Simple Aromatherapy Bath

Aromatherapy is an Ancient practice using essential oils extracted from plants and stems. Essential oils are Nature’s medicines.  These oils have been used in Spiritual/Religious ceremonies, for healing sicknesses and chronic disease, for mental clarity and focus, and for beauty.  An aromatherapy bath differs from a Spiritual bath.

An Aromatherapy bath uses essential oils or essential oil infused products like bath salts, oils, and soaps with specific healing properties and benefits for the mind and body.  Aromatherapy baths are suited for healing, meditation, relaxation, change moods, romance, stress relief, to invigorate, and motivate. The list can go on and on.  Essential oils are used for healing; physically, mentally, Spiritually.  You can receive this healing with a simple bath or shower. The purpose of this article is to provide helpful information and tips to indulge and heal yourself in an Aromatherapy bath.

To nourish yourself in a simple aromatherapy bath do one of the following:  Add a few drops of Natural Essential Oils to bath water and allow aromas to fill the space or, use Natural Essential Oil infused products (bath oils, salts, soaps, etc.) and add or use in bath/shower……that simple! While in the bath or shower it is important to breathe deeply and relax.

Be sure to choose an oil with properties to benefit your health and Spirit in an enjoyable scent. There are many oils and many benefits to each one.  It would take days to list all the oils and their healing properties.  Below are some well known oils with a myriad of benefits for aromatherapy healing.

5 Common Oils & Benefits:

Lavender – helps with sleep, elevates mood, relieves anxiety and tension, soothes muscle aches/pains, relieves headaches, menstrul cramps, acne, dry skin and insect bites….also a deodorizer, this essential oil is very gentle and is a great alternative to chemically induced perfumes and colognes.

Vanilla – helps relax brain and nerves, antidepressant and mood lifter, stress reliever, aids in sleep, enhances sex drive/desire, reduces fever, soothes inflammation in organ systems, lowers blood pressure.

Lemongrass – helps boost self esteem, confidence, mental strength, used as an antidepressent & sedative, also an antibacterial, fights infections in digestive organs, respiratory, and wounds, clears skin infections, deodorizes, reduces fevers and provides joint support.

Eucalyptus – helps relieve stress, good for sore muscles/aches, stimulates body with cooling effects, rejuvinates the Spirit, relieves congestion and respiratory problems such as asthma/bronchitis, fever reducer, increases blood flow to brain resulting in better mental activity, antibacterial, treats skin infections, also a deodorizer.

Grapefruit – helps boost immune system and stimulates brain, aids in relief of depression & stress, treats stiffness & cramps in muscles, reduces blood pressure, good for oily skin and acne, rich in antioxidants, used in small amounts is energizing and large amounts is calming.

It is important to remember that essential oils can be harsh when applied directly to skin.  For best results it is better to use an oil diluted in a carrier or base as found in soaps and oils.  You can also use essential oil infused candles and incense while soaking as an enhancement to your aromatherapy and follow up your cleansing with a body oil or body splash to enjoy the benefits all day long!

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Written by SunSeRa

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