Spirit Mind Vs. Physical Mind


Our spiritual nature is our true identity. The physical body is only a vehicle for the spirit. This ‘vehicle’ allows us to experience many things on a physical level. Spirit is not the physical body, therefore, the spirit cannot be seen by most. When we pass on from the body, or transition, the physical is what dies.  Since we are originally spiritual beings, our spirit is infinite and will forever live on.

In a way, we all have unlimited lives. Those who view themselves as primarily physical beings are the ones who will experience great difficulty in overstanding that our true self is our spiritual essence.  And, we all have the ability to be godlike. The purpose of this article is to break down the differences between the Spirit Mind and the Physical Mind.

Let’s take a deeper look at the conscious part of the mind or, the ‘physical’ mind. The physical is our lower self spiritually. It deals with the root, sacral, and solar plexus Chakras. Many who are very rational and always using logic to try to prove a point are definitely vibrating from the physical mind. Our physical self is our lower self, which many call our dark side or shadow self. The physical side of us is that which is attracted to materials, money, desires (physical), attachments (physical), conditional love, and social aspects including groups, religions, labels, etc.

Our egoic self is associated with the physical mind.  Able to take in around 40 bits of information per second, the physcial mind operates off of nature and uses the five senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch) to make sense of the happenings in the world around us.  If these faculties cannot offer an explanation for the occurences, many will discredit or reject what it is they are ‘seeing’ or ‘feeling’. The left side of the brain is associated with the physical mind and is connected to our physicality.  For this reason, the physical mind sees limitations.

In contrast, the ‘Spirit’ mind is essentially the true essence of and in all of us. This mind is related to the subconscious.   It is this part of the mind that holds all the answers to our soul questions.  Shown in the right side of the brain, herein lies the connection to our spirituality. Many who have a hard time making sense of things but, accept that they exist without physical proof, are definitely resonating in the spiritual mind.  For example, oxygen, atoms, and gravity exist, we just can’t see them.

The spiritual mind works from the sixth sense, or 1st sense, which is our spirit sense or intuition.  This ‘mind’ averages 4 billion bits of information per second. It is from this mind that the power and abilities to heal the physical body are found. It is from this mind that we find our higher selves or god self.  The spiritual mind is associated with the throat, brow/3rd eye, and crown Chakras.

Allowing us to control and manipulate our physical minds, the spiritual mind is our true essence and Spirit.  It’s the side of us or ‘mind’ that lets us know that we are all connected regardless of race, sex, beliefs, ego, religion, and ideologies. When one is tapped into the spiritual mind, one will realize that death is only the rebirth.  One will become Metaphysical, which is the study of everything beyond the physical.  The spiritual mind sees no limitations.

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Written by Juice Myers

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Tips & Techniques for Dream Recall

tips for recalling dreams

Do you need help with remembering your dreams?  Well, you are not alone.  Many people are being guided to work with their dreams more in these days and times.  Many of our greatest early civilizations knew the importance of the dream state and made it their business to document and act on the messages that were portrayed during their nighttime visions.

Your Spirit Mind is at a metaphysical amusement park during dream time.  With your physical, logical mind at rest, it is a perfect opportunity for your Higher Mind (Spirit) to get messages to you!  The information that comes through in your dreams will assist you with your health, life’s purpose and direction, mundane decisions, and give clues for growth of the mind, body, and soul.

Dream recall, as with any other metaphysical and spiritual practice, requires just that, practice!  Probably the most important aspect of undergoing any ritualistic procedure is the mindset of the practitioner.  Do you believe that you can do it?  If the answer is yes, then you have already achieved the desired outcome!

After you consciously decide to work on dream recall and, believe you can do it, there are an array of tools and practices you can work with and do to guide you through!  As with everything, one size does not fit all.  I will highlight some of the ones that I feel are beneficial on a general basis for most individuals.  Work with one or a few of the techniques and tools recommended and see how it works for you…

11 Tips & Techniques for Dream Recall

  1. Program yourself before going to bed by saying affirmations.  As your laying in bed drifting into LaLa Land, repeat phrases such as: “I recall my dreams with ease”; “Remembering my dreams is easy to me”; “I always recall a dream when I wake up”.
  2. Keep a dream journal.  Your Spirit Mind prioritizes things that you focus on and do repeatedly or ritualistically.  Maintain a notebook or journal and write whatever comes to your mind when you first awaken even if it’s not a dream.  Capture your emotional state, feelings, hunches, people, places, things, ideas-and put it on paper.
  3. Sleep with minimal or NO electronics around you.  Electronics run off of extra low frequencies (ELF) and disrupt the rhythms of your electromagnetic fields.  ELF waves decrease the vibration of your subtle bodies (energy).
  4. Decrease alarm clock usage.  Allow yourself to come back into your physical body smoothly.  When you are awakened prior to entering your body it causes a shock to your system.  Upon awakening, relax in bed and allow your dream thoughts to rise t0 your conscious mind then write them down.
  5. Go to bed on an empty stomach.  When you have foods in your system at bedtime, your body has to work on processing and digesting the foods down.  This energy can be reserved for dream work and recall if there is nothing in your system.
  6. Share your dreams with friends, family, and focus groups.  Once again, your Spirit Mind takes notice of what you focus on and do regularly.  For you to share your nighttime visions means that it is of significance to you.  By Law of Attraction you will receive more of the same (dream recall).
  7. Use Monoatomic (Etherium) Gold and/or blue green algae. Monoatomic Gold heightens the energy of the Spirit Mind.  Everything is energy and  Monoatomic Gold enhances the energy of higher mind faculties.  Blue green algae is rich in chlorophyll and specifically enhances pineal gland functions (melatonin and DMT secretion).
  8. Avoid drinking alcohol and taking drugs or medications.  Toxic substances disrupt natural secretion of critical hormones for healthy sleep and rest.  There are natural herbs that can replace most drugs.
  9. Work with crystals.  Sleeping with crystals like amethyst, clear quartz, blue calcite and others can increase dream recall.  Intuitively choose crystals that work with the throat, third eye (brow), and crown chakras.  Also, check out our Meta-Dream Bags that are a mixture of crystals and herbs charged with Etherspace (etheric) energy.
  10. Repeat “I recall my dreams easily” throughout the day.  Repetition, repetition, and more repetition!  This is how you program the Spirit Mind.  Repeat the given phrase or a similar one and say it to yourself all day long.
  11. Read books about dreams before going to bed.  What you were doing before you went to sleep plays a huge part on your psyche and quality of dream work.  This is also why it is important to focus on positive thoughts as much as possible and definitely before falling asleep.  Reading books and listening to lectures and seminars about dreams places an emphasis on what you will work out in the dream state.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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Stopping Mind Chatter When Meditating


Question: How do you stop the so called “meditation chatter”?

Answer: You don’t – what you want to do is practice mental alchemy; or switching your thoughts to another vibration making it Spirit Mind Chatter!

Meditation chatter happens because most people are operating from their physical mind as opposed to their Spirit Mind.  Your physical mind is focused on….well, everything physical or pertaining to the mundane physical reality we are currently in.  This is derived mostly from your left brain or rational mind as it reigns over the physical thoughts.

If you are meditating and experiencing any of the following “symptoms” you are not tapping into your Spirit Mind and are succumbing to the traps of the ego by way of mental chatter.

Examples of mental or meditation chatter:

  • “I wonder if I’m going to have enough money to pay the mortgage.”
  • “What am I going to wear to work tomorrow?”
  • “I’m not meditating properly so this isn’t going to work.”
  • “I forgot what time my favorite show comes on.”
  • “I wonder what my children are doing.”
  • “Did I let the dog out?”
  • “I’m supposed to call my mom.”

One of the beautiful things about meditation is there is no one, single way to achieve a meditative state.  Meditation simply means to go within.  This can be done in a number of different ways.  So let’s use your mind chatter in a more positive and higher purposeful manner during your meditation.

I suggest focusing your mind and intentions on something for your highest good.  Here are some examples of Spirit Mind or higher self focuses:

  • your life purpose
  • how you can be of service to humanity; or business idea
  • charitable works; selfless service
  • connecting with your angels, guides, and ancestors
  • communicating with your Creator
  • practicing forgiveness
  • gaining more intuition

S. Ali Myers offers Intuitive Counseling to help clients operate from the Spirit Mind (Higher Self).

How to Spirit Mind Chatter

You can do whatever it is you do to get into a meditative state.  If you’re not familiar with meditation, simply do the following:

  1. Go to a quiet environment and place your body into a relaxed state, whatever is comfortable.  Breathe deeply, inhaling through your nostrils while expanding your abdomen and, breathe out pulling the air from your abdomen.  Repeat this 7 to 11 times or until your body is completely relaxed.
  2. You want to use the chatter you normally experience for your highest good so after your body is relaxed focus your mind on one of the previous examples or another one of your own ideas or intentions. 
  3. Ask your Creator, angels, spirit guides, ancestors and/or god(s) to assist you with positive acts towards your focused intention. 
  4. Mentally brainstorm and visualize positive scenarios and thoughts surrounding your focus.  Remember to only hold POSITIVE thoughts.

After you start brainstorming, visualizing, or using your mental chatter for your highest purpose you will begin to have thoughts that lead you to a resolution or greater insight (aha moments!).  You may even begin to question if they are even your thoughts.  This is a sign that you connected to one of the energies (Creator, angels, guides, ancestors, gods) that you called upon!  This IS Spirit Mind Chatter!

Tip: Try our alpha wave or theta wave binaural beats to help you reach a meditative state!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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11 Laws of the Spirit Mind™

spirit mind

The 11 Laws of the Spirit Mind are a blueprint for accessing your Higher Self.  We access this state of being or consciousness by activating our third eye and developing our subconscious mind.  There is a lot of talk about the Higher Self, Spirit, God Mind, Christ Consciousness and the sort but, rarely is there a methodology or principles laid forth to reach this higher state.  The purpose of these laws is to help those who are new to spirituality, metaphysics, and self-development and for those who need a little more instruction or direction on which way to go to live their highest self.

Take in mind that these laws are just the summary of what each principle entails.  There are things that you must do to gain access to your Spirit Mind.  It is not good enough to just read and think something will magically happen on an enlightened level.  YOU have to do the work!  For some, it may take this very brief overview of the laws to drastically change their reality, and others may need more information and/or instruction.

S. Ali Myers offers Intuitive Counseling to help clients operate from the Spirit Mind (Higher Self).

11 Laws of the Spirit Mind

Law #1. Know Self

You are a spiritual being in a physical body.  You incarnated with gifts and have life lessons to learn.  You have a pineal gland (third eye) and subconscious mind (Spirit Mind, Higher Self, Christ Mind etc.).  When you know yourself, physically and spiritually, you realize the essence of everything in existence.  Why?  Because everything is connected and is a reflection of ALL.

Law #2. Practice Love and Forgiveness

Love and forgiveness begin with self and then you may extend it to others.  You must love yourself and forgive yourself before you can energetically express it to others.  The heart is the gateway to your Higher Self (Spirit Mind).  It is through this energy center that you are lead to the higher faculties of your holistic self.  Anything less than this emotional energy is nothing more than you operating from your ego(self).

Law #3. Everything is Mental

Consciousness reigns supreme in this reality.  You must be aware of your conscious and subconscious thoughts.  Positive thoughts produce positive things and vice versa.  Perception is in the mind of the beholder.  Raise your consciousness and perceive from a higher vantage point.  It’s all in the mind!

Law #4. Follow Through with Intuitive Thoughts

Always listen to your “first voice” and act on those “irrational” thoughts that surface in your Spirit Mind.  This is your Higher Self speaking to you.  It’s important to act on all your “messages” to make room for more to come in.  These higher vibrating thoughts are meant to assist you in living your highest self or purpose and has your best interest at heart.  The challenge is differentiating between your regular thoughts and those of a higher nature (intuitive thoughts).

Law #5. Learn, Learn, Learn

You are here to learn and grow in this school that we call life.  What do you need to learn?  You need to learn about the things that you are attracted to and guided to.  Trust your intuition.  We learn through experiencing, so experiment with any information you are lead to.  Go past the information and gain true wisdom by applying this knowledge (information) in your everyday life.

Law #6. Follow Signs and Synchronicities

We all receive “pushes in the right direction” in the form of signs (seemingly out-of-place people, places, and things that lead you to something meaningful) and synchronicities (meaningful “coincidence”).  Everything has a cause.  These revelations are powerful and provide major insight into what you are doing or working on.

Law #7. Practice Meditation

Go within to the dark areas of yourself.  Out of that darkness comes the light or truth.  Meditation strengthens your third eye and increases your inner vision (inner sight).  It also helps you to have more control over your thoughts, and thus your actions.  Try meditating in the morning before sunrise or during the night when your third eye is more responsive.

Law #8. Decode Your Third Eye Adventures (dreams)

Your Spirit Mind communicates with you uninterrupted and without rationing while you so-call dream.  You are in your true essence (energy being) when you are “dreaming”.  Decode the symbolism of what your adventures entail.  You may receive premonitions, messages, warnings, knowledge and an endless array of possibilities while you dream.  Also, practice decoding or identifying the underlying symbolism in movies to help with breaking down your own adventures.  Remember, art imitates life.

Law #9. Live Your Purpose

If you are living then you have a reason for why you are here.  Everything in existence serves a purpose and you are no exception.  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here.  You’ll know when you have found your purpose and true path.  Once again, trust your intuition (Spirit Mind) and evaluate what comes natural to you.  You came here with the appropriate gifts and talents to live out your purpose.  Reconnect with this higher part of yourself and develop your gifts.

Law #10. Mind Your Food

There is no universal, one-size-fits-all diet and approach to overall health and well-being. Food, in this context, refers to drinks, supplements, medicine, drugs, and herbs.  There are high vibrating “foods” and low vibrating ones.  The key is to identify with what vibrates on your personal frequency and will benefit your highest self.  Be careful…. there are elements out there in the name of so-called foods (fast food, processed, GMO, sugars, salts, flour etc.), toxic medicines, fluoridated water, mercury-having vaccines, chem-trails etc.

Law #11. Discern Truth from Illusion

One of the lessons of the Third Eye Chakra is the discernment between truth and illusion.  You will flourish with truths or you will be decayed by lies.  Stay close to those truths that you hold dear within your heart.  See beneath the surface and trust your intuition and feelings.  When you live in truth you see things for what they are.  When you allow people and things outside of yourself to define your truths, you are living an illusion.  There are only universal truths that truly apply to everything….. the rest are either personal and/or subjective.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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What is the Spirit Mind™?

spirit mind

This current 3D reality is based off dualities.  Everything has an opposite or opposing force.  For example: left/right, up/down, cold/hot, good/bad, solid/liquid and so on.  All these things are considered opposites but they are still one in the same.  Left and right are both directions as cold and hot are both temperatures.  They just vary in frequency.

It’s accepted by most that thoughts become things.  Taking this example even further, we can also say that everything derives from the spirit or non-physical into the physical.  This means that everything in this reality has a spiritual existence or imprint.  All things manifest from the spirit or unseen.

Most modern day scientists and quantum physicists have accepted the fact that physical matter is really a condensed version of energy (non-physical; spiritual).  Albert Einstein is credited with the famous formula E = mc2.  This scientifically explains how matter can be turned into energy and energy into matter.  They are one in the same.

When we operate from our Spirit Mind, we are aware of the unseen and pick up “messages” that were previously not received.  This drastically increases our chances of successfully navigating this 3D reality.  It’s like looking at a clock with the knowledge of a clockmaker.  Most people just see the time but the clockmaker knows the inner workings and mechanical functions – aware of the unseen.  The clockmaker innerstands the spirit of the clock.

By using your Spirit Mind through third eye activation and subconscious mind development, you “turn on” your inner vision and become aware of what you previously did not notice.  You go from consciously using only 10% of your brain to utilizing more of your “think tank”!  This is the secret of becoming superhuman in this material world.  Your Spirit Mind is all about “seeing” beneath the surface which in turn will help you better in your physical reality.

Your Spirit Mind is truly your Higher Self.

Everything is mental or in the mind of the beholder.  Elevating your conscious awareness by actively using your Spirit Mind is key to:

  • receiving messages from the Spirit World
  • minimizing the effects of negative programming by the media, “powers-that-be”, society, and other people
  • increasing creativity
  • having more direction in life
  • living a happier and more fulfilled life
  • becoming more “psychic” and intuitive
  • knowing your life purpose & Much More!

Third Eye Activation (dot) com and the teachings from myself, S. Ali Myers, are geared toward helping those that are ready to unlock their infinite mind power by operating from the Spirit Mind.  Please browse through our website to get more familiar with your true spiritual and mental potential while you are in this human form.

S. Ali Myers offers Intuitive Counseling to help clients operate from the Spirit Mind (Higher Self).

You are powerful beyond all measures!  Start living life with your Spirit Mind in full activation!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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What is Third Eye Activation?

what is third eye activation

The purpose of this article is to explain what the activation of the Third Eye (3rd eye, pineal gland) is in a practical way that can help you in your everyday life.  Believe it or not, everyone uses their Third Eye unconsciously.  By recognizing your Third Eye’s potential, you exponentially increase your inner vision and guidance that will help you in your waken reality.

The Third Eye is your pineal gland which is located in the center of your brain.  The pineal gland literally has a lens, cornea, and retina, hence the term, third eye.  A better name for it would be the first eye as all things derive from the spiritual, or unseen, as in thoughts become things.  The thought is the unseen and the physical manifestation of that thought is the thing.

Activation means to begin or initiate.  By using your Third Eye consciously, you activate your inner vision in a more controlled and recognizable manner.  Your two physical eyes help you get around this physical, material world while your third eye provides inner vision and guidance.  See it as your own personal GPS in this physical reality.

When you are asleep, your Third Eye is fully active.  What we call dreaming is actually your spirit (soul’s energy; what animates the body) traveling in different dimensions and planes of existence.  Your soul is actually released through your Third Eye.  The pineal gland is a portal or gateway for your soul.  Rene Descartes, famous French philosopher, dubbed the pineal as the “seat of the soul”.

Your physical eyes are closed and resting when we dream yet you see people, places, and things during your third eye adventures or dream state.  You can have greater vision and clarity when you actively use your powerful Third Eye.  When you are able to “see,” understand, and connect with the unseen, you dramatically improve your overall quality of life by being able to distinguish and understand the messages provided to you by the Spirit World.

We are constantly receiving messages, signs, and symbols from the Spirit World.  You can call them your ancestors, god(s)/goddess(es), spirit guides, angels or your higher self.  The terming is not important but the messages can be life transforming.  Third Eye Activation (dot) com is a result of message receiving, gathering, interpreting and applying.  Activating your third eye will enable YOU to better receive and understand these messages and signs.

Some of the benefits of Third Eye activation are:

  • increased intuition
  • better direction in life (GPS)
  • knowing your life/soul purpose
  • more psychic awareness
  • never feeling alone
  • better health & well-being
  • clearer and more vivid dreams, astral projection, lucid dreaming
  • knowledge of self (spiritual being in a physical reality)
  • connecting with non-physical beings (creator, god(s)/goddess(es), spirit guides, ancestors, angels etc.)
  • increased overall knowledge
  • reduced risk of danger

It’s important to know that the Third Eye is not just a “visual tool”.  We all have different spiritual gifts.  These gifts are delivered through your Third Eye.  By activating your Third Eye, you will see if you are a healer, psychic, medium, teacher, counselor, clairvoyant (seeing beyond the physical), clairaudient (hearing beyond the physical), clairsentient (feeling beyond the physical), prophet, seer, empath etc.  These spiritual gifts will help you tremendously in this physical world.

When you activate your Third Eye and develop your subconscious mind you become the co-creating god or goddess that you came here to be.  The Universal Prime Creator gave us these tools for us to learn, grow, and create.  Unlock your unlimited, eternal mind power and start living with purpose!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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What is the Subconscious Mind and How Do You Program it?

subconscious mind conscious mind 88 12

What is the subconscious mind?  What does the subconscious mind do?  Your subconscious mind is your ultimate video, voice, and thought recorder.  From this lifetime and before, your subconscious mind has recorded everything that you’ve seen, heard, thought or experienced.

So why haven’t you heard more about the subconscious mind?  To this point, scientists and neuro-fanatics have been unable to explain what the approximately 90% of your brain that you don’t use does?   The subconscious mind exists within that 90% majority.  You can call it your higher self, god mind, christ conscious, or whatever supernatural tag you want to place on it.

The word subconscious is easily broken down.  Sub means below and conscious means awareness, so subconscious simply means that which is below your awareness or, what your are not aware of.

Are you aware of your heartbeat every second of every day?  What about your breathing?  How many times have you blinked your eyes today?  Do you consciously digest your food?  Most of us do not even chew our food consciously.  This is a subconscious action.

Have you ever been driving on the highway and got so lost in your thoughts or listening to music that you couldn’t even remember the last exit sign, how fast you were driving, or the fact that other drivers were around you?  That is because your mind was consciously thinking or listening to music and that all or most of its energy was focused on the music and you were subconsciously driving.  This means you were  driving solely by your mind’s retention and execution of the ability to maneuver a vehicle.  This is why young people are told to “pay attention to the road”.  Cliches are also a form of subconscious mind programming.

We use the automatic functions of our subconscious mind on a daily basis.  Mundane routines such as brushing your teeth, combing or brushing your hair (if you have any, unlike myself!), chewing gum, folding clothes, mowing the lawn, cleaning windows, washing dishes, vacuuming….I think you get the point.  Any activity that you have done repeatedly is planted prominently in your subconscious mind.  It is not by chance that repetition is one of the best ways to influence the subconscious mind.  Ever wondered why you see the same commercials over and over?

S. Ali Myers offers Intuitive Counseling to help those that are ready to help themselves.

Your subconscious mind is programmed by you, your family and friends, society and everything else outside of you.  Your subconscious mind does not discern between what is true or false.  Your conscious, or rational and reasoning mind does that.  The subconscious accepts everything.  That’s why it’s critical that you filter what is embedded in it.

We live in the information age and what you are aware of is vital in navigating this physical reality.  It’s all about being aware of the unaware.  Or conscious of the subconscious.  You are the center and god or goddess of your universe.  Everything is a perspective of your mentality or consciousness.  You can program yourself for happiness and success or let everything outside of  you program your mind with fear and  thoughts of failure.  Thoughts become things.  The choice lies with you.

In addition to deprogramming and reprogramming negative subconscious thoughts, you can install positive programs.  Here are a couple practical techniques that you can use to program your subconscious mind for the better.

Tip:  Use an alpha wave binaural beat (brainwave entrainment) to help program your subconscious mind.

Techniques for programming your subconscious mind:

1. Positive Affirmations & Mantras – An affirmation is any statement that you affirm, or speak.  A mantra is an affirmation or phrase that is repeated over and over.  When you repeat a positive affirmation, it is eaten up by your subconscious mind making a lasting impression.  Some examples of positive affirmations that you can repeat are:

  • “I am filled with peace, harmony and joy.”
  • “My positive thoughts produce positive things.”
  • “I love myself and everything that is around me.”

You can say affirmations for a set amount of time or quantity.  Also, try repeating them in your head throughout the day.  The more you say your positive affirmations, the better your results will be.  Try the provided affirmations or make up your own.

2. Create positive habits and routines – If you have a job, then you have developed a routine.  Your subconscious mind has accepted the fact that you will and must go to work.  This is because most people associate having a job with being able to live within society.  Knowing what you know now about your subconscious mind, you can begin creating habits and routines that will fuel your soul and ignite your spirit.

Create positive habits and routines like:

  • meditation
  • eating healthier (alkaline diet, vegetarian/vegan, replace a meal with a smoothie, drink more water etc.)
  • practicing marital arts or yoga
  • artistic expressions like painting, drawing, cooking, decorating, sculpting and such
  • keep a daily journal and/or dream journal

Eventually, any activity or practice you partake in will become what we call, second nature.  Remember, anything you try that may be difficult or awkward initially, will become easier with time and practice.

Check out our Alpha Wave Binaural Beat for subconscious mind development!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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