2014 Year of the Horse Horoscopes in Chinese Astrology

On January 31, 2014, we embark on the Year of the Wood Horse in Chinese astrology.  The Chinese new year usually begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice.  2014 brings us to a year of the powerful and masculine Horse.

The Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animal signs beginning with the Rat and ending with the Pig.  Each animal is given a full year and people born during their specific animal’s year will have personality and character traits indicative of that particular sign.

Instead of predicting what will happen to you in 2014, I will give you a recommendation on how to work with the Horse energy.  There is fate and destiny at play in our world but we do have the ability to capitalize on any situation in our lives.  The key is knowing your particular cycle and taking advantage of opportunities and knowing when to be passive or lay low.

2014 Year of Chinese Horse Overview

The Chinese Horse is very masculine and extroverted.  With a bold and magnetic presence, it’s likely that the Horse will be the center-of-attention in many places. The Horse is never one to bite its tongue, he feels like being upfront and honest is freeing and good for the soul.

Freedom is very important to our beloved Horse. Many people will feel a strong need to get away in 2014.  Where to go? Anywhere!  There will be a relief with traveling and visiting unfamiliar places. The Horse’s characteristics are similar to the Western astrological sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius deals with long distant travels.

Outspoken, boisterous, adventurous, and social, the Horse year will be filled with much energy to express yourself to the max.  If you are naturally shy, this can create discomfort because the Horse wants you to get out and play.

The 2014 Year of the Horse Horoscopes

To find out your Chinese zodiac sign check out Chinese Astrology Animal Characteristics & Chart

Rat – With your natural on-the-edge energy, the year of the Horse will increase this heightened sense of protectiveness.  Use the Horse year to transmit your strong energy into something creative or a new project or hobby.  The Horse is opposite the Rat in the Chinese zodiac so beware of being overly aggressive with people.

Ox – A balanced Ox is a very strong and hard worker.  A Horse is very physical by nature.  On the extreme end you may find yourself pushing yourself to the next level in whatever you take up. Be sure to throttle your engine in the year of the Horse.  Instead, take a mental approach to this energy and look for ways to expand your consciousness and raise your vibration.

Tiger – Whereas most of the time with the Tiger, you find yourself getting tired from going gusto most of the time.  This Horse year offers you extra fuel in your tank.  You will want to complete any unfinished projects or studies this year. With the great compatibility between the Horse and Tiger, you may want to capitalize financially on your hobby and/or ideas.

Rabbit – The Horse year provides extra motivation for the Rabbit this cycle. This energy is conducive for you to socialize more and reconnect with lost loved ones, friends, and associates. You may want to look into various meet-ups and group discussions.  Let your guard down a little this year and show people the true you….it may even spark a new romantic relationship.

Dragon – When the powerful Dragon meets the dominating Horse it can cause war if not approached ideally.  It’s second nature for a Dragon to sporadically move in whichever direction it feels at the moment.  The Horse year will teach you to think before you act.  You know that any obstacle and challenge can be overcome.  Just learn to make your next move your best move.

Snake – The Horse year for the Snake gives an opportunity for deep self-reflection and meditation.  The Snake is not one to put all its chips on the table and show its hand.  The Horse year will challenge this natural trait.  The best way to counter this resistance is to go deeper within the self which comes naturally for you. Learn a new meditation technique or yoga practice.

Horse – This is your year, Horse!  This is the time to put yourself on the map. Explore every possibility to connect with others and also to connect the dots with anything that you have been working on.  There will be opportunities for you to meet the right people and obtain much-needed resources.  The only thing you have to do is move and do something.  You must act to attract!

Sheep – The Horse year will find the Sheepless worried about things that you usually are concerned with.  Feel free to spend a little bit more than usual and buy that thing you’ve been thinking about.  Also, this year will provide perfect energy to meet new people that hold up to your somewhat high standards. Definitely a time for you to shine!

Monkey – It’s natural for the Monkey to make new friends and be the life of the party.  This year will be no different. Let’s try something new in the Horse year. Let’s do something different to expand our horizons and consciousness.  Try listening more when interacting with new people. You are natural at analyzing personalities so try engaging with people on a deeper level.

Rooster – Always one to observe and pay attention to details, the Horse year will provide more stuff to watch and critique for the Rooster.  Take advantage of this strong energy by writing stories, poems, songs, or blogs about what’s going on in the world.  Express from your heart what you feel is most important for the world to hear.  We are waiting and listening for you!

Dog – The Dog in the year of the Horse can expect social, financial, and personal gains.  Be appreciative of the opportunities you will have this year.  Do your best not to worry about things you cannot control because you are always in the driver’s seat.  Be sure to put yourself first sometimes because your abundance this year will have you want to take care of everyone else.

Pig – A time for partying!  You may feel like splurging even more in the year of the Horse. Instead of overspending, exercise some of your innate creativity into a new project or idea.  This is also a good time for starting and harvesting new relationships of any kind.  Actualize your ideas and plans this year and watch the fruits of your labor ripen into a sweet bouquet.


Zodiac House Meanings in Astrology

(Jyotish/Vedic Astrology) or tropical (Western Astrology), is a beautiful science because it provides information for every area in life.

You can find out about relationships, careers, children, spiritual aspirations, finances, and other focuses on the human journey. The purpose of this article is to provide meanings for each house in any astrological system.

The main determining factor to know which planets and signs govern each house is the time of birth.  

The time of birth dictates the first house in astrology and subsequently each house thereafter.  

Without a correct time of birth and place of birth, you will not be able to know your complete zodiac chart.

Once you have an astrological chart, you may use this article as a reference guide to know the meanings of each house.  

We have provided some main keywords and factors for each house.

 Astrology is a complex system and must be looked at in its entirety.  But, this reference guide will provide you with a certain level of clarity to determine different aspects of your life.


House Meanings in Astrology

House #1 – physical self, character, life purpose, life approach, personality, behavior

House #2 – money earned from career, gained assets, speech, childhood, early life

House #3 – communication, siblings, creativity, courage, siblings, short travel, neighbors

House #4 – mother, vehicles, property, land, home, family

House #5 – children, education, speculative business, gambling, sports, games

House #6 – enemies, health, service, diseases

House #7 – relationships, trade business, marriage, love, competition, law

House #8 – research, occult, inheritances, transformation, sensuality, surgery

House #9 – father, teachers, long-distance travel, religion/spirituality, luck, philosophy, higher education

House #10 – career, fame, authority, job, reputation, public image, recognition

House #11 – gains, society, wishes, desires, opportunities, friends/network

House #12 – losses, very long-distance travel, mysticism, confinement, addictions, secrets

Written by S. Ali Myers

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