Tips & Techniques for Dream Recall

Do you need help with remembering your dreams?  Well, you are not alone.  Many people are being guided to work with their dreams more in these days and times.  Many of our greatest early civilizations knew the importance of the dream state and made it their business to document and act on the messages that were portrayed during their nighttime visions.

Your Spirit Mind is at a metaphysical amusement park during dream time.  With your physical, logical mind at rest, it is a perfect opportunity for your Higher Mind (Spirit) to get messages to you!  The information that comes through in your dreams will assist you with your health, life’s purpose and direction, mundane decisions, and give clues for growth of the mind, body, and soul.

Dream recall, as with any other metaphysical and spiritual practice, requires just that, practice!  Probably the most important aspect of undergoing any ritualistic procedure is the mindset of the practitioner.  Do you believe that you can do it?  If the answer is yes, then you have already achieved the desired outcome!

After you consciously decide to work on dream recall and, believe you can do it, there are an array of tools and practices you can work with and do to guide you through!  As with everything, one size does not fit all.  I will highlight some of the ones that I feel are beneficial on a general basis for most individuals.  Work with one or a few of the techniques and tools recommended and see how it works for you…

11 Tips & Techniques for Dream Recall

  1. Program yourself before going to bed by saying affirmations.  As your laying in bed drifting into LaLa Land, repeat phrases such as: “I recall my dreams with ease”; “Remembering my dreams is easy to me”; “I always recall a dream when I wake up”.
  2. Keep a dream journal.  Your Spirit Mind prioritizes things that you focus on and do repeatedly or ritualistically.  Maintain a notebook or journal and write whatever comes to your mind when you first awaken even if it’s not a dream.  Capture your emotional state, feelings, hunches, people, places, things, ideas-and put it on paper.
  3. Sleep with minimal or NO electronics around you.  Electronics run off of extra low frequencies (ELF) and disrupt the rhythms of your electromagnetic fields.  ELF waves decrease the vibration of your subtle bodies (energy).
  4. Decrease alarm clock usage.  Allow yourself to come back into your physical body smoothly.  When you are awakened prior to entering your body it causes a shock to your system.  Upon awakening, relax in bed and allow your dream thoughts to rise t0 your conscious mind then write them down.
  5. Go to bed on an empty stomach.  When you have foods in your system at bedtime, your body has to work on processing and digesting the foods down.  This energy can be reserved for dream work and recall if there is nothing in your system.
  6. Share your dreams with friends, family, and focus groups.  Once again, your Spirit Mind takes notice of what you focus on and do regularly.  For you to share your nighttime visions means that it is of significance to you.  By Law of Attraction you will receive more of the same (dream recall).
  7. Use Monoatomic (Etherium) Gold and/or blue green algae. Monoatomic Gold heightens the energy of the Spirit Mind.  Everything is energy and  Monoatomic Gold enhances the energy of higher mind faculties.  Blue green algae is rich in chlorophyll and specifically enhances pineal gland functions (melatonin and DMT secretion).
  8. Avoid drinking alcohol and taking drugs or medications.  Toxic substances disrupt natural secretion of critical hormones for healthy sleep and rest.  There are natural herbs that can replace most drugs.
  9. Work with crystals.  Sleeping with crystals like amethyst, clear quartz, blue calcite and others can increase dream recall.  Intuitively choose crystals that work with the throat, third eye (brow), and crown chakras.  Also, check out our Meta-Dream Bags that are a mixture of crystals and herbs charged with Etherspace (etheric) energy.
  10. Repeat “I recall my dreams easily” throughout the day.  Repetition, repetition, and more repetition!  This is how you program the Spirit Mind.  Repeat the given phrase or a similar one and say it to yourself all day long.
  11. Read books about dreams before going to bed.  What you were doing before you went to sleep plays a huge part on your psyche and quality of dream work.  This is also why it is important to focus on positive thoughts as much as possible and definitely before falling asleep.  Reading books and listening to lectures and seminars about dreams places an emphasis on what you will work out in the dream state.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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