The 3rd Eye vs The Ego

One of the lessons people have when they “wake up” or activate the third eye is the battle between the Ego and the Spirit Mind.  This article will serve as a guide to help you recognize the tricks that the Ego will play on you to try to prevent your spiritual growth and seeing with a single eye.

First, let’s define the 3rd eye.  The third eye symbolizes truth and spiritual vision. It’s responsible for most psychic abilities including the ability to see and feel past “the veil”.  Being that it is activated or stimulated by Light, the 3rd eye has the ability to interpret energy in a number of different ways.  Your third eye has a lot to do with your dreams and ability to recognize spiritual truths.

The Ego has two main jobs: to maintain the physical self and prevent spiritual growth.  The Ego says that the physical world is all there is and I am here to protect the body, personality, and sense of individuality.  The Ego knows that it is minimized when you KNOW that there is much more to you than the body and brain.  The Ego knows that it will cease to exist if you find out who you really are!

How does the Ego try to stop the 3rd eye from being open and seeing reality for what it is?

As mentioned, the Ego is not concerned with Spirit and seeing past the physical illusion.  On a spiritual path of expanding your consciousness, you will encounter the Ego trying to stay alive and not see that he is just an illusion.  When you notice that you are not alone in this world but also in Spirit, it shows you that there is something else going on beneath the curtain or veil.

Many people start to see all the synchronicities or meaningful coincidences that happen during the “awakening” process.  You start to feel like you are being guided by something or someone. You start to feel like you are not alone when you think you are.  You begin to see or hear things that seem like they are not there.  Your Ego will try to have you believe that you are making it up. But, it is extremely difficult to make up things in a world made up of thoughts or consciousness (ALL is Mind / Law of Mentalism).

When your third eye begins to open, you will undoubtedly start to see and feel things.  Most of the time, these experiences will occur when you are alone. Remember, this is a lonely path.  Your Ego will come up with every reason why you are not really experiencing what you are going through.  This is where books, lectures, teachers and other materials will help you curb your doubts about metaphysical things.  On a deeper level you know there are many planes of existence but on a material level you forget this.  This is the battle between the Ego and Spirit.

Over time you will begin to recognize when the Ego is at play.  The Ego is loud for most people and this is why we say things like “listen to the still, small voice”. That still, small voice gets louder as the Ego is quieted.  This is the goal of having a healthy third eye and Spirit Mind.  With awareness and practice you will start to trust the Spirit Mind over the Ego.  When you do this consistently you will grow beyond your wildest dreams!

When you really awaken to who you are and realize ALL the help you have in the Spirit World, you’ll begin to use words like “we” and “us” instead of “me” and “I”. The Ego is individualistic and the Spirit is ALL. – S. Ali Myers

Written by S. Ali Myers

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