The Sub-Conscious Body

All consciousness operates from a sub-conscious that infinitely accumulates data from experiences through thoughts and/or actions.  This data is activated through and during these experiences.  We have heard of the sub-conscious mind so, let’s broaden our understanding by introducing the sub-conscious body.  Usually, references made to the sub-conscious mind are generally related to the area of the head or brain but, that is not completely accurate.  The sub-conscious ‘mind’ encompasses a multitude of elements:  physical and nonphysical, visible and invisible, dimensional and multidimensional, and outer spiritual and inner spiritual.  When speaking of the sub-conscious mind and the sub-conscious body as a collective in functionality, we refer to them simply as the sub-conscious.  How many of us take all of these other “elements” into consideration when thinking about the sub-conscious? Incorporating the aspect of the sub-conscious body allows us to identify another component that makes up our total sub-conscious ‘mind’.   The subconscious body collects information from experiences in cellular memory and often triggers the body to have a reaction, in specific situations, causing the ‘mind’ and ‘body’ to bridge similarities to a remembrance of a past experience.  These triggers can be anything that connects to information previously stored in the cellular memory.  A smell, a song, a remark someone made, or the way something feels to the touch can activate memory and cause physical responses.

This is often true for people that have experienced various traumas.  Once the cellular memory has been activated, or triggered, a person can relive the physiological effects of that trauma as if it were happening all over again.  For example, let’s say a child was in a fire that burned down his family home. Forty years later, his subconscious still carries that trauma with him and every now and then, different things can cause that trauma to resurface.  Now, this 40-year old man can witness the smoke and flame from a grill and become entrenched with feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and fear in the mind.  Physiologically, the body may have also reacted by coughing, sweating, increased heart-rate, etc., although there is no immediate danger.   The person is experiencing the same feelings from the earlier trauma do to the cellular memory being activated by the initial smell of smoke.  Since there is no danger, why does this happen?  As all behaviors are derived from the subconscious, the information about the fire had been recorded in the sub-conscious, both mind and body.  The information the sub-conscious records is not time stamped.  Factors that are meaningful to us such as time, age, and locations are irrelevant to the sub-conscious.  As far as the sub-conscious is concerned, the fire trauma that was experienced as a child and the flame and smoke of today are the same events happening at the same time.

The sub-conscious is a communicative organic storage of information cultivated from life experiences relating to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dynamics.  These are collected and distributed through specifically expressed individual, environmental, and societal behaviors and traits.  One may say that the sub-conscious mind is the thought and the sub-conscious body is the action. All in all, it is safe to say that both transmit and receive information that dictate our mental and physical ‘minds’ and therefore, directly affect us in our experiences.

This information can serve as a guide to help you with the sub-conscious loop of physical and emotional feelings.  The sub-conscious mind and the sub-conscious body are one in the same.  Referenced here as two elements was to broaden our understanding in identifying how the sub-conscious works as a whole.  Better awareness and understanding of the information that is being absorbed by the sub-conscious can assist you in life and on your spiritual path.  Once you are more aware of the data that is being imprinted into your sub-conscious collective, you can then implement a more stern filtering process.  When you quickly identify a potentially harmful piece of data being imprinted into your sub-conscious, you are  able to defuse it more quickly by simply changing your feelings towards that data.

Written by Sy Shanti

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