Stopping Mind Chatter When Meditating

Question: How do you stop the so called “meditation chatter”?

Answer: You don’t – what you want to do is practice mental alchemy; or switching your thoughts to another vibration making it Spirit Mind Chatter!

Meditation chatter happens because most people are operating from their physical mind as opposed to their Spirit Mind.  Your physical mind is focused on….well, everything physical or pertaining to the mundane physical reality we are currently in.  This is derived mostly from your left brain or rational mind as it reigns over the physical thoughts.

If you are meditating and experiencing any of the following “symptoms” you are not tapping into your Spirit Mind and are succumbing to the traps of the ego by way of mental chatter.

Examples of mental or meditation chatter:

  • “I wonder if I’m going to have enough money to pay the mortgage.”
  • “What am I going to wear to work tomorrow?”
  • “I’m not meditating properly so this isn’t going to work.”
  • “I forgot what time my favorite show comes on.”
  • “I wonder what my children are doing.”
  • “Did I let the dog out?”
  • “I’m supposed to call my mom.”

One of the beautiful things about meditation is there is no one, single way to achieve a meditative state.  Meditation simply means to go within.  This can be done in a number of different ways.  So let’s use your mind chatter in a more positive and higher purposeful manner during your meditation.

I suggest focusing your mind and intentions on something for your highest good.  Here are some examples of Spirit Mind or higher self focuses:

  • your life purpose
  • how you can be of service to humanity; or business idea
  • charitable works; selfless service
  • connecting with your angels, guides, and ancestors
  • communicating with your Creator
  • practicing forgiveness
  • gaining more intuition

S. Ali Myers offers Intuitive Counseling to help clients operate from the Spirit Mind (Higher Self).

How to Spirit Mind Chatter

You can do whatever it is you do to get into a meditative state.  If you’re not familiar with meditation, simply do the following:

  1. Go to a quiet environment and place your body into a relaxed state, whatever is comfortable.  Breathe deeply, inhaling through your nostrils while expanding your abdomen and, breathe out pulling the air from your abdomen.  Repeat this 7 to 11 times or until your body is completely relaxed.
  2. You want to use the chatter you normally experience for your highest good so after your body is relaxed focus your mind on one of the previous examples or another one of your own ideas or intentions. 
  3. Ask your Creator, angels, spirit guides, ancestors and/or god(s) to assist you with positive acts towards your focused intention. 
  4. Mentally brainstorm and visualize positive scenarios and thoughts surrounding your focus.  Remember to only hold POSITIVE thoughts.

After you start brainstorming, visualizing, or using your mental chatter for your highest purpose you will begin to have thoughts that lead you to a resolution or greater insight (aha moments!).  You may even begin to question if they are even your thoughts.  This is a sign that you connected to one of the energies (Creator, angels, guides, ancestors, gods) that you called upon!  This IS Spirit Mind Chatter!

Tip: Try our alpha wave or theta wave binaural beats to help you reach a meditative state!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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