Symbolic Meaning of the Numbers 9 & 11

There has been much speculation and conspiracy surrounding the events of 9/11 or September 11, 2001.  This article is not intended to debunk or validate such events (terrorism, government, policies etc.).  The purpose of this article is to provide symbolic meanings of the numbers 9 and 11 using metaphysics and numerology.

9 and 11 are both very important numbers.  The number 9 is the highest single digit number in our counting system (1-9).  11 is the first master number or repeating digit.  The combination of these numbers make 9 and 11 very powerful.  In fact, 9 and 11 together equals 11 (9+1+1), when adding each single digit.

The number 9 represents completion, finishing, ending, giving back, humanitarianism, charity etc.  The planet Mars is associated with 9 and this gives 9 an extra form of agression.  All things with a beginning date (1) must have an end date or completion (9).  9 is by far the most complete number in our counting system because you can only reduce from 9 when using single digits. To add to 9 will make it a double digit number and so forth.

11 is the number of magic, transitions, portal, spiritual messages, balance, mastership etc.  The moon is associated with 11 (2).  This moon energy adds extra sensitivity and psychic awareness to our first master number.  Master numbers are important because it adds double the energy to make up the one digit (2 or 1+1).  As mentioned earlier, 11 is the first master number and sets the tone for the rest of the “masters” (22, 33, 44, 55, 66 and so on).

When we combine the numbers 9 and 11 in this order it has an energy of ending and transition. Something is ending (9) and transitioning (11) or moving to another phase.  The question then becomes, where are we going from this completion or What is ending?

Once again, 9 and 11 is a very special combination of numbers.  There is no higher single digit than 9 and 11 is the first master number or repeating number.  Hopefully, this article will serve as a guide and inspiration to end or complete something in your life and move to another level!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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