Third Eye Chakra Lessons

The third eye chakra is also known as ajna or brow chakra and is associated with the pineal gland.

Chakra is a name that comes from the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “turning”.  They can be considered the wheels of life.  Since we are energy, we have energy centers or hubs that control the flow of energy throughout our body.  Everything you do requires some form of energy.  Some activities require a higher output of energy than others.  This is the basic premise of chakras and how it best relates to you as an energy being – how one exerts their energy and what it affects.  This energy we possess is sometimes referred to as subtle energy.

According to the Hindu chakra system, we have seven major chakras or energy hubs in our physical body.  From the base of our spine to the the top of our head, these wheels of energy are present and in motion.  A disruption of energy flow from any chakra can potentially cause dis-ease and/or discomfort, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

You may be asking how can you disrupt the flow of chakra energy.  You can not allow each chakra to flow freely by not abiding by the lessons that each chakra holds.  Each one of these centers are the point in which our energy is derived from on this physical plane of existence – what we call the human experience on earth.  Why?  Because…Everything you do uses energy!

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Third Eye Chakra Lessons

The lessons of the sixth chakra can be difficult to master but once you do, you will never view the world the same again.  This energy deals with deciphering between all the taught traditions, beliefs, customs and coming up with your own truths.  Society and the so-called “powers that be” do not teach you how to open up this chakra.  In fact, the “matrix” does everything it can to keep you trapped in a false and only physical reality.  This is the total opposite of operating from the Spirit Mind (higher self).

The reason this chakra is one of the more challenging lessons is because sometimes it’s easier to live in an illusion than to face the truth and make your moves accordingly.  For example, have you ever known someone who was with a mate that was cheating on them?  Everyone knew about it, including the person getting cheated on, but they rather live in an illusion that all is fine as oppose to facing reality and possibly separating from their cheating mate.

The third eye chakra energy is best used to “see beneath the surface”.  This is pertinent because we live in an illusionary world.  What seems physical is just condensed energy.  With an open brow chakra you have an inner knowing on what is true or false, beneficial or detrimental, and relevant or irrelevant.  This energy is what makes up your consciousness.

In addition to the main lesson of discerning between truth and illusion, the brow chakra deals with your intuition, psychic potential, intellect, capacity to learn, objective reasoning, perceptiveness, wisdom and mind power.  Mind power is another example of the energy-meaning words associated with these chakras.

Objective reasoning is when you can access something without bias.  Think of how a judge should be in their court of law.  When listening to the plantiff and defendant, a judge should not let prejudices, preconceived notions and hearsay dictate their judgment.  Flow of this brow chakra energy involves finding the ultimate truth after due diligence.  This requires you to “take yourself out” of the picture and assess it from a god-like view.

Mastering the lessons of the third eye chakra enables you to filter this reality through your Spirit Mind.  This is what we can call higher reasoning – the ability to see things for what they are as oppose to how it’s portrayed.  This is ultimate truth and truth is the light.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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