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Spiritual Consultation
Spiritual Consultation
A Spiritual Consultation with S. Ali Myers is a combination of life coaching, intuition, astrology, tarot & oracle reading. Basically, we find answers and direction in any area of your life! Ali is naturally intuitive and offers practical advise that you can use immediately after the session. As an advisor, radio show host, teacher, speaker, and writer, Ali has assisted 1000′s of people around the world.

Answers to questions about your mind, body, and soul. Life-changing tips and tools from a professional in the field of spiritual development. Subjective analysis of your life purpose and lessons. Deeper spiritual understanding of what’s going on in your life.

We can do sessions via phone (US only) or Skype.

Price: $90.00
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“Greetings. My recent session was very accurate, and the ancestors spoke to me loud and clear through Bro. Ali, letting me know I’m on the right path . I received insight on my personal, spiritual, and professional life, as well as health . I AM a happy client and I highly recommend Bro S. Ali Myers, he is truly gifted!” – D. Jackson

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