Year 2013: A Metaphysical Breakdown

The objective of this article is to breakdown the energy of the year 2013 using metaphysics including numerology, gematria, Chinese astrology, Tarot and occult wisdom.  According to Master Teacher Dr. Mitchell Gibson (, numbers are one of the forces that control and manipulate this reality.  We will focus on the year 2013, its numerology and metaphysical properties, by reducing it down to a one digit number so we can see the energy that this year will produce.

When we look at the year 2013, the first thing that sticks out is the sequential numbers 1, 2, and 3.  2013 contains the first three numbers of our counting system.  One (1) denotes beginnings, two (2) involves partnerships, and three (3) is the first number of completion according to numerology.  So, 2013 all together brings a sense of beginnings, partnering, and bringing  all together into one.  In standard pythagorean numerology, 2013 reduces to the single digit 6 (2+0+1+3).

In Chinese astrology, 2013 is the year of the Water Snake.  The snake is symbolic of femininity, wisdom, spirituality, sensuality, patience, and the arts.  Combined with the element of water, this gives the energy an extra punch of heightened intuition and uncontrollable emotions, as water is known as the universal conduit of energy.  In contrast, the snake symbol can be very deceptive and secretive.  The snake will also target its prey with methodical attacks.  This means your prey (goals, objectives, wants, desires) may not come immediately but, with a solid plan you will reach your desired end result.  One thing to remember about the snake is when it is close to its prey (your goal in sight) it strikes without hesitation!

We know a snake coils up and this is the symbolic spiral shape.  This represents the understanding that everything spirals into existence.  This shows the connection from the spiritual and unseen realm into physical manifestation.  It represents raw creation and the snake adds a level of elegance and individual creativity to this equation.

Lets get back to the numbers!  Six (6) is considered a yin or feminine number.  Six is probably the most service-oriented energy of numerology.  With 6 also being one of the creative numbers, it likes to use its subtle energy to make things appealing to the eye and spirit.  It is the proverbial mothering energy and can be overbearing at times.  Remember when your mom stayed on your behind about cleaning your room or eating your veggies?  The number 6, in a passive-aggressive manner, is all about getting things done but on its own terms!

In Gematria (Kabbalistic numerology) the number 6 is considered the first perfect number and symbolizes universal forces like light, heat, and electromagnetism.  Tiferet is the sixth sefira in the Kabbalistic tree of life and it represents beauty, balance, miracles, and spirituality.  It symbolizes the union of two worlds coming together like two interlocking pyramids or, as in the saying, “as above so below”.

When we look at the number six card in the Tarot, which is the Lovers, we see a union between man and woman.  This also denotes harmony after free will of choice.  We are free to choose our partner(s) which inevitably results in a union or a coming together of sorts.  To perpetuate this union we must compromise, communicate, and fulfill each others needs.  Power of choice is critical for two sides, that are seemingly opposite, to come together in a harmonious manner.  There is also an angel in between the Lovers on the Tarot card which represents a divinely blessed union.

The number 6 corresponds with the 6th chakra which is the ajna or third eye spiritual center.  The energy of the third eye is all about spiritual perception, mysticism, psychic abilities, and higher functions of the mind.  The third eye is part of your higher self while contained in the body along with the throat and crown chakras.  These energies are devoid of an ego-centered mindset.  We begin to see our connection to the Source and all of her/his creations when we are in the energy of the higher self.

In review, the year 2013 will be an extremely spiritual one.  We will witness people gravitating towards spiritual and metaphysical practices such as meditation, healing arts, psychic readings, tantra, and yoga just to name a few.  There will also be a strong sense of service to humanity which will bring about new teachers and examples of how to live on a more elevated and spiritually grounded basis.  We will have the opportunity to see our music, film, television, and media project material that is heavily rooted in wisdom and spiritual and occult information.  This means more media dealing with topics like: spirituality, aliens/ETs, magick, psychic phenomena, the paranormal (ghosts, spirits, faeries, elementals, etc.).  Many hidden or occult dealings will come to light in 2013!

Written by S. Ali Myers

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