Super Bowl 47 Occult Numerology & Symbolism

Numerology, which is the vibrational meaning of numbers, was very much at play during Super Bowl 47 (11).  Specifically, the numbers 9 and 11.  9 metaphysically represents completion, endings, and/or destruction and 11 signifies transitions, gateways, and/or magic.

Most individuals who decode or point out the symbolism in events tend to approach it from a conspiratorial aspect but, this article is not one of those conspiracy theories.  My outlook on the abundant “coincidences” is that of the Spirit world showing us where our collective conscious is at and where it is going.

To me, the metaphysical symbolism that took place during the whole Super Bow 47, shows seemingly apparent opposites coming together (polarity).  This is an awakening akin to the kundalini where the yin (feminine/negative) and yang (masculine/positive) ascend up the chakras (energy centers) to meet in the middle at the third eye (pineal gland) in order to activate the 7th chakra (crown) to reach Christ Consciousness (enlightenment).

There were many examples of opposites mirroring each other in Super Bowl 47 such as the Harbaugh brothers who are like twins, to the half lit half dark power outage.  The other examples include Super Bowl records being set but only tied (Joe Flacco’s 11 td’s and Jacoby Jones’ 108-yard kick off return), and the power outage game time remaining of 13:22 or 4 (1+3) & 4 (2+2).  There is so much more that it would garner it’s own article!

The purpose of this writing is to enlighten those who have the eye to see the synchronistic repetition of the powerful numbers, 9 & 11, which is something I speak of often as I have noticed the magic in my own life around these digits.

Once again, this is not a conspiracy and remember that the unseen (Spirit, Creator, ancestors etc.) is always in control of the physical and Spirit speaks through signs, symbols, and synchronicities (meaningful coincidences).

9 & 11 Occult Numerology in Super Bowl 47

  • Super Bowl date 2/3/2013 (11) at 6:30 PM (9)
  • Super Bowl 47 (11) was 11 years after the first post-9/11 Super Bowl, SB 36 (9), which was coincidentally played in New Orleans, also.
  • Jack Harbaugh, the father of the “twins” Jim and John harbaugh was born 6/28/1939 which makes him an 11 life path in numerology (6+2+8+1+9+3+9=38/11).  He is also a Gemini (the twins).
  • Baltimore Ravens second championship in 11 years.  The Raven is a mystical bird of magic (11) representing good and bad omens (duality/polarity).
  • Jacoby Jones who was born 7/11/1984 (11 day and birth month and day adds up to 9) caught a 56-yard TD (11) and had a kickoff return TD of 108-yards (9) which tied the previous record.
  • Joe Flacco tied Joe Montana’s post-season record with 11 touchdown passes.
  • Only two scores of the first half by SF were FGs of 36-yards (9) and 27-yards (9).
  • Halftime score of SF 6 & Baltimore 21 equals 9 (2+1+6).
  • Ravens last score was a 38-yard FG (11) by Justin Tucker.
  • The infamous power outage occurred at 8:37 PM (EST) and 34-minutes later was restored.  34-minutes after 8:37 would make the time that the power was restored 9:11 PM (EST) or 11 (9+1+1).
  • The score prior to the unnecessary Safety was Baltimore 34, SF 29 (3+4+2+9=18/9).
  • The final score of the game was Baltimore 34, SF 31 (3+4+3+1=11).

Interesting Halftime Symbolism (Beyonce performance)

Beyonce Knowles represented the 49ers and Ravens because she was born on 9/4 which adds up to 13 (49ers does too….4+9) and she was born in the year of the Rooster(1981) in Chinese astrology.  The Rooster is a type of bird like the Raven.  Beyonce was the culmination of the two teams and she performed in the middle (halftime).  I will further illustrate the chakra and kundalini story that took place during the halftime show.

Side note: Beyonce’s name broken down is Bey once or once a Bey.  Bey denotes Moorish lineage and the Moors were adept at mysticism, metaphysics, and the like.

Beyonce was joined by Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland which is Destiny’s Child.  Michelle and Kelly are dark-skinned and they came back together with their polarity, the lighter skinned Beyonce.  Michelle performs mostly spiritual and religious music while Kelly began here solo career with sort-of “raunchy” songs.  Beyonce is the balance as she has sex-filled music and heart-centered or spirit-rising music.  This reunion was symbolic of the ida (yin/feminine), pingala (yang/masculine), and sushumna (middle the connects base with the crown chakras) channels of potential kundalini energy.

The chakra kundalini symbology was highlighted by the ever-present “twin faces” that were the set or stage of Beyonce’s performance.  The faces represented the yin and yang kundalini snakes meeting in the middle which denotes third eye activation.  This was confirmed with the outage where half the stadium was lit and the other half was dark (yin and yang both present in the superDOME….dome is synonymous with the head).

The “twin faces” on stage started out as a red color and progressed to a purplish, violet color in the end.  This is symbolic of kundalini energy rising and being crowned when Beyonce performed her hit song, “Halo”.  Halo is obvious at the crown and the Super Bowl was played at the Saints’ stadium.  The word saint comes from the word hallow or halo.  See the following pictures in sequence to how the faces changed colors ending in the crown being activated denoted by the purplish color and hair now being present.

first color of the “twin faces” (root chakra)

second color of the “twin faces” (solar plexus chakra – yellow)

next color of the “twin faces” (flickered between green and blue – heart & throat chakras)

last image of the “twin face”. activated crown chakra (violet & whitish).

In conclusion, there are many ways to breakdown and interpret symbolism and this is just my perspective.  I did a radio show prior to the Super Bowl where I explicitly spoke on the polarity that will take place along with the seemingly miraculous events that will unfold.  Here’s the link for that show on Mind Right Radio, Mind Right Spirit: Super Bowl 47 Symbolism & Decoding.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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