Working with the Third Eye

Many people are becoming aware that we anatomically have a third eye via the pineal gland. The pineal gland literally has a lens, cornea, and retina.  Considered the “seat of the soul”, the pineal gland aka 3rd eye is responsible for visions, dreaming, and psychic abilities.  But, how do you work with the energy of the third eye?

Our website is obviously called 3rd eye activation (dot) com but this is kind of a misnomer.  Your third eye is already activated but, most humans operate on autopilot when it comes to psychic and spiritual development.  Here, in the United States, most do not believe that there is power in increasing intuition and to have a true spiritual path that leads to enlightenment.  The intention of this article is to give you a different way of cultivating your third eye.

There are physical things you can do to increase third eye power.  Practices such as meditation, isolation tanks, working with crystals, and sun-gazing are excellent ways to boost third eye energy.  However, we must remember that there are internal ways of doing things in this reality, as well.  The internal way, regardless of what physical undertaking you pursue, must be done to truly embrace the power of the third eye.

The third eye, also known as the ajna or brow chakra, deals with discerning truth from illusion. When you open the third eye up more and see or feel what is beyond the veil you realize the truth in Spirit in all things and the physical shell is the illusion.  Illusions are based on perception and to perceive beyond the two eyes requires a mature level of judgement and objectivity.

When we read books and listen to others we are internalizing the speakers’ or authors’ perspective.  Basically, their personal truths.  This is different from Universal Laws or truths, because one’s experience is personal while Universal Laws apply to all.  This is why it’s called universal because it applies to everything in our physical world.  Working with the energy of the third eye will tremendously assist you with establishing your own truths through experience and a greater connection to the spirit realm or greater reality.

A practical tip that we want to give you in this article is to begin questioning everything.  The key to this is to be as unemotional and prejudice (pre judging) as possible.  There is a great difference between belief and knowing.  Belief always leaves room for doubt.  Knowing fills any void of doubt.  When you question and seek truth the Universe has a way of lining everything up in your life to have the truth revealed to you.  One of the best questions you can ask is, “why”?

When you seek the truth you send out an energy into the Etherspace or Akashic Records.  The Etherspace has ALL the information of everything that has taken place, every thought that has ever been thought, and all possible futures.  We also call the Etherspace the Mind of God.

Your intuition will kick in when you seek truths of any kind.  This will coincide with gut feelings, signs, sychronicities, visions, dreams and the like.  We are all different on how we perceive subtle energy.  Some get physical sensations like hair tingles or ringing in the ears.  Some visually see things in their mind’s eye. Some may hear beyond the physical.  While others may just know.  Practice seeking truths in all things and find out how you best work with the third eye.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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