Zodiac House Meanings in Astrology

(Jyotish/Vedic Astrology) or tropical (Western Astrology), is a beautiful science because it provides information for every area in life.

You can find out about relationships, careers, children, spiritual aspirations, finances, and other focuses on the human journey. The purpose of this article is to provide meanings for each house in any astrological system.

The main determining factor to know which planets and signs govern each house is the time of birth.  

The time of birth dictates the first house in astrology and subsequently each house thereafter.  

Without a correct time of birth and place of birth, you will not be able to know your complete zodiac chart.

Once you have an astrological chart, you may use this article as a reference guide to know the meanings of each house.  

We have provided some main keywords and factors for each house.

 Astrology is a complex system and must be looked at in its entirety.  But, this reference guide will provide you with a certain level of clarity to determine different aspects of your life.


House Meanings in Astrology

House #1 – physical self, character, life purpose, life approach, personality, behavior

House #2 – money earned from career, gained assets, speech, childhood, early life

House #3 – communication, siblings, creativity, courage, siblings, short travel, neighbors

House #4 – mother, vehicles, property, land, home, family

House #5 – children, education, speculative business, gambling, sports, games

House #6 – enemies, health, service, diseases

House #7 – relationships, trade business, marriage, love, competition, law

House #8 – research, occult, inheritances, transformation, sensuality, surgery

House #9 – father, teachers, long-distance travel, religion/spirituality, luck, philosophy, higher education

House #10 – career, fame, authority, job, reputation, public image, recognition

House #11 – gains, society, wishes, desires, opportunities, friends/network

House #12 – losses, very long-distance travel, mysticism, confinement, addictions, secrets

Written by S. Ali Myers

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