offers practical advise that you can use immediately after the session.  As a radio show host, teacher, speaker, and writer, Ali has assisted 1000′s of people around the world.

Benefits of an Intuitive Counseling session with Ali:

  • Answers to questions about your mind, body, and soul
  • Life-changing tips and tools from a professional in the field of metaphysics
  • Subjective analysis of your life purpose and lessons
  • Practical advice to help change your life for the better
  • Deeper understanding on what’s going on in your life
  • Support from someone who cares about your well-being
  • Better outlook on life, in general & much more!

Some of the areas of focus that often come up during sessions are: relationships, career, money, meditation, signs, synchronicities, life purpose, spiritual gifts, relocation, business/entrepreneurship, positive thinking, addictions, self-esteem, love, forgiveness, dreams, and supernatural experiences, just to name a few!

Schedule your session today by selecting an option below or call/text 513-655-8853 for more information.

All sessions include:

  • FREE phone call for the session (US only).  note: Skype IS available
  • FREE MP3 recording of your session emailed to you
  • FREE email support up to 7 days after your session to ask follow-up questions or gain further clarity
  • FREE 30-minute mediation MP3 (up to $11.11 value!)

30-minute Consultation – $56

45-minute Consultation – $65

60-minute Consultation – $99

90-minute Consultation – $144


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“Ali was very personable during my reading, he answered all my questions and was a confirmation of my thoughts. He’s genuinely here to help people even beyond your requested consult with him.  Thanks, Contentment and Love” – Desiree

“Brother Ali is definitely doing what he came here to do. He has great gifts for reading and connecting with energy, and his own energy demands attention when he shares his wisdom. In my personal hour reading, I discovered a lot about myself I didn’t know, but the information resonated with me greatly when revealed by Ali. I now know, and take pride in my numerology and astrological chart. He shared my strengths and my weaknesses with me, and advised me of the best way to advance spiritually from where I was. He even helped decode my dreams, giving me several AHA moments. He also helped me better understand a past relationship that has troubled me for years, pulled tarot cards to help me see the energy around the relationship now, and advised me of ways to deal with the emotions around it now, consciously and subconsciously. This brother comes highly recommended if you seek a better understanding of your spiritual self.” – Michael Cornish, Maryland

“As a new vegan, it is often difficult to remain on board and stay committed!  Coach Myers  was able to quickly identify the areas I need help in to take my new vegan lifestyle to the next level.   He thoroughly explained the challenges and provided resources to overcome all the current and any future obstacles to efficiently help me stay on track. I began my journey with Coach completing a 7 day raw food and veggie fast. I’m so pleased from the results, I’ve decided to maintain a healthy raw vegan diet! Coach Myers approach is truly complete — focusing on mind, body, soul, and spirit. I look forward to continuing my journey and I’m thankful to have an awesome coach and advisor along the way. If you need a no nonsense, true holistic approach to improving the totality of your being, I strongly recommend Coach Myers. Give Thanks for you!” - Naya Thomas, PNT Net Marketing Group, INC.

“I was a red meat eater for pretty much all my life. Along with the many others changes I’ve made in my life I thought of erasing beef and pork from my diet many times but I was never sure how to approach it. Breaking an over 25 year eating habit just didn’t seem approachable. I linked up with brother Myers via twitter and found out he has some awesome articles on the steps to stop eating meat and leading to the vegan life. His articles gave me the push and confidence I needed to take a stand and quit eating red meat. They showed me not to let the naysayers hold me back from living a greater healthier life. If you are thinking of making the move to stop eating red meat or meat all together you’ll love his advice. I made the decision 2 months ago and haven’t looked back yet. It could be you!”- Joseph Jackson

“Good morning, I just wanted to share an update on my abundance ritual. I did as you said with the green candle. I have a deck of Goddess Oracle cards so I placed Goddess Abundanita and Goddess Sedna (infinite supply) on the alter. Did the prayer and burned it. Today is Tuesday and I have received $160.00 & and new dryer. May not sound like much but….my dryer just stopped working on Sunday, yesterday a friend I hadn’t spoken to in over 4months says lets have lunch (she paid) while we’re talking she says I have a dryer just sitting in my garage if you want it it’s yours! Just wanted to share, peace and blessings. Wishing you a day filled with love.  Namaste” – Lexi

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