What is Magick and How it Works

Many people are attracted to magick when they “awaken” and discover their true spiritual power.  There are many books and systems that claim anyone can perform magick. However, very few people actually see results from their magickal practice.  This is because there is still a lack of education and real development of the mechanical aspects of manifesting in this reality.  The purpose of this article is to simply explain what magick is and how it works.

Magick is simply making something manifest or disappear.  An example of this can be found when we look at a stage magician.  He or she will pull a rabbit out of a hat from seemingly nowhere.  They will also make it disappear.  Or they will make it seem like they are cutting a person in half.  Magick in itself is a manipulation of matter by controlling the spiritual forces that surround us all.

Have you ever prepared a meal or baked cookies?  This is actually magick.  You begin with different food items and ingredients.  When you combine these items and cook them it results in a prepared meal.  Some of the items, by themselves, may not be edible but when combined under the right circumstances can become something that anyone can enjoy.  This is the same process for doing magickal rituals; combining various items for the purpose of manifesting or abolishment.

Another simple example is writing.  A blank piece of paper and a writing utensil are items to manifest a written piece of some sort.  The paper and writing tool, by themselves, are parts of an unmanifested message.  But, when you write on the paper it becomes something that can be conveyed to anyone.  The completed writing is a physical representation from what came out of your mind. The unseen thoughts become visual within the practice of writing.  This is a simple way to see how something unseen or invisible becoming seen or visible.

Magick on a higher level is not unlike the mundane examples previously mentioned.  The first time you cooked may have not been your best meal.  You also had to learn to write simple words and letters before you were able to create paragraphs and stories.  The catalyst for growth was know-how and practice. Doing magick is the same.  It requires knowledge and practice.

The art of making magick work for you is, information and practice.  There are many systems available but, no system is greater than your belief in what you’re doing.  The key is to find something that makes sense to you so you can go from a believer to a knower.  The next step is to practice, practice, practice.  The simplest definiton of ritual is practice.  Rituals require practice like your body requires bathing.  To shower once a month will not make you a physically clean person.  To do a magickal ritual once does not make you a high level manifestor.

To conclude, the secret to making magick work is a practice of visualization or ritual.  The more you believe in what you are doing the quicker your results will be.  Belief and knowing are a result of continuous practice and application.  This is not simply reading about magick and listening to others speak about it.  This is you doing something everyday or on a regular basis. Eventually, you will see results from your practice and ritual.

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Written by S. Ali Myers

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