What is the Spirit Mind™?

This current 3D reality is based off dualities.  Everything has an opposite or opposing force.  For example: left/right, up/down, cold/hot, good/bad, solid/liquid and so on.  All these things are considered opposites but they are still one in the same.  Left and right are both directions as cold and hot are both temperatures.  They just vary in frequency.

It’s accepted by most that thoughts become things.  Taking this example even further, we can also say that everything derives from the spirit or non-physical into the physical.  This means that everything in this reality has a spiritual existence or imprint.  All things manifest from the spirit or unseen.

Most modern day scientists and quantum physicists have accepted the fact that physical matter is really a condensed version of energy (non-physical; spiritual).  Albert Einstein is credited with the famous formula E = mc2.  This scientifically explains how matter can be turned into energy and energy into matter.  They are one in the same.

When we operate from our Spirit Mind, we are aware of the unseen and pick up “messages” that were previously not received.  This drastically increases our chances of successfully navigating this 3D reality.  It’s like looking at a clock with the knowledge of a clockmaker.  Most people just see the time but the clockmaker knows the inner workings and mechanical functions – aware of the unseen.  The clockmaker innerstands the spirit of the clock.

By using your Spirit Mind through third eye activation and subconscious mind development, you “turn on” your inner vision and become aware of what you previously did not notice.  You go from consciously using only 10% of your brain to utilizing more of your “think tank”!  This is the secret of becoming superhuman in this material world.  Your Spirit Mind is all about “seeing” beneath the surface which in turn will help you better in your physical reality.

Your Spirit Mind is truly your Higher Self.

Everything is mental or in the mind of the beholder.  Elevating your conscious awareness by actively using your Spirit Mind is key to:

  • receiving messages from the Spirit World
  • minimizing the effects of negative programming by the media, “powers-that-be”, society, and other people
  • increasing creativity
  • having more direction in life
  • living a happier and more fulfilled life
  • becoming more “psychic” and intuitive
  • knowing your life purpose & Much More!

Third Eye Activation (dot) com and the teachings from myself, S. Ali Myers, are geared toward helping those that are ready to unlock their infinite mind power by operating from the Spirit Mind.  Please browse through our website to get more familiar with your true spiritual and mental potential while you are in this human form.

S. Ali Myers offers Intuitive Counseling to help clients operate from the Spirit Mind (Higher Self).

You are powerful beyond all measures!  Start living life with your Spirit Mind in full activation!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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