What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is a generic term that describes a wide range of philosophies and sciences.  This article will help you comprehend metaphysics and how it applies to life.  First, let us define metaphysics.

Metaphysics, in a literal definition, means that which is beyond the physical.  Metaphysics comes from the Greek words meta and physika which mean beyond and physics.  Metaphysics can also be viewed as synonyms of spirituality and the occult.  Metaphysics, spirituality, and the occult are all similar because they go beyond the physical to the unseen realms.  Spirit is the counterpart to physical and occult just means that which is hidden or unseen.

Everything in our existence manifests from the unseen realm.  Everything is a thought or is conscious before it becomes physical.  This is why we say “thoughts are things”.  Therefore, metaphysics is the study of causalities and why something is the way it is.  Metaphysics attempts to answer the questions:  why, how, when, and where?  Metaphysics can be applied to everything because everything has a purpose, origin, and function.

People usually gravitate towards metaphysics because they have a truth-seeking mind and a hunger to know the deeper meaning of realities and life.  Our physical science seeks to explain things in a material way while the newly developed branch of quantum physics or quantum mechanics investigates the causal foundation.  This is really metaphysics!  Metaphysics has been around for aeons and that is why we find monoliths, pyramids, and ancient sites that have a direct connection with the heavens and planets around the world.

Metaphysics is also a blanket term for some of the more esoteric and occult knowledge such as astrology, numerology, gematria, chakras, psychic phenomena, afterlife, alchemy and the like.  Also, if you look at common terms and ideas like gravity, photosynthesis, heat, cold, air, vibrations, etc., you notice that these ideals are beyond the physical but each interact with matter.  Once again, everything can be looked at metaphysically.

In conclusion, metaphysics is really defined by the individual.  I cannot stress enough that any idea, thing, subject, place, person, philosophy, and religion can be viewed as metaphysical or to have an energetic permeation.  We have what we see with our eyes and then we have its essence or energetic imprint.  The energetic component is metaphysics and metaphysics is everywhere!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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