Year 2014: Predictions Using Metaphysics

The objective of this article is to breakdown the energy of the year 2014 using metaphysics including numerology, Chinese astrology, Tarot and occult overstanding in an effort to predict events of the new year.  According to Master Spiritual Teacher Dr. Mitchell Gibson (, numbers are one of the forces that control and manipulate this reality.  We will focus on the year 2014, its numerology and metaphysical properties, by reducing it down to a one digit number so we can see its energetic vibration.


2014 in numerology is a 7 year (2+0+1+4).  Seven is a very psychic number.  It is not uncommon for many psychics, intuitive readers, mediums and the sort to have a 7 life path or be born on a 7 day (7,16, or 25).  Seven can be somewhat a loner or hermit-like energy that seeks to find deeper meanings in life.

Seven is one of the most spiritual numbers.  In the Bible’s Book of Revelation, 7 is mentioned many times (7 churches, horns, seals, angels etc.).  A connection to the Divine or some spiritual outlet is important for 7.  An imbalanced 7 is usually far away from any source of spirituality and therefore has no connection to something greater than humanity.

On the downside, 7 can be too caught up in the head without any action behind their otherworldly thoughts.  In the Law of Attraction the last part is action!  One must act on ideas in order to create.

Chinese Astrology

In Chinese Astrology 2014 marks the year of the Horse.  The Chinese Horse is a very versatile sign.  Whatever direction the horse goes in you can bet that it’s done with assertiveness and a gentle aggression.  The horse in Chinese Astrology is one of the most masculine animals and the year of the Horse will not be a passive, gentle, or slow year.

Horses are known for their quick wittiness and verbal outbursts.  With a natural knack for stealing the spotlight, horses love to be the center-of-attention.  With charm and direct speech, many people have no choice but to listen and take in whatever philosophical or mundane knowledge that the horse is speaking.

An imbalanced horse can come off like a whiny child or somewhat immature.  Also, it’s not uncommon for a horse to be quite bossy and order-barking.

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The number 7 Major Arcana card in Tarot is “The Chariot”.  The Chariot represents taking control of your life or situation.  It is very goal-oriented. The Chariot reminds us not to get off course and to stay steady for the long haul.

The Chariot also represents travel and transportation.  This means that the conquest nature of the card can be physical, spiritual or mental.  On a darker side, this conquest can include war and violence.

Some keywords associated with the Chariot are: honor, success, assertion, willpower, bravery, command, warrior, straightforwardness, impulsiveness, pride, and conviction.


In the Hindu chakra system, the 7th main energy center is the crown chakra (Sahasrara).  The crown chakra is the highest chakra in the human body and actually sits above the head.  Tied with higher consciousness and spiritual awareness, the crown is concerned with connecting to and with ALL there is.

We are all connected by the energy of the crown chakra.  Our energies are connected with each other, nature, and the Source of All.

Your greatest psychic awareness lies in the crown chakra.  Psychic abilities are not physical so it is of spiritual nature.  Psychic includes “seeing into the future” and predicting events in such but, psychic awareness means just knowing something that is beyond your five senses.


To sum up 2014, in my opinion, the new year will be an explosive transition from 2013.  The end of 2013 presented peculiar weather, celebrity outbursts, increasing witnesses of UFOs, more talk about paranormal and spiritual subjects and many other unexplained events.  2014 will have all this and more!

In the new year, we will experience events on a personal and collective level that will challenge our modern paradigm.  All that we thought we knew will be confronted with obvious, tangible evidence of something new.  What is this newness?  Let’s put it like this!  What we will see in 2014 has not been taught in traditional schools and churches and is not covered by mainstream media.

There will be a feeling of “in your face” information when it comes to spiritual occurrences and mystical phenomena.  Those who were quiet before will find extra energy and incentive to share freely.  Simply put, you will hear more about the supposed unknown from science, media, governments, military and the such, more so than we have in many years.

Natural phenomena in the heavens affecting the weather and our sky will continue to occur in 2014.  My best advice for circumventing any calamities is to increase your intuition so you will be in tune with Mother Nature.  This way you will know where to go and when to go if you need to go somewhere in case of an emergency.

All in all, it is my hope that everyone will take this and every opportunity to grow spiritually.  2014, without question, will provide enough electromagnetic energy for one to raise their personal vibration.  The higher vibrating and enlightened you are the better our world will be.

Written by S. Ali Myers

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