Personal Year Cycle Number in Numerology

personal year cycle numerology

Numerology, the science of number vibrations, helps us gain insight into anything with a birth date and/or name. We also follow a calendar which has dates with numbers.  Since there are 9 single numbers (1-9), we go through nine cycles depending on what year it is.  So, how do you get your Personal Year in Numerology? This article will help you calculate your personal year cycle and energetically see what the year will entail.

According to the Universal Law of Rhythm, everything goes through its ups and downs.  Everything has a flow or, to and fro. This is why you have “good” and “bad” days and years.  Knowing your Personal Year cycle will help you know what to expect during any given year.  It will also provide more info about people you deal with on a regular basis.  You will overstand why people are doing what they do.

How to Get Your Personal Year Cycle Number

To get your Personal Year number is easy.  All you have to do is take your birthday (mm/dd) and reduce it to a single digit.  Add this number to the current Universal Year.  To get a Universal Year Number, reduce any year to a single digit (eg. 2015 (2+0+1+5 = 8).

Your Personal Year Cycle Number begins on your birthday in each year.

Personal Year Number = Birthday (mm/dd) reduced to single digit + Universal Year Number

Example #1 – Birthday 1/4.  Current year 2015.  1+4=5 ; 2+0+1+5=8 ; 5+8=13 then 1+3=4 SO the Personal Year Number is 4.

Example #2 – Birthday 5/15.  Current year 2015.  5+1+5=11 then 1+1=2 ; 2+0+1+5=8 ; 2+8=10 then 1+0=1 SO the Personal Year Number is 1.

Personal Year Cycle Energy / Meaning

#1 Year – Year of starting new things and initiating ideas.  Very original and creative energy.

#2 Year – A time to meet new people and nurture existing relationships.  A very psychic period as well.

#3 Year – A cycle of expansion and expression.  Prime energy for communicating in many ways.

#4 Year – This is a year of acquiring new things and information.  Great time to upgrade house or cars.

#5 Year – Perfect time for travel and fun.  Best year for adventure and challenging what you think.

#6 Year – Year of taking responsibility and being of service to others.  Prime time to balance areas of your life.

#7 Year – Probably the most spiritual and introspective year.  This is a time to meditate more and ask questions.

#8 Year – A very karmic year and reaping what you’ve sown.  Pay attention to any big business ideas and opportunities.

#9 Year – Endings, completions, and resolutions.  This year is about learning from the past and planning for the future.

Remember, there are 9 number cycles and they begin on your birthday.  So, if you are in an 8 cycle this year, you will be in a 9 cycle on your birthday next year.

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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How Psychic Are You? (FREE Test)


Are you psychic?  Do you feel like you are highly intuitive?  Think you got a wide open 3rd eye?

The “How Psychic Are You” Test was designed to let you know how intuitive you are.  Obviously, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers.  The correct answers are random and serve as a barometer to see if you can psychically tune in to them.

I suggest that you meditate or get an a relaxed state prior to beginning the test.  Choose the first answer that comes to your mind and have fun.  For entertainment purposes only.  Only play once because the correct answers are the same each time.

How Psychic Are You Test

The How Psychic Are You Test will give you an idea of how intuitive you are.  The test was designed to see if you can psychically choose a correct answer without any tips, clues, or hints.

For entertainment purposes only.

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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9 Questions on How to Find Your Life Purpose


Everyone on earth has a purpose. Those who know their purpose have some fulfillment in life while others, that do not know, feel lost and confused.  We all know that we are here for a reason on a subconscious or unconscious level. This article will assist you with finding your purpose and then you can take the next steps in living it out!

So, what is a life purpose?  Obviously, it is the purpose of your life or what you came here to do.  This is your dharma, or order of the Universe as it relates to you.  Your gifts and talents will lead you to your purpose and the lessons and challenges you face will teach you.  The best alcohol counselor is one who was an addict themselves.  By having an alcohol problem the person can help others because they identify with them.

We have many sciences and resources to discover our life’s purpose.  Divination sciences such as astrology (Chinese, Western, Jyotish or Vedic), numerology, oracle cards, I Ching and resources like “psychics”, akashic record readings, life purpose readings and more assist people with finding out what they came here for.  These tools are great but, not necessary.  You can find out your life purpose on your own but this requires complete honesty with one’s self.

The Universe operates on the law of cause and effect.  When you ask a question you will always get an answer.  One of the keys is to ask the right questions as it pertains to YOU.  The Universe wants you to live a life of purpose and when you wake up to this reality you will notice how everything that you have is what you need and everything lines up to assist you with your mission.

Our list of questions to find out your life purpose was specifically designed to make you THINK! Make sure to be as honest as possible when you answer the questions.  There are no right, wrong, good, or bad answers.  Even “bad” can be made productive like one that hacks computers compared to one that fixes hacked computers.  Be the fixer and start living the life you came here live!

9 Questions to Discover Your Life Purpose

  1. What do you like to do even if you weren’t paid to do it?  Examples: fishing, golfing, play video games, reading, research, listen to music
  2. What are you natural talents and gifts?  Examples: writing, helping people, sports, selling/pursuasion, dancing, singing/rapping, planning
  3. What physical things make you happy?  Examples: money, houses, people, books, statues, paintings, animals
  4. What person(s) has made the biggest impact on your life?  This could be a family member, friend, celebrity, teacher, or anyone else.
  5. What qualities, gifts and personality traits do the people or person in question 4 have?  This will show you a mirror (Law of Attraction) of what is in you and give you some more gifts and talents.
  6. What was your favorite subject in school?  I always loved math.  I now use numerology alot in my work!
  7. What are you interested in?  What intrigues you?  Examples: politics, paranormal subjects, ancient mysteries, astrology, numerology, inventions
  8. What have been the biggest challenges in your life?  Most times our challenges and lessons lead us to our purpose.  Examples: alcohol, drugs, eating, abusive relationships, unhappy childhood, poverty, racism
  9. What are your favorite jobs, careers, or occupations in the world?  Examples: teacher, preacher, truck driver, server, scientist, cook, writer
Now that you have some things to work with, put it all together.  Make a story of the answers that you made.  This story will give you direction in your life because life is a movie and you just re-wrote your script!!


Written by S. Ali Myers

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Are You an Old Soul? (Free Test)

how old is your soul

There are many concepts of what a soul is.  How can you tell if you’re an old soul?  For the sake of this article let’s assume that the soul is the part of you that goes beyond the physical and reality. When the physcial body dies, the soul moves on to another realm.  A spiritual or non-physical realm like heaven, afterlife, ethers, Source etc.

According to the teachings of Spiritual Master and Teacher, Dr. Mitchell Gibson (, he teaches that the soul CAN die and that the Spirit gives birth to the soul.  Dr. Gibson elucidates that the soul must take up energy practices during lifetimes to increase its life expectancy. Activities for energy work include qigong, tai chi, and sun gazing.

Saying someone is an old soul denotes that there are young souls.  Young and old are terms that suggests length of life.  A length of life further suggests that there is a birth and death.   The question then becomes, “what makes someone an old soul?”

Referencing the teachings of Dr. Gibson again, he estimates that the average life span of a soul on earth is around 50,000 years old.  I have personally been told how old my soul is and it exceeds a million years old.  This, according to Dr. Gibson, would make me an old soul.

The following quiz will assist you with determining the maturity of your soul according to my research, experience, and the teachings of a modern avatar, Dr. Mitchell Gibson.


Are You an Old Soul Test

For entertainment purposes only.  Please answer all questions as honestly as possible to ensure proper scoring.


Written by S. Ali Myers

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The 3rd Eye vs The Ego


One of the lessons people have when they “wake up” or activate the third eye is the battle between the Ego and the Spirit Mind.  This article will serve as a guide to help you recognize the tricks that the Ego will play on you to try to prevent your spiritual growth and seeing with a single eye.

First, let’s define the 3rd eye.  The third eye symbolizes truth and spiritual vision. It’s responsible for most psychic abilities including the ability to see and feel past “the veil”.  Being that it is activated or stimulated by Light, the 3rd eye has the ability to interpret energy in a number of different ways.  Your third eye has a lot to do with your dreams and ability to recognize spiritual truths.

The Ego has two main jobs: to maintain the physical self and prevent spiritual growth.  The Ego says that the physical world is all there is and I am here to protect the body, personality, and sense of individuality.  The Ego knows that it is minimized when you KNOW that there is much more to you than the body and brain.  The Ego knows that it will cease to exist if you find out who you really are!

How does the Ego try to stop the 3rd eye from being open and seeing reality for what it is?

As mentioned, the Ego is not concerned with Spirit and seeing past the physical illusion.  On a spiritual path of expanding your consciousness, you will encounter the Ego trying to stay alive and not see that he is just an illusion.  When you notice that you are not alone in this world but also in Spirit, it shows you that there is something else going on beneath the curtain or veil.

Many people start to see all the synchronicities or meaningful coincidences that happen during the “awakening” process.  You start to feel like you are being guided by something or someone. You start to feel like you are not alone when you think you are.  You begin to see or hear things that seem like they are not there.  Your Ego will try to have you believe that you are making it up. But, it is extremely difficult to make up things in a world made up of thoughts or consciousness (ALL is Mind / Law of Mentalism).

When your third eye begins to open, you will undoubtedly start to see and feel things.  Most of the time, these experiences will occur when you are alone. Remember, this is a lonely path.  Your Ego will come up with every reason why you are not really experiencing what you are going through.  This is where books, lectures, teachers and other materials will help you curb your doubts about metaphysical things.  On a deeper level you know there are many planes of existence but on a material level you forget this.  This is the battle between the Ego and Spirit.

Over time you will begin to recognize when the Ego is at play.  The Ego is loud for most people and this is why we say things like “listen to the still, small voice”. That still, small voice gets louder as the Ego is quieted.  This is the goal of having a healthy third eye and Spirit Mind.  With awareness and practice you will start to trust the Spirit Mind over the Ego.  When you do this consistently you will grow beyond your wildest dreams!

When you really awaken to who you are and realize ALL the help you have in the Spirit World, you’ll begin to use words like “we” and “us” instead of “me” and “I”. The Ego is individualistic and the Spirit is ALL. – S. Ali Myers

Written by S. Ali Myers

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7 Reasons Why You May Not be Growing Spiritually


Many people nowadays are having spiritual awakenings and becoming more conscious. Consciousness simply means awareness and my question is always, “what are you aware of”?

Defining spirituality and what it takes to grow spiritually can be challenging concepts for most people.  This may be one of the main reasons why most people are not growing spiritually; because, we have no reference point and focus.

Spirituality is the polar compliment (polarity) of physicality.  Spirituality is the practice of connecting with the divine essence within each of us and everything in existence.  Spirituality is the act of cultivating the soul.  Spirituality is remembering that you are part of the Creator while being in a physical body.

Here’s a list of 7 reasons why you may not be growing spiritually…

  1. Being stuck in the Matrix – Falling for the illusion that everything is solid, measurable, and all you see is what there is, is being stuck in the Matrix.  This is a major spiritual block because it’s hard to see the Spirit in what you see. Science and most cultures in antiquity will both agree that everything is energy and energy is unseen to the physical eye.
  2. Blaming others for YOUR problems – Earth is a school for you to learn different aspects of yourself.  What many perceive as challenges, tests, difficulties, and setbacks are only lessons that we chose at a soul level to learn from.  The people involved are only playing their role in your movie to help you become the hero!
  3. Not believing in reincarnation – Most cultures in the world have a belief in the concept of reincarnation.  Reincarnation was also an early belief in Christianity before the councils started establishing dogma and canonized doctrine.  To know that you’ve had many lives explains why you have natural gifts and talents and why you are the way you are.  To get off the wheel of reincarnation one must dissolve their karma.
  4. No understanding of karma – For every action there’s an opposite and equal reaction.  You reap what you sow.  Do unto others as you would have them do to you.  All three statements are common expressions of karma.  Karma means balance.  You get what you put out.  Put out or think “good” then you receive “good”.  This is a simple concept but somewhat difficult to do when stuck in the Matrix or illusion.
  5. Have Not discovered a life purpose – On a general level we are all playing out our script on earth.  But, many people live a very unfulfilled life.  This is mainly because there’s no sense of purpose.  When you consciously know what you are here to do and contribute to humanity, you automatically grow spiritually.  Metaphysical sciences like astrology and numerology can help one determine their life’s purpose.  Check out our Workshops & Life Purpose Readings
  6. Too many distractions – Facebook, television, Twitter, work, gossip, celebrities, politics, conspiracy theories and the likes are all distractions if it’s not helping you grow.  Everything listed can be used for spiritual growth but many get caught up in the hype and external focuses.  You can not exponentially grow spiritually by constantly looking outside of self. 
  7. Not seeking guidance – Many of us in no way, shape or form are capable of growing without some form of teaching or study.  A teacher or line of study is important to establish a foundation for our spiritual work.  Without this foundation many people are not grounded and spend a lot of time accomplishing very little.  It shows a willingness to grow when we humble ourselves and follow the examples of those who are already where we are trying to go.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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2014 Year of the Horse Horoscopes in Chinese Astrology


On January 31, 2014 we embark on the Year of the Wood Horse in Chinese astrology.  The Chinese new year usually begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice.  2014 brings us to a year of the powerful and masculine Horse.

The Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animal signs beginning with the Rat and ending with the Pig.  Each animal is given a full year and people born during their specific animal’s year will have personality and character traits indicative of that particular sign.

Instead of predicting what will happen to you in 2014, I will give you a recommendation on how to work with the Horse energy.  There is fate and destiny at play in our world but we do have the ability to capitalize on any situation in our lives.  The key is knowing your particular cycle and taking advantage of opportunities and knowing when to be passive or lay low.

2014 Year of Chinese Horse Overview

The Chinese Horse is very masculine and extroverted.  With a bold and magnetic presence, it’s likely that the Horse will be the center-of-attention in many places. The Horse is never one to bite its tongue, he feels like being up front and honest is freeing and good for the soul.

Freedom is very important to our beloved Horse. Many people will feel the strong need to get away in 2014.  Where to go? Anywhere!  There will be a relief with traveling and visiting unfamiliar places. The Horse’s characteristics are similar to the Western astrological sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius deals with long distant travels.

Outspoken, boisterous, adventurous, and social, the Horse year will be filled with much energy to express yourself to the max.  If you are naturally shy, this can create discomfort because the Horse wants you to get out and play.

2014 Year of the Horse Horoscopes

To find out your Chinese zodiac sign check out Chinese Astrology Animal Characteristics & Chart

Rat – With your natural on-the-edge energy, the year of the Horse will increase this heightened sense of protectiveness.  Use the Horse year to transmit your strong energy into something creative or a new project or hobby.  The Horse is opposite the Rat in the Chinese zodiac so beware of being overly aggressive with people.

Ox – A balanced Ox is a very strong and hard worker.  A Horse is very physical by nature.  On the extreme end you may find yourself pushing yourself to the next level in whatever you take up. Be sure to throttle your engine in the year of the Horse.  Instead, take a mental approach to this energy and look for ways to expand your consciousness and raise your vibration.

Tiger – Whereas most of the time with the Tiger, you find yourself getting tired from going gusto most of the time.  This Horse year offers you extra fuel in your tank.  You will want to complete any unfinished projects or studies this year. With the great compatibility between the Horse and Tiger, you may want to capitalize financially on your hobby and/or ideas.

Rabbit – The Horse year provides extra motivation for the Rabbit this cycle. This energy is conducive for you to socialize more and reconnect with lost loved ones, friends, and associates. You may want to look into various meet-ups and group discussions.  Let your guard down a little this year and show people the true you….it may even spark a new romantic relationship.

Dragon – When the powerful Dragon meets the dominating Horse it can cause war if not approached ideally.  It’s second nature for a Dragon to sporadically move in whichever direction it feels at the moment.  The Horse year will teach you to think before you act.  You know that any obstacle and challenge can be overcame.  Just learn to make your next move your best move.

Snake – The Horse year for the Snake gives an opportunity for deep self-reflection and meditation.  The Snake is not one to put all its chips on the table and show its hand.  The Horse year will challenge this natural trait.  The best way to counter this resistance is to go deeper within self which comes natural for you. Learn a new meditation technique or yoga practice.

Horse – This is your year, Horse!  This is the time to put yourself on the map. Explore every possibility to connect with others and also to connect the dots with anything that you have been working on.  There will be opportunities for you to meet the right people and obtain much needed resources.  The only thing you have to do is move and do something.  You must act to attract!

Sheep – The Horse year will find the Sheep less worried about things that you usually are concerned with.  Feel free to spend a little bit more than usual and buy that thing you’ve been thinking about.  Also, this year will provide perfect energy to meet new people that hold up to your somewhat high standards. Definitely a time for you to shine!

Monkey – It’s natural for the Monkey to make new friends and be the life of the party.  This year will be no different. Let’s try something new in the Horse year. Let’s do something different to expand our horizons and consciousness.  Try listening more when interacting with new people. You are natural at analyzing personalities so try engaging with people on a deeper level.

Rooster – Always one to observe and pay attention to details, the Horse year will provide more stuff to watch and critique for the Rooster.  Take advantage of this strong energy by writing stories, poems, songs, or blogs about what’s going on in the world.  Express from your heart what you feel is most important for the world to hear.  We are waiting and listening for you!

Dog – The Dog in the year of the Horse can expect social, financial, and personal gains.  Be appreciative of the opportunities you will have this year.  Do your best not to worry about things you cannot control because you are always in the driver’s seat.  Be sure to put yourself first sometimes because your abundance this year will have you want to take care of everyone else.

Pig – A time for partying!  You may feel like splurging even more in the year of the Horse. Instead of overspending, exercise some of your innate creativity into a new project or idea.  This is also a good time for starting and harvesting new relationships of any kind.  Actualize your ideas and plans this year and watch the fruits of your labor ripen into a sweet bouquet.


Written by S. Ali Myers

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7 Habits of Spiritually Mature People


In every story of success and triumph you will find a person who made proper choices to ensure achievement. Successful people make enlightened choices. Successful people have something in common…Healthy habits.

On your spiritual journey to evolve, and raise your vibration, you too can learn from any successful person.  Every person serves as a teacher.  With so many people in the earth school you have many teachers.  This article will serve as a guide to show what spiritually mature people do to maintain a high level of conscious awareness.

7 Habits of Spiritually Mature People

  1. Regular meditation – Spiritually mature people know that it’s important to quiet the mind and go into the darkness of self in order to gain light.  They see meditation as a way out and as a way in.  A means to move out of the ego-filled field of physical reality and into the infinite possibilities of the mind.
  2. Mindful eating habits – Overstanding that you are what you eat, spiritually mature people are mindful of what they put into their temple (body).  They know that what they consume should have some life force to it so they tend to be attracted to fruits, vegetables, superfoods, herbs and supplements.
  3. Positive thinking – Thoughts are things and spiritually mature people know this to be true.  When your vibration is high you automatically keep healthier thoughts.
  4. Unconditional love – The Biblical Jesus was an example of love without condition.  Spiritually mature people live this principle as they see it as being god-like and christ-like.  They also know that God is love and we must emulate this idea to become one with the Creator.
  5. Living with a sense of purpose – Spiritually mature folks know that everyone has a purpose or purposes.  They recognize that they have a voice and express their ideas by any means necessary.  It is not uncommon to find spiritually mature people teaching or helping people in a myriad of ways.
  6. Charity and giving – Giving from the heart is a high expression of love and spiritual maturity.  When you give without expecting anything in return it shows a high character person.  Spiritually mature people are known for giving away resources and information to anyone they can help.
  7. Constant study of self – Spiritually mature people know that they must know self in order to master self.  People constantly evolve so we are always changing.  Within this change we must evaluate ourselves. Spiritually mature people know this and live it.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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Secrets to Enlightenment [Audio]

Mind Right Radio

S. Ali Myers & SunSeRa on Mind Right Radio.

Topic: Secrets to Enlightenment

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What is Consciousness?

Molecular Thoughts

“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”–The Kybalion

The above quote is taken from the Kybalion which is commonly attributed to Djehuty, also known as Thoth, who was the deity of writing, magic, and science in Kemet (Ancient Egypt).  According to the Kybalion, everything that we see and sense in the material realm is a manifestation from the ALL, which is Mind, and in turn, is conscious and alive.  Basically, everything has a spark from the Creator and is aware because of this connection.

Modern scientists are hard-pressed to simply explain consciousness because it is mystical and spiritual in its nature.  Modern science uses a physical oriented approach to explaining reality.  Science tends to derive conclusions from experiments that are bases on materials as its foundation. The unseen always has a hand to play in that which we term material and physical.  Therefore, any postulation and theory is incomplete if not viewed and studied holistically.

Our reality falls more into the mystical and paranormal realm more than what the average human would care to admit.  Many phenomena in our world defies human intellect.  These phenomena can include things like the precise movement of the planets in our solar system, the culmination of atoms communicating and bonding to form matter, the human body’s accurate maintaining of a 98.6 degree temperature, the way sound and light travels, or even the existence of life on this planet.  In general, all the above defy human rationale and logic when viewed strictly as just physical happenstances.

What causes the above mentioned examples to respond and behave with such unwavering and automatic fortitude?  The answer is simply, consciousness.  In order for something to exist or co-exist there has to be a level of awareness, or else, it would not thrive in a world of natural patterns and chains of cause and effect.

Consciousness = Awareness

Awareness = Knowing


Consciousness = Awareness & Knowing

Nature means natural.  Who or what told fire to go out if enough water is poured on it?  Who or what told fire to grow bigger when combined with explosive substances or materials?  Why does fire react predictably in any physical experiment?  The answer is because fire is “programmed” to react in a specific manner depending upon circumstance and/or surroundings.  In such a conditions or situation, fire is aware of its environment.  Some conscious intelligence had to give the element its nature.

We too are natural but, what separates man from nature is our free will of choice.  When we are aware of more than one concept we have the ability to decide between such choices.  Our choices can be seen as unnatural or unpredictable while nature’s elements are more predictable and repeatable. All in all, awareness is the underlying foundation for all that occurs.

We are aware on different levels depending upon the situation we are facing.  The more we are aware or know about a particular person, place, or thing, the more choices we have.  If you know there is a road closed on your way to work then you can stop and get directions at a local gas station, reroute on a GPS, buy a map, follow detour signs, or take another route.  Without the awareness of a closed road, you are then limited in your options to get from point A to B.  This example is akin to the navigation of our life.  The more we are aware or conscious the better equipped we are to live our lives.

Consciousness, simply meaning awareness, can exist on two levels; consciousness through knowledge (facts and information) or consciousness through experience.

In the so-called spiritual realm there is definitely more than meets the physical eye.  Phenomena such as ghosts or spirits, angels, deities, telepathy (communicating without words), ESP (extra sensory perception) and the myriad of other seemingly non-physical happenings are conscious to some and unconscious to others – based off of knowledge and/or experience.

When we, in the West, talk about spiritual phenomena most fall into one of three main classes; those who are aware by way of cultural beliefs or education, those who have direct experiences or, those who have no clue that anything exists beyond the physical illusion.

The more you are aware of the more likely you will experience that which you have knowledge about.  The more you are aware the easier you will be able to discern.  Why do you think a court judge wants to get all evidence, witness testimony, and experts established during proceedings?  This is so the judge can review ALL information possible to make the best, most fair decision.

The truth is, consciousness is probably one of the most prized possessions that we have as souls.  Many have suggested that we are souls having a human experience.  When you experience something you become much more aware of that which you are engaged in.  Every experience leads to some measure of reasoning and overstanding.  The key is to go into each experience open and consciously “taking it in”.

Many humans, by way of various factors, go through life in a comatose state; unaware and travelling blindly.  The easiest person to control and manipulate is one who has no awareness of self and environment.  The Art of War by Sun Tzu suggests that you should not do battle on unfamiliar terrain.  Therefore, you must know where you are in order to get to where you want to go.

When you lack awareness and are ignorant to what pertains to you, you allow those with more knowledge to control you.  Salespeople everywhere are privy to this fact.  Salespeople usually qualify their target customer and find a need or want.  If a customer is lacking knowledge of a particular product or service, the salesperson can intentionally overvalue a feature or add-on items or services.  Most aggressive salespeople prey upon uninformed buyers.

You can overcome or completely avoid any and all oppressive acts from others by becoming more conscious of yourself.  There are many layers of the human mind and soul.  The following list shows different parts of the human self that would behoove you to be mindful of.

Become more mindful of your:

Utilizing this text will automatically make you conscious of your personal self.  Just by raising your consciousness you allow what was below your awareness to come to the surface.  When this happens you have the ability to learn from your experience and furthermore, to use what you have learned as a means to help overcome those life lessons that seem to repeat over and over.  The choice is really yours.

This article was designed for those who read and apply the lessons to become conscious on many levels, beginning with self.  An important metaphysical philosophy is that everything outside of self is a reflection or mirror image of your inner being.  Simply put, nothing is outside of you. When you know yourself intimately, you can better overstand that which is seemingly outside of you.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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Chinese Astrology Animal Characteristics & Chart

Chinese Astrology Zodiac Animals

Chinese Astrology has been around for thousands of years.  It was based off of astronomy (the study of matter in outer space).  Chinese Astrology, depending on birth year, gives a person insight on their innate abilities, characteristics, likes & dislikes.  Maybe this is why you seem to have a lot in common with your graduation class.

The information based on your birth date is not the end all be all.  Factors like how you were raised, physical/mental ailments, environment, life circumstances and many others have significant involvement into your whole make-up.  Chinese Astrology is somewhat general, but from my research & applied practices, it is on target the majority of time.

Know thyself. This information is important because if you do not know who & what you are, you are destined to make the journey to your destiny difficult.  We all know someone who has a VERY negative quality about them but they swear up and down that it’s not so.  I feel that most people have an easier time analyzing and breaking down someone else but the person in the mirror gets all benefits of the doubt.  To know yourself inside & out and up & down forces you to confront your shortcomings and/or unproductive character traits.

Chinese Astrology, or any predictive science, can help you begin or continue on your path.  The information can help you with your life purpose, occupational outlook, social events & gatherings, parenting, business management and any other situation that you deem fit.

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Using Chinese Astrology to Help Determine Your Life Purpose

To determine your life purpose, take the gifts under your specific animal and write the ones that “fit” you down on paper.  Leave out what you feel doesn’t apply to you and add some of your own.  I say add some of your own because you know yourself best.

The key is to find an occupation or purpose that allows you to utilize your gifts.  This is how you satisfy your soul and fulfill part of your purpose for incarnating.

Your life purpose is determined by what gifts you incarnated with.  Your life lessons are those things that try to get in the way.

Sometimes we accept our “positive” gifts while overlooking our “challenges”.  You’ve heard the expression “take the good with the bad”?  This applies to us.  We are a combination of positive and negative energies & good and bad traits.

It is my intention that you discover something else about yourself from this article.  Remember: a wise person works on his/her weaknesses to become a more well-rounded soul.  Happy travels!

Locate which Chinese animal you are from the following chart and read the full detailed description of traits and characteristics below…

Year Animal Element Yin/Yang
Feb 05 1924–Jan 23 1925 Rat Wood Yang (+)
Jan 24 1925–Feb 12 1926 Ox Wood Yin (-)
Feb 13 1926–Feb 01 1927 Tiger Fire Yang (+)
Feb 02 1927–Jan 22 1928 Rabbit Fire Yin (-)
Jan 23 1928–Feb 09 1929 Dragon Earth Yang (+)
Feb 10 1929–Jan 29 1930 Snake Earth Yin (-)
Jan 30 1930–Feb 16 1931 Horse Metal Yang (+)
Feb 17 1931–Feb 05 1932 Sheep Metal Yin (-)
Feb 06 1932–Jan 25 1933 Monkey Water Yang (+)
Jan 26 1933–Feb 13 1934 Rooster Water Yin (-)
Feb 14 1934–Feb 03 1935 Dog Wood Yang (+)
Feb 04 1935–Jan 23 1936 Boar Wood Yin (-)
Jan 24 1936–Feb 10 1937 Rat Fire Yang (+)
Feb 11 1937–Jan 30 1938 Ox Fire Yin (-)
Jan 31 1938–Feb 18 1939 Tiger Earth Yang (+)
Feb 19 1939–Feb 07 1940 Rabbit Earth Yin (-)
Feb 08 1940–Jan 26 1941 Dragon Metal Yang (+)
Jan 27 1941–Feb 14 1942 Snake Metal Yin (-)
Feb 15 1942–Feb 04 1943 Horse Water Yang (+)
Feb 05 1943–Jan 24 1944 Sheep Water Yin (-)
Jan 25 1944–Feb 12 1945 Monkey Wood Yang (+)
Feb 13 1945–Feb 01 1946 Rooster Wood Yin (-)
Feb 02 1946–Jan 21 1947 Dog Fire Yang (+)
Jan 22 1947–Feb 09 1948 Boar Fire Yin (-)
Feb 10 1948–Jan 28 1949 Rat Earth Yang (+)
Jan 29 1949–Feb 16 1950 Ox Earth Yin (-)
Feb 17 1950–Feb 05 1951 Tiger Metal Yang (+)
Feb 06 1951–Jan 26 1952 Rabbit Metal Yin (-)
Jan 27 1952–Feb 13 1953 Dragon Water Yang (+)
Feb 14 1953–Feb 02 1954 Snake Water Yin (-)
Feb 03 1954–Jan 23 1955 Horse Wood Yang (+)
Jan 24 1955–Feb 11 1956 Sheep Wood Yin (-)
Feb 12 1956–Jan 30 1957 Monkey Fire Yang (+)
Jan 31 1957–Feb 17 1958 Rooster Fire Yin (-)
Feb 18 1958–Feb 07 1959 Dog Earth Yang (+)
Feb 08 1959–Jan 27 1960 Boar Earth Yin (-)
Jan 28 1960–Feb 14 1961 Rat Metal Yang (+)
Feb 15 1961–Feb 04 1962 Ox Metal Yin (-)
Feb 05 1962–Jan 24 1963 Tiger Water Yang (+)
Jan 25 1963–Feb 12 1964 Rabbit Water Yin (-)
Feb 13 1964–Feb 01 1965 Dragon Wood Yang (+)
Feb 02 1965–Jan 20 1966 Snake Wood Yin (-)
Jan 21 1966–Feb 08 1967 Horse Fire Yang (+)
Feb 09 1967–Jan 29 1968 Sheep Fire Yin (-)
Jan 30 1968–Feb 16 1969 Monkey Earth Yang (+)
Feb 17 1969–Feb 05 1970 Rooster Earth Yin (-)
Feb 06 1970–Jan 26 1971 Dog Metal Yang (+)
Jan 27 1971–Feb 14 1972 Boar Metal Yin (-)
Feb 15 1972–Feb 02 1973 Rat Water Yang (+)
Feb 03 1973–Jan 22 1974 Ox Water Yin (-)
Jan 23 1974–Feb 10 1975 Tiger Wood Yang (+)
Feb 11 1975–Jan 30 1976 Rabbit Wood Yin (-)
Jan 31 1976–Feb 17 1977 Dragon Fire Yang (+)
Feb 18 1977–Feb 06 1978 Snake Fire Yin (-)
Feb 07 1978–Jan 27 1979 Horse Earth Yang (+)
Jan 28 1979–Feb 15 1980 Sheep Earth Yin (-)
Feb 16 1980–Feb 04 1981 Monkey Metal Yang (+)
Feb 05 1981–Jan 24 1982 Rooster Metal Yin (-)
Jan 25 1982–Feb 12 1983 Dog Water Yang (+)
Feb 13 1983–Feb 01 1984 Boar Water Yin (-)
Feb 02 1984–Feb 19 1985 Rat Wood Yang (+)
Feb 20 1985–Feb 08 1986 Ox Wood Yin (-)
Feb 09 1986–Jan 28 1987 Tiger Fire Yang (+)
Jan 29 1987–Feb 16 1988 Rabbit Fire Yin (-)
Feb 17 1988–Feb 05 1989 Dragon Earth Yang (+)
Feb 06 1989–Jan 26 1990 Snake Earth Yin (-)
Jan 27 1990–Feb 14 1991 Horse Metal Yang (+)
Feb 15 1991–Feb 03 1992 Sheep Metal Yin (-)
Feb 04 1992–Jan 22 1993 Monkey Water Yang (+)
Jan 23 1993– Feb 09 1994 Rooster Water Yin (-)
Feb 10 1994–Jan 30 1995 Dog Wood Yang (+)
Jan 31 1995–Feb 18 1996 Boar Wood Yin (-)
Feb 19 1996–Feb 06 1997 Rat Fire Yang (+)
Feb 07 1997–Jan 27 1998 Ox Fire Yin (-)
Jan 28 1998–Feb 15 1999 Tiger Earth Yang (+)
Feb 16 1999–Feb 04 2000 Rabbit Earth Yin (-)
Feb 05 2000–Jan 23 2001 Dragon Metal Yang (+)
Jan 24 2001–Feb 11 2002 Snake Metal Yin (-)
Feb 12 2002–Jan 31 2003 Horse Water Yang (+)
Feb 01 2003–Jan 21 2004 Sheep Water Yin (-)
Jan 22 2004–Feb 08 2005 Monkey Wood Yang (+)
Feb 09 2005–Jan 28 2006 Rooster Wood Yin (-)
Jan 29 2006–Feb 17 2007 Dog Fire Yang (+)
Feb 18 2007–Feb 06 2008 Boar Fire Yin (-)
Feb 07 2008–Jan 25 2009 Rat Earth Yang (+)
Jan 26 2009–Feb 13 2010 Ox Earth Yin (-)
Feb 14 2010–Feb 02 2011 Tiger Metal Yang (+)
Feb 03 2011–Jan 22 2012 Rabbit Metal Yin (-)
Jan 23 2012–Feb 09 2013 Dragon Water Yang (+)

Chinese Astrology Animal Characteristics & Traits


The Rat of the Chinese Zodiac is a doer. Not just a doer but one that can get more accomplished in less time than the average person.

Smarts. The Chinese Rat is usually not short in the common sense & knowledge departments.

Good advice giver. But beware, they do not like to receive advice. In fact, they usually won’t ask for your opinion.

A lover of fine cuisine. But don’t expect them to cook it!

It is a common trait that most Rat year born persons rather get paid off their intelligence over actual labor.

Argumentative. The Rat is endowed with plenty wit and enjoys verbal jousting.

Penny-pinchers to the max. The Rat year born soul just worries about his/her finances and thriftiness is just part of their make-up.

It is generally believed that Rats birthed in the winter season will worry about not having food for the majority of their life.

All in all, Rat year born folks are good people. It’s hard for them to open up all the way. They are quite talkative in comfortable surroundings but their shrewd demeanor at times, causes them not to keep a lot of friends. In fact, the Rat is quite content with curling up solo and feeding their brain with a good book or an informative documentary.

When it comes to matters of the opposite sex, the Rat has no problem attracting attention because of its natural charismatic personality. In fact, the Rat can be quite charming. The ladies of this sign do have the tendency to live through their significant other as opposed to complimenting them.

Rats on a lower plane of thinking, feel a sense of entitlement. Living off someone freely, borrowing and not paying back, overly asking for favors is done without a blink of an eye. This is a Rat that has not faced their challenges head on and has suppressed all their negative energy.

More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Rat:

  • Very charming
  • gets more done than most
  • adapts well in most environments
  • good eye for bargains/discount shopper
  • intellectual
  • good at concealing or hiding things
  • secretive
  • creative
  • talkative
  • always in “alert mode”
  • analytical
  • seeks power
  • great debater/gets point across
  • honest
  • takes advantage of others/opportunist
  • argumentative
  • materialistic
  • anxious
  • nervous
  • very observant
  • quick tempered
  • little hotheaded
  • stingy
  • worrier
  • good advice giver
  • great imagination
  • resourceful
  • avoids manual labor
  • loves to travel
  • thirst for knowledge
  • perfectionist
  • difficult to please
  • good organizational skills
  • dominant
  • aggressive
  • does not seek advice from others
  • quick witted
  • a doer, not a talker
  • great writing skills
  • likes seclusion or solitude
  • socially active

Famous & Infamous Rats

George Foreman, John Elway, Notorious B.I.G., LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Snoop Doggy Dogg, John Madden, Jeffrey Dahmer, Wilt Chamberlain, Eminem, Bob Stoops, Terry Bradshaw, Marlon Wayans, Keyshawn Johnson, Ben Affleck, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, Cameron Diaz, William Shakespeare, Amadeus Mozart, Louis Armstrong, Daryl Hannah, Prince Charles, Al Gore, John McCain, George Washington, Burt Reynolds, Sean Penn, Antonio Banderas, Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Tucker, Reggie Bush


The Ox Stubborn.  Stubborn.  And stubborn.  The Ox takes the cake in this category.

Family and friends are 1, 2 & 3.  Oxen are not too accepting of those outside of their circle.

Most Oxen enjoy gardening and outdoor yard work.  They really do have a green thumb.

Oxen are usually the last ones to demand center of attention at a party or get-together.

Hard worker.  Ox year born people will work to the tilt for what they want.

Security first.  Specifically, financial security is one of their main priorities.

No risk taker here.  Oxen have the tendency to stick with what is proven.

Stern parent and disciplinarian.  They expect their kids to behave and be well-mannered.

The Ox could very well be the hardest working sign of the Zodiac.  Slow, gradual progress is all they expect.  And they are willing to labor endlessly as long as they see light at the end of the tunnel.  Their patience is a extremely valuable trait.  When most would give up and quit, the Ox keeps pushing on.

Along with their tremendous work ethic comes a huge dose of stubbornness.  This is not always a bad thing.  There are an overwhelming amount of celebrity Oxen.  They just don’t get discouraged hearing the words “can’t” & “no”.  These are traits, if used properly, that give natives of this sign very high will power.

The rage of this sign is no flowery subject.  Oxen are notorious for charging ahead with dangerous intentions.  It’s best to let them calm down before someone gets seriously injured!

More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Ox:

  • extremely patient
  • extremely hard working
  • a loner
  • quiet and reserved until angered
  • little slower or methodical than most
  • physically strong….”strong as an ox”
  • slow to accept those outside of your circle
  • very loyal to close ones
  • leader
  • prefer to work alone
  • family oriented
  • strong perseverance
  • even tempered for the most part
  • good speaker/speaks well
  • very stubborn
  • strong determination
  • original
  • green thumb
  • loves working outdoors in nature
  • practical/not extravagant
  • traditionalist
  • overly stern
  • holds grudges
  • survivor
  • anti-social
  • sets realistic goals to achieve
  • seeks security first/not a big gambler
  • smart
  • raging temper once provoked
  • possessive
  • jealous
  • conservative
  • good with hands
  • does not take orders well
  • all work/no play
  • good with finances
  • very dependable
  • home body

Famous & Infamous Oxen

Barack Obama, Malcolm X, Isiah Thomas, Dan Marino, Tyra Banks, Morgan Freeman, Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Nas, Terrell Owens, Johnnie Cochran, Colin Powell, Jim Carrey, Bill Cosby, Jack Nicholson, Reggie White, Brian Kelly, Meryl Streep, Sissy Spacek, Twiggy, Jessica Lange, Jane Fonda, Heather Locklear, Sammy Davis Jr., Walt Disney, Dustin Hoffman, Jon Bon Jovi, Warren Beatty, Paul Newman, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Redford, Oscar De La Hoya, Adolph Hitler, Johann Sebastian Bach, Napoleon Bonaparte Kate Moss, Bruce Springsteen, Dennis Rodman, Hans Christian Anderson


Tigers are fierce leaders so following others is not their strong point.

Up for a challenge?  The Tiger never backs down from competition.

Loyalty towards their family and close friends is second nature to the Tiger.

Tigers are pouncers, so they usually jump on things quickly and rush through it.

Injustices are not tolerated by these cats.  They will fight for the cause of the mistreated.

Natives of this sign are usually NOT motivated by just money.

The Tiger is a restless soul.  Always seeking out adventure or something out of the ordinary.  They are far from timid or afraid of the unknown.  In fact, normality is a little dull to them.

They really do attack what they go after.  Even with partners, this “breed” can end a relationship and go into another one with much gusto.  And with their natural courage and likable personality, finding takers is no problem.  Switching jobs and career paths are also likely with the Tiger.

Independent to the core.  It is rare to find a Tiger in a dependent situation.  If they are, you likely will discover an unhappy soul.  They love and need their roaming room.

More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Tiger:

  • very generous
  • extremely courageous/brave/no fear
  • quick reaction/acts without thinking
  • pounces on things/attacker
  • full of gust/full gusto
  • powerful
  • confident
  • full of energy
  • protective
  • enthusiastic
  • natural leader
  • stubborn
  • quarrelsome/doesn’t mind starting trouble
  • deeply sensitive to criticism
  • very noble/high character
  • active
  • good manners
  • authoritative/take charge type
  • loves challenges
  • thrill seeker
  • extremely competitive
  • independent
  • rebellious
  • captivating/people notice you
  • undisciplined/a little reckless
  • honest
  • playful
  • adventurous
  • tough on the outside but a softie to loved ones
  • bossy
  • antisocial
  • secretive
  • eager to please
  • careless at times
  • jealous/envious
  • quick to change mind
  • does not take orders well
  • likes to travel
  • very loyal
  • popular
  • rule breaker
  • passionate
  • dominant
  • very aggressive
  • unpredictable
  • always on alert/attentive

Famous & Infamous Tigers

Jerry Rice, Dr. J, Stevie Wonder, Jenna Jameson, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Cruise, Jay Leno, Derek Jeter, Demi Moore, Emily Dickinson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Roberta Flack, Jodie Foster, Hugh Hefner, Lionel Ritchie, Natalie Wood, Dylan Thomas, Agatha Christie, Ryan Seacrest, Drake, Kenny Rogers, Beatrix Potter, Sheryl Crow, Jay Leno, Rush Limbaugh, Paula Abdul, Phil Collins, John Steinbeck, Queen Elizabeth II, Garth Brooks, Mel Brooks, Martin Short, Martin Short


The Rabbit. Conservative yet fashionably attractive.  Not too flashy but they are usually neatly dressed.

Can be talkative sometime but they usually are more aloof.

Private, quiet worrier.  Do not expect them to just pour their heart out to you.

Quietly stubborn.  Luckily not as raging as the Ox.

The Rabbit is quite an intuitive creature.  So it’s not surprising that they “sense” a lot of things.

Very passive.  They just don’t want to stir up trouble.

High morals and impeccable manners, the Chinese Rabbit truly is graceful.  Rarely do they say the wrong thing.  They much rather keep it to themselves.  As poker faced as they are, you wouldn’t be able to tell if anything was wrong anyway.

Excellent with finances.  The natives of this Zodiac sign can control their splurging more than most.  It is a high priority for their life to be financially stress free.  As a matter of fact, they try to ensure that every aspect of their life is peaceful.  Extremely docile sign.

Rabbits do claim to be “under the weather” more than other signs.  Their health is something they constantly think about.  Even the ones in great shape consciously are fidgety when it comes to their health.

The biggest worrisome characteristic of the Rabbit, is their total private, secretive and sometimes secluded life.  They just are detached, for the most part.  It would serve them well to open up a little more and show some vulnerability.

More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Rabbit:

  • very gentle
  • calm demeanor
  • even tempered
  • aloof/detached
  • clever
  • tactful/says and does the “right” things
  • traditionalist
  • old fashioned
  • sensitive
  • solid judgment skills
  • stays away from chaos/seeks serenity
  • does not take blame well/passes the buck
  • loner
  • discreet
  • secretive
  • needs freedom/difficult to pin down
  • helpful
  • independent
  • passive
  • worries about health
  • introverted
  • refined
  • high moral character
  • sentimental
  • a little cowardly
  • suspicious
  • a little paranoid
  • seeks approval from others
  • pacifist
  • sophisticated
  • gets along with most people
  • can adapt to situations
  • perfectionist
  • well dressed
  • thoughtful
  • gifted artist
  • hospitable/great host or hostess
  • likes to socialize
  • forgiving
  • unflappable
  • self-absorbed
  • highly creative
  • not one to ask for help
  • good sixth sense
  • great with finances
  • conservative
  • not a risk taker
  • classy
  • stylish
  • home body

Famous & Infamous Rabbits

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Charles Barkley, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Lauryn Hill, Angelina Jolie, Jon Gruden, Anderson Silva, Ray Lewis, Tim Tebow, Quentin Tarantino, Harry Belafonte, Peter Fonda, Sting, Orson Welles, Bob Hope, Cary Grant, Andy Warhol, Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein, Tori Amos, Nicolas Cage, Brad Pitt, Drew Barrymore, jet Li, Helen Hunt, Johnny Depp, Brigitte Nielsen, Tatum O’Neal, Frank Sinatra, Confucious, Wilbur Wright, David Beckham, Lil Kim


The Dragon. Insert foot in mouth.  The Dragon is notorious for blurting out the first thing that comes to their mind.

Quick temper.  This short-tempered fire breather can flare up in a ball of rage at the drop of a hat.

Natural born leader.  Those that follow this breed do so willingly.

Sense of self-entitlement.  Nothing is off limits, in their eyes.

Dragons usually make a lasting impression, rather by choice or chance.

Gifted with intelligence and intuition, Dragons are decisive and are usually right more than wrong.

Competitive spirit.  The Dragon does not like being second to anyone.

Being the only mythological creature, in the Chinese Zodiac, there is certainly an air of mystery with this sign.  They are not the type to express their inner most feelings.  To know a Dragon, is to know what they allow you to know.

Born with boundless earthly knowledge, the Dragon sometimes offers unwanted advice.  They truly can plan someone’s life but their tact can be harsh and straightforward.  Honesty is their policy.

Revolutionary crusaders.  The Dragon has a sense of duty when it comes to the inhumanities of society.  It is not rare to find Dragons on the front lines of any protest or revolt.

Compassionate and full gusto.  Dragons are full of energy and pour their all into whatever they take up.  They lead by example and are sensitive to those that follow them.

Very loyal to their family and friends.  This sign is a natural protector of their loved ones.  Even with their selfish tendencies, there is absolutely nothing they won’t do for those that are close to them.

A Dragon on a lower plane of thought can be quite secretive and very unfaithful.  Since to them nothing is off limits, extramarital affairs can occur.  A dragon can live a double life without sparking any suspicions.

More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Dragon:

  • very influential
  • quick witted
  • unpredictable
  • extremely powerful
  • free spirit
  • intuitive
  • highly outspoken
  • lacks tact
  • very confident
  • brave
  • extremely ambitious
  • natural born leader
  • busy body
  • hates routines
  • claustrophobic
  • egotistic
  • judgmental
  • perfectionist
  • short tempered
  • magnetic personality
  • does not like being told what to do
  • great organizational skills
  • visionary
  • hard worker
  • challenging opponent/makes the worst enemy
  • optimist
  • never says never/can do anything
  • dominant
  • aggressive
  • great advice giver
  • stubborn
  • reckless
  • acts without thinking
  • harsh
  • dependable
  • fascinated by the unknown
  • philosophical mind
  • inspires others
  • thrill seeker
  • spends money quickly
  • well mannered
  • original
  • dreamer
  • irritable
  • loud mouth
  • good memory
  • risk taker/gambler
  • bigger than life persona

Famous & Infamous Dragons

Cedric the Entertainer, Bruce Lee, Mae West, Joan of Arc, Sigmund Freud, Florence Nightingale, Keanu Reeves, Susan B. Anthony, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Al Pacino, Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, Bill Belichick, Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Larry Brown, 50 Cent, Randy Moss, Chuck Norris, Che Gueverra, Jim Tressel, Wendy Williams, Rhianna, Alex Trebek, Urban Meyer, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, Alicia Silverstone, Dan Akroyd, Shirley Temple, Frank Zappa, Raquel Welch, lady Godiva, Salvador Dali, Calista Flockhart, Bing Crosby, Bo Diddley, Tom Jones, Courtney Cox


The Snake. Attractive and charming.  The Snake epitomizes the art of seduction.

Pre-wired with wisdom galore.  The Snake always relies on its natural intuition.

Philosophical mind.  These deep thinkers have a way of just knowing.

Very intelligent and well-spoken.  Snakes can talk you in or out of almost anything.

In relationships, the Snake can sometimes become very jealous and possessive.

This sign detests being the butt end of jokes.  This could be because of their insecurity at times.

The wisdom of the Snake is what separates this sign from its brothers and sisters in the Chinese Zodiac.  They “feel” their way through life carefully avoiding dangerous situations.  Conflict is the last thing on their minds.  They would rather much bask within their minds or feed themselves with food for thought.

Snakes are as calm as they come.  They rarely find reasoning to let their emotions get the best of them.  Retreating and devising a scheme or plan suits this sign the best.  The Snake is the master of plotting.

This sign is very private and secretive.  They just do not like letting others know too much.  They will throw you off if you suspect anything that they do not want you to know.  Diversion is their language.

Quietly unassuming allows the Snake to be extremely manipulative.  This breed, in a lower thought plane, can cause chaos in any situation.  Armed with their patience, they can carry out a scheme for a long time.

Snakes make good friends to the ones they truly adore.  Giving their time comes easier than lending money though.  They can be a little stingy.  But they will work side by side with their loved ones that need help.

More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Snake:

  • extremely wise
  • highly intuitive
  • very calm demeanor
  • lazy
  • sore loser
  • highly seductive
  • very charming
  • very well spoken
  • private
  • passive-aggressive
  • great timing/knows when to make moves
  • very patient
  • ultimate “poker face”
  • very sensitive
  • elegant
  • well mannered
  • decisive
  • likes the finer things
  • stingy with money but not time
  • procrastinator
  • stubborn
  • revenge seeker/always looks for paybacks
  • manipulative
  • dependent
  • calculating/strategist
  • analytical
  • philosophical
  • jealous type
  • possessive
  • naturally beautiful/good looking
  • not into small talk
  • great advice givers
  • not into mundane jobs
  • quiet strength
  • discreet/secretive
  • extremely sensual
  • compassionate
  • not a morning person/late riser
  • intelligent
  • cunning/sly/sneaky

Famous & Infamous Snakes

Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, Floyd Mayweather, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Howard Stern, Bill Parcells, Dr. Dre, Hulk Hogan, Tom Brady, KRS-One, Chris Brown, Cris Carter, Brooke Shields, Fiona Apple, Grace Kelly, JFK, Edgar Allan Poe, Abraham Lincoln, Aristotle Onassis, Kim Basinger, Johannes Brahms, Mahatma Gandhi, Bob Dylan, Jesse Jackson, Yasser Arafat, Tim Allen, Charlie Sheen, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Stacey Dash


The Horse. Considered one of the most “masculine” of the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse is usually dominant in a lot of areas.

Extremely independent.  Most natives of this Zodiac sign leave home earlier than most.

Very talkative and friendly.  They attract numerous friends because of their magnetic persona.

The Horse demands center of attention…..all the time.

Quick witted and clever, they usually are never lost for words.

Lover of kids.  They love life and children are life’s pride and joy.

Very hard worker.

The Horse is a high energy, spirited soul.  Their zest for life is contagious.  They give their all into whatever they take up.  Luckily, this sign is very versatile so they grasp onto things quickly.

The Horse is usually going 100 miles per hour at all times, so it’s not surprising that they fall in love quick and hard.  They are usually good providers to their families as long as their partner allows them their much needed independence.  It’s their natural tendency to roam.  They just don’t like being idle.

A control freak and an order barker.  Horse year born people just feel a need to have their fingerprint on everything.  Their way or the highway.

A Horse in the wrong frame of mind can be very childish and contradictive.  A grown person throwing a temper tantrum can seem extreme but this sign can really do it.  And to say one thing and do the opposite, well let’s just say that the Horse does this with ease.

More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Horse:

  • hard worker
  • great with hands
  • physically strong
  • stays active/busy body
  • needs freedom
  • natural leader
  • quick witted
  • very independent
  • friendly
  • great speaker
  • charming
  • decisive
  • very talkative
  • likes to be center of attention
  • extroverted
  • dominant
  • loves social gatherings
  • impatient
  • contradicting
  • quick to bark orders
  • control freak
  • instinctive
  • likes to cook
  • hospitable
  • likes immediate gratification/not into long projects
  • can tire quickly
  • very helpful
  • into fair play
  • hot headed
  • egotistical
  • aggressive
  • powerful
  • disciplinarian/demands respect
  • very clever
  • optimist
  • humanitarian
  • forgives and forgets
  • enjoys the outdoors
  • lacks self confidence at times
  • entertaining
  • blunt/honest/frank

Famous & Infamous Horses

Adam Sandler, Denzel Washington, Walter Payton, Janet Jackson, Halle Barry, Troy Aikman, Kobe Bryant, Spike Lee, Barbara Streisand, Cindy Crawford, Ella Fitzgerald, Harrison Ford, Jimi Hendrix, Usher Raymond, Jerry Jones, Warren Buffet, Royce Gracie, Gordon Ramsay, Gene Hackman, Rita Hayworth, Paul McCartney, Raquel Welch, Thomas Edison, Clint Eastwood


The Sheep and all its elegance is considered the most feminine of the Chinese Zodiac.

Very intuitive.  The Sheep is wired with psychic abilities.

No need to worry about this sign causing violent chaos.  They avoid conflict at all cost.

Day dreamer.  The Sheep is often somewhere deep in thought.

Naturally “motherly” and nurturing.  This sign is excellent with kids.

Sticks with what is traditional.  Rarely will you find the Sheep drifting into the unknown.

Money spender.  Why save when you can just buy?

Indecisive.  They really do have a hard time making up their minds.

Quite the worrier.  They just can’t keep them negative thoughts out of their heads.

The Chinese Sheep is one of the most artistic signs of the Zodiac.  Music, fashion, art, cooking and the such, appeal to Sheep like breath to life.  And they are excellent in whatever art they pursue.

Being somewhat suspect in new surroundings, Sheep need the security of familiar environments.  Give them comfortable space and interesting people, you will find a happy go lucky soul.  Even though they require thinking time alone, they really enjoy socializing with prominent, relevant people.

The Sheep is very fashion forward.  To find a Sheep dressed in anything less than stylish garb, is like finding a fish out of water.  Sheep have been known to check the mirror more than a few times to go just about anywhere!

True nature of the Sheep can be quite challenging.  Since a sheep is covered with wool, sometimes it’s hard to discover their real self.  Armed with this natural defense, the Sheep can keep their identity concealed for as long as they want.

Sheep on a lower thought plane, can be extremely dependent.  A rich sugar daddy or mama appeal to these souls.  Why get their own when someone will provide it to them.  And with their desirable traits, the sign usually gets what it wants.

More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Sheep:

  • motherly/nurturer
  • great taste
  • highly creative
  • elegant
  • attractive
  • avoids conflict
  • sweet
  • well mannered
  • pessimist
  • insecure
  • irresponsible
  • articulate
  • gentle
  • anxious
  • intuitive
  • highly artistic
  • great eye for beauty
  • doesn’t like to pick sides
  • dependent
  • seeks peaceful environments
  • secretive
  • suppresses true feelings
  • does not like schedules
  • adaptable
  • easy going
  • slow paced
  • great team player
  • dreamer
  • lazy
  • talker
  • intelligent
  • avoids physical labor
  • victim mentality
  • attention seeker
  • good samaritan
  • generous with time
  • patient
  • emotional
  • quiet
  • good sense of humor
  • great memory
  • follows rules and dislikes rule breakers
  • detail oriented

Famous  & Infamous Sheep

Bill Gates, Jamie Foxx, Arthur Ashe, Kate Hudson, Debra Winger, John Singleton, Nicole Kidman, John Grisham, Pamela Anderson, Tony Dungy, Deion Sanders, Don King, LL Cool J, Oliver North, Mick Jagger, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Mark Twain, Liberace, Michelangelo, William Shatner, Joe Pesci, Billy Bob Thornton, Kurt Cobain, Barbara Walters, Joni Mitchell, Goldie Hawn, Norah Jones, The Game, Rudolph Valentino, Orville Wright, Boris Becker, Reba McEntire, Chow Yun-Fat, Pink, Faith Hill, Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Vin Diesel, Will Ferrell, Arsenio Hall, Osho


More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Monkey:

  • intelligent
  • clever
  • quick witted
  • naturally funny
  • unfaithful
  • immature/childish at times
  • opportunist
  • active
  • great energy
  • must stay stimulate/bores easily
  • optimistic
  • confident
  • abundantly resourceful
  • excellent memory
  • charming
  • competitive
  • arrogant
  • superiority complex
  • dominant
  • good attention to detail
  • quick learner
  • does not like rejection
  • distrust others
  • not very dependable
  • independent
  • high spirited
  • a little mischievous/can start trouble
  • likes to have a lot of friends
  • thirst for knowledge
  • original/innovator
  • persuasive
  • problem solver
  • loves to travel
  • sociable
  • very sexual
  • self indulgent/puts self before others
  • great imagination
  • magnetic personality
  • conceited
  • loves to watch people/people watcher


More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Rooster:

  • a braggart/likes to boast
  • well dressed
  • good fashion sense
  • keenly observant
  • flashy on the outside but conservative by nature
  • very practical
  • popular amongst peers
  • generous
  • long term goal setter
  • brutally honest
  • sincere
  • good conversationalist
  • adapts to any situation
  • likes to be center of attention
  • good public speaker
  • over analyzes self
  • big ego
  • a doer
  • big spender on useless things
  • cautious
  • nit picker
  • self confident
  • excellent memory
  • charming
  • great work ethic
  • dependable
  • good common sense
  • good organization skills
  • resilient
  • outgoing personality
  • resourceful
  • attentive/alert
  • critical of others/judgmental
  • mistrustful
  • always trying to outdo others/one upper
  • can be aggressive


More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Dog:

  • extremely loyal
  • courageous
  • always on alert mode/very attentive
  • generous
  • a giver not a taker
  • worrier
  • pessimist
  • intelligent
  • roots of the underdog
  • defends the weak or those who can’t defend themselves
  • a protector
  • insecure
  • faithful
  • stubborn
  • introverted
  • prefers to be around people
  • selfless/puts others before self
  • modest
  • traditionalist
  • defensive
  • loves to fight for worthy causes
  • shy
  • anxious
  • affected by environment easily
  • huge heart/a lover
  • humanitarian of epic proportions
  • secretive
  • non materialistic
  • reliable
  • discreet
  • indecisive
  • paranoid
  • good judge of character/sniffs people out
  • sensitive
  • obsessive behavior
  • great perseverance
  • extremely cautious
  • little to no ego


More Traits and Characteristics of the Chinese Pig:

  • honest
  • sincere
  • thirst for knowledge
  • highly intelligent
  • gentle
  • very loyal
  • more of a watcher than doer
  • accepts people easily/tolerable
  • forgives but doesn’t forget
  • mature
  • great attention to detail
  • non competitive
  • quick to take the blame for others wrongdoings
  • appreciates beauty/visual
  • very dependable
  • gullible
  • passive
  • patient
  • naive
  • handles things internally
  • over indulges in pleasures
  • greedy
  • lazy
  • witty
  • kind/genuinely nice
  • hates lies & ugliness
  • big on fair play
  • insecure
  • sociable once you get to know someone
  • loving
  • dry sense of humor
  • well mannered
  • sensual

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