Third Eye in Hip Hop

Hip Hop or rap has always been a medium to express knowledge, wisdom and commentary about life.  With that said, many subjects and topics have been conveyed through the microphone.  Public Enemy chanted “fight the power” while Tupac told us to “keep our heads up”.  Rappers have been speaking their truth and many started terming this “political or conscious rap”.

The third eye or pineal gland has also been referred to in rhyme schemes.  We’ve decided to put together a growing list for anyone to reference if they wanna hear some joints that speak about the 3rd eye.

Feel free to add-on by contacting us with artist name (preferably known), song, and lyric.

Hip Hop songs with 3rd eye lyrics

50 Cent – C.R.E.A.M. 2009

“Trip 6-6-6, I’m back on my bullshit / See clear through my third eye it’s gon’ be a murda'”

50 Cent – Murder One

“Seeing through my third eye with both closed eyelids / Stand close to the homie you wanna die with”

Ab-Soul – Pineal Gland

“I might be tripping off that DMT / TDE, Limitless like we on NZT” (DMT is a hallucinogenic chemical that the pineal produces)

Black Star – Astronomy (8th Light)

“Now black people unite and let’s all get down / Now everybody hop on the one, the sounds of the two / It’s the third eye vision, five side dimension / The 8th light, is gonna shine bright tonight / Everybody hop on the one, the sounds of the two / It’s the third eye vision, five side dimension / The 8th light, is gonna shine bright tonight / It’s the third eye vision, five side dimension” – Mos Def

Canibus – Master Thesis

“My circularized third eye sees all / Atlantis was surrounded by 4 sea walls”

Canibus – Melatonin Magik (Album) 

Canibus – Melatonin Magik (Album)

(Melatonin is a hormone that the pineal gland secretes)

Clipse – Taiwan to Texas

“They blind in they third eye, my view is bird’s eye / Malice eliminate every first, second and third guy” – Malice

Common – Invocation

“Ignore MCs like beeps, scribbling freedom on pages / My third eye is like pink eye, seen and contagious”

Cormega – Testament

“I represent excellence, my minds an eye / My third eye an extra clip yet to flip”

Dead Prez – Intelligence is Sexy

“Intelligence from head to to / Third eye open, ready to grow / Look inside her beautiful mind / Fly design, watch her shin”

Del tha Funkee Homosapien – Ya Lil Crumbsnatchers

“Who try to pull the wool over the third eye / Comin’ fly with Mr. Greenjeans”

Game – Angel

“That made me feel like I could fly, sometimes I wanted to die / Prolly cause the angel dust was fuckin’ with my third eye”

Gang Starr – What I’m Here 4

“Prance to it, use your third eye and glance through it / Your state of being, becoming advanced through it”

Genius/GZA feat Method Man – Shadowboxin’

“Nightmares like Wes Craven, niggas gunnin’ / My third eye seen it coming, before it happened” –  Method Man

Ghostface Killah – Assassination Day feat Inspectah Deck

“I move through the third world, my third eye’s the guiding light / Invite the fight, we all die tonight” – Inspectah Deck

Goodie Mob – Fighting

“You’ll find a lot of the reason we behind / Is because the system is designed to keep our third eyes blind / Bun not blind in the sense that our other two eyes can’t see / You just end investing quality time in places you don’t even need to be” – Cee-Lo

Gravediggaz – Unexplained

“Data, scientifical, not just the typical / Waste matter my third eye expands my peripheral”

Hieroglyphics – Pep Love

“And get my piece of the pie / This Hieroglyphic high priest speaks from my third eye” –  Pep Love

Jay Electronica – Dimethyltryptamine

Jay Electronica

“Pigs with the heads of men spat acid / That lasered my third eye closed like Lasik”

Jay Electronica – Suckas

“They can’t compete B, my third eye vision is 3D / Seeing what Maussan couldn’t civilize in the BC”

Jay Electronica – The Announcement

“Decoded hieroglyphics in the shrines for the mummies / We not Illuminati but our eye is on the money”

Jedi Mind Tricks – I Against I

“The dopest vocalist, with my third eye I focus with / I proceed, flow with the speed of an Indie motorist”

Jeru the Damaja – 99.9 Pa Cent

“Laser sharp jagged edge bust your third eye / Vessel of the most high, bullshit, they demand you supply”

Joey Bada$$ – Enter the Void feat. Ab-Soul

“I’m doing drugs, fornicating and eating fast food / But I know I got three eyes cause I’m looking past you” – Ab-Soul

“Keep your mouth shut and keep your motherfuckin’ chakras open / Keep your all seeing eye open” – Ab-Soul

Killah Priest – To Be King

“I also see a thousand palaces in the sky / My third eye unchain a phoenix bird, fly”

Krayzie Bone – The Future

“See, everyday I find myself taking the planets oldest remedy / Cause it makes the third eye unblind to the mind destruction that’s in plane visibility”

KRS-ONE – The Truth


“So I say listen, listen, open up your third eye vision / God is not down with religion”

Lil B – Don’t Let Me Die

“One eye for the world believing / Third eye in the middle for weedin'”

Lil B – Robbin’ and Shoppin’

“I know you suckas plottin’, third eye watchin’ / Two eyes on my fuckin’ neck cause I’m cautious”

Lil Wayne – My Homies

“Little nigga with a thick bitch and before I fuck this bitch / I gotta put the patch over my third eye, Slick Rick”

Lil Wayne – Rolling in the Deep (Remix)

“And they can’t blindfold what my third eye see / Yeah I was locked up, but like a bird I’m free”

Nas – War feat. Keon Bryce

“Cause my third eye sees the lowdown / And I know it’s not my time to go now” – Keon Bryce

One Be Lo – Wake Up

“Never denied, better than Clyde, I glide from the three / Third eye verbal live, certified with the beat”

Papoose – Thug Connection feat Kool G Rap

“People hurting, getting bitten by satan’s serpeants / Steadying inserting lies in they third eye to make ’em servants” – Kool G Rap

Poor Righteous Teachers – I’m Comin’ Again

“God still shall commence / To show and prove, thy third eye power of Wise, Intelligence” – Wise Intelligence

Praxis – Galaxies feat. Killah Priest

“Tap upon my pineal glands / My third eye swifts as the bird fly / The eagles did land” – Killah Priest

Pro Era – Interlude 47

“Follow your heart, but the system will tear us / My third eye perceives that I can’t perish” – Kirk Knight

Pro Era – Like Water

“And I quote, we came like them niggas in boats / Still think it’s a joke, your third eye vision is broke” – Capital Steez

“Through third eye codes, your third eye closed / If Steve Jobs made you purchase a third iPhone / All seeing eyes know what eye means / But 33 degrees can’t make us freeze” – Joey Bada$$

Rakim – After You Die


“Til my third eye gives me a bird’s eye view / Focus ’til my ghost is on a curb by you”

Rakim – Follow the Leader

“A furified freestyle, lyrics of fury / My third eye makes me shine like jewelry”

Rakim – Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em

“Ya mentally paralyzed / Crippled ya third eye”

Rakim – When I’m Flowin’

“Third eye’s wide open, you’re focused on the theory / Keep scopin’ til you hear me, words is spoken clearly”

RZA – Must Be Bobby

“I be spreadin’ knowledge keepin’ my third eye polished / Never, chase for dollars to fulfill the black wallet”

Snoop Lion aka Snoop Doggy Dogg – Rebel Way

Snoop Lion aka Snoop Doggy Dogg

“I stay on my Modus operandi / Opening my third eye”

Soulja Boy – Ocean Gang Splash

“Word around town Soulja Boy got the potion / Bitch I close my eyes but my third eye is open”

Soulja Boy – Xtra

“And my third eye open for them boys in blue / You stuck on hatin’ with the negative glue”

The Roots – You Ain’t Fly

“Black, butter ummm….that’s what I be / Had to tell a girt to set her mind free / Use the third eye possibly you will see / What you get, with material objects”

Twista – 3rd Eye

“See you with the eye, rather at the apex of a pyramid or the forehead of a cyclops”

“Knowledge is power so he taught you ’bout your third eye”

U-God – Golden Arms

“I keep my third eye 20/20, everything looking sunny / Gods told me, ‘nothing move but the money, Money'”

Viktor Vaughn aka MF Doom – Fall Back/Titty Fat

“Still workin’ out the kinks / Everytime he thinks his third eye blinks”

Wiz Khalifa – I Go Hard feat. Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang Clan)

“Sixth sense, six pack, six degrees of separation / My evil third eye blinks with no hesitation” – Ghostface Killah

Wu-Tang Clan – For Heaven’s Sake

“The crowd seducer black your third eye before I lose ya / Verbal high, leave styes in the eyes of Medusa” – Inspectah Deck


Compiled by S. Ali Myers

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